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Thae Yong-ho

Thae Yong-ho

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cimo coj es la vida e los functionaliarios del gobeerno de Corea del Norte?

Thae Yong-ho was the next ambassador North Korea in United Kingdom has been deserted in 2016.

First coin price as and for whom lo arriesgó todo para escapar from the embassy of North Korea in London and as such new life in South Korea.

This is where electro legislators will start in April 2020.

This is the story of how he was born into a hug of freedom and a future for his eyes.

Elegí libertad, pero corría un gran riesgo personal. Déjame contarte mi historia, una historia de esperanza.

I was born into a family where my father was a university professor and my mother, a schoolmaster. Tengo un hermana mayor y un hermano minor.

When only around 12 years old, my mother pissed me off from the school of foreign idioms Pyongyang. If you are an astronaut, you are very different.

I know that diplomats can and do have foreign parts and include air travel, and their comments help me to change my mind.

At the moment, it’s just a sensation of privilege. North Korea is a society of classes and population divided into three categories.

Which class is most important in North Korea because they define some vives, which type of education can be obtained and which type of work can be obtained.

Nací in the main class of North Korea, which claims only 20% of the population.

If you are a Nazi in the main class, you can live in Pyongyang, where there is no infrastructure, no schools, universities, subways, shuttles or the sea.

But you are a Nazi in a very unfavorable class, the screw for the majority of people heavy on the lathe and the mines of carbon or rural rice can be removed. Se ven obligados a realizar trabajos muy duros.

The core of the North is a system of enslavement of the XXI symbol because there is no freedom of movement or selection.

Cerebral lavage

All of North Korea’s population, including most of my family, carry their brains as well as Kim’s family member in the power of Dios and the national salvador.

The integrals of the Kim family heredaron their privileges. The lead generation from generation to generation. As well as national resources and resources are the total control of the Kim family.

The Norwegians enter the brain and wash the brain to see the members of Kim’s family, lloren. It is the product of a great education.

When I went to the diplomatic service in 1988, it was a turbulent period. The North Korean system establishes an effort inspired by the Seoul Olympic Games as well as caída del Muro de Berlin in 1989.

La Soviet UnionPyongyang aliada lasted much time, collapsed in 1991.

North Korea, of course, divides its commercial societies. Fue un caos durante tres o quatro años.

North Korea first salida

My first destination as a diplomat was in Denmark in 1996, with 34 years.

When I arrived in Copenhagen, I was surprised because I could not wait to see what was going on. The novels that were allowed in North Korea were in the style of “Oliver Twist”, by Charles Dickens, and this image is about the western world from the 1920s and 1930s.

Pero no, Dinamarca era un mundo nuevo. All establish in the condition of condition, the education of the free era, the attenuation of the medical tambien.

When I send it, I send it to my father and family in North Korea. At the moment, the country is only a small hambruna.

Up to now, the Norwegian system has not yet existed Kim Jong-un.

Where is Kim Jong-il iba a heredar his leader? Does it mean that we tend to expect other 40 or 50 years? Are we expecting more than 40, 50 or 60 years, what is the future of my hair? ¿O incluso mis nietos?

Entities come and go in my future.

La huida

Stayed in my second period in London (my first week between 2004 and 2008) and is the type of frustration that causes cracking. And one of the most sought after defenders of the Norwegians system is Kim Jong-un.

As long as I work hard to defend the leadership and the North Korea system, after responding in the same way as a son, in reality my courage in this moment establishes living a different story.

In March 2016, a very high-impact incident occurred in North Korea. Alrededor de 12 o 13 jóvenes norcoreanas desertaron collectively and se fueron a Corea del Sur.

Entonces, the Norwegian system decided to take all the shadows of the 25-year-old diplomat or more to regress the possible members. At the moment, my primer is only 25 years old.

Ahí pensé: tip what type of legacy do you give to my shadow? As a human being, freedom is the most important thing. And as a father, the law that you can give to my children is freedom. As soon as I decided that I wanted a free man.

In London, people go to pubs and watch football matches. As one of them told me: “Hello, ambassador, I want to go there. My house, my house and I’s pretending to go to the pub for more than a week”.

When walking from the embassy, ​​we started to walk, about 100 meters away, all of us had to go. We do not know what to do with it. We do not want to fly and we do not want our embassy. The game’s thought: correct es correcto desertar? Pod Who travels with my family or friends in North Korea?

The bells play a little but they have to work hard for the defender and the embassy and the flag.

Hubo una pequeña pausa, pero dije: “No, vámonos y arriesguémonos”. We follow and break up.

Quantum more time left living in Corea del Sur, more sentient and more libertarian, and because debería trabajar more than dar is this type of liberties and the inhabitants of North Korea, including the members of my family.

South Korea is actually the list to reconcile with North Korea. Creo that can be reconciled and reunified poorly. La paz is the most important.

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