The return of Liga MX to Libertadores “will raise the level, it’s time for them to return.”

Faced with the “invitation” of Pachuca և Leon to return to Libertadores, the South American journalists agree that it will be a positive way for the MX League to return to the Conmebol tournaments.

Alexander DominguezPresident: CONMEBOLinvited the teams Leo և: Pachuka to participate Liberators’ Cupan offer that seems too far-fetched against the background of the connections that these Concacaf about teams: MX League:. Nevertheless, journalists from: South America They realize that the final return of Mexican football to South Cone tournaments will mean raising the bar, competing against Brazilian-Argentinean football, which has dominated the region in recent years.

ESPN Digital: consulted with journalists from several countries that make up CONMEBOL և The overwhelming majority agrees Mexico This will give the Copa Libertadores և Copa Sudamericana a higher level, a better return և an opportunity for players to be directly controlled by the clubs և to be able to sign with Liga MX in the future.

Diego Paulic – Ole newspaper

«The: Liberators’ Cup and Sudamericana lost weight without having the Mexican teams. The fact that Mexican teams do not play reduces the competitiveness of Libertadores և Sudamericana. Many Argentine players and coaches are still there, so they are not far from us, in that sense we are with them. It is interesting that they argue, but I do not like hand-selected invitations, it is more of a merit that someone who has made a good campaign qualifies.

The downside is travel, because we have so much to go to the continent Mexico Or the fact that they come to Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile or Sao Paulo, because of those distances, makes it difficult, even if they did it for a long time. I would do better Liberators “Especially to the South Americans, because then there are teams that are in the middle of the table in their tournaments, with the Mexican teams that have been relegated because they are among the best.”

Felipe Espinal- Antena 2 և RCN Colombia

“It is possible that the Mexican teams will return Liberators’ Cup, because it is a big category competition, the same as the South American one. The Mexican League gives it a capacity, a category, a hierarchy – it would be beneficial for Mexican clubs, as it is now. Pachuka Oh: Leobut I think it’s time for them to come back and put their egos aside CONMEBOL և: Concacaf : fix things once and for all. There have been winning teams in South America – finals, semifinals, I think it is possible not only for the level. Mexicobut for South America. Brazil և Argentina are one step higher, followed by Uruguay and Ecuador, but I think we would have won in the hierarchy. Maybe they will return, it is a good time for them, it will help everyone, because there are important clubs in that championship that have great economic power. I agree that they should return. “

Charles Korea – Radio Monumental Paraguay

“I think it is good that they are coming back, not only that Pachuka և: Leobut the Mexicans for sports merit, as it corresponds to the two confederations, CONMEBOL ֆուտբոլ Mexican football. Martino said this at some point, because the Concachampions are a tournament between two countries, Mexico և USA եքս Mexico always wins it. They have no rivals in Concacaf, it’s different in South America և they will have a different kind of communication և Conmebol, which represents the Mexican market, which is richer, has a higher income և more prizes than what the Copa Libertadores already have և Mexican national team. They were the Mexicans who withdrew when Conmebol compiled the annual calendar, not the two-year-old, they were left out because of the calendar problem.

“I think it would be great if they came back, because they will be heroes like Cruz Azul or Tigres who will reach the final, Pachucan is the champion with Sudamericana, America և Chivas will play a possible role in Commebol.”

Marcelo Munoz – TNT Chile:

“I like the fact of having Mexican teams Liberators ավ South American. It creates competitiveness, it creates football, the physical level is higher than one can learn, the Libertadores Cup is demanding, Mexican football stands out for being equal to South American teams. This would be good for the South Americans, just for the Mexican League. Having teams that want to play the Copa Libertadores, want to face the Brazilians, the Argentines, the Paraguayans, the Colombians, in my case the Chilean league, because it feeds a lot of players. MX League: “They can take more if they stand face to face. It will benefit us, the Chileans, the South Americans, the Mexicans.”

Christian Gonzalez – Third is Chile

“Having teams from that part of the world increases competitiveness in a tournament like this Liberators’ Cup With the idea of ​​confronting the “Argentines” with the Brazilians, who have the best lineups and teams. Given the budget problems of Liga MX teams և what they spend on South American tournaments would be an interesting competitor. If they are missed, it is relative, because the competition is not with the Mexican teams, because there are a lot of traditional clashes, և this is what the South American society expects the most. There are our chosen ones in the Aztec teams, it would be interesting, because it raises the hierarchy of the tournament. It will be a more interesting, attractive tournament with more cup-level contenders, because the difference with the Brazilians, the Argentines and the rest is very noticeable, what is happening will give it a different nuance. “

Peter Petrucci – Sports GZH Brazil:

“I like to play with Mexican teams because they have South American, Argentine, Uruguayan players. I like it a lot, but Liberators’ Cup I remember when the Mexican teams did not play against Concacaf, they came to the Copa Libertadores. Teams like Chivas, who reached the final here against Inter, or the Tigres against River, Pachuca, who went far in other competitions. In terms of competitiveness, I think it is more difficult for South American teams because of the distance, especially for Brazil. For example, “Inter” and “Gremio” play against “Atletico Paranaense” in Kurutiba on Sunday, and then play against “Tigres”, that trip lasts three or four days, then return to play in Fortaleza, which is a long trip. then returns to Porto Alegre. It is difficult in the calendar. We need to have shorter distances, I do not think it would be a good idea in terms of competitiveness, but I understand the need for Conmebol to be more financially involved. ”

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