The Russian presenter who will be behind the massacre that shakes the world

The spread of torture, mass graves and the corpses of civilians in the streets. The horrific images of the brutal Russian massacre in a Ukrainian city clamor After the troops withdrew they toured the world, testifying to the atrocities committed by the army of Vladimir Putin, which today reaffirmed that it was a “crude and cynical provocation” Ukraine.

They shot and killed women outside their homes. “They killed entire families, adults and children, and tried to cremate the bodies,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said after visiting the city on the outskirts of Kyiv. “The world will see this as genocide.”

The Third Force, a group of Ukrainian defenders, promised that it would take responsibility for finding those responsible for these war crimes. “Soon all these murderers, rapists and thieves will be known by name,” he emphasized on his Telegram channel. It was only a matter of time before they could hit the target.

The team released footage of the suspected Russian task force on the outskirts of Kyiv, Military Unit 51460, stationed in the village of Knyaz Volkonskoye in Russia’s Far Eastern Khabarovsk Territory, near China. During the invasion, the group was assigned to the station clamorAccording to the Ukrainian agency Unian.

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But the site InformNapalm, which specializes in revealing the secrets of the Russian services, went further: it identified the main person responsible for the massacre. This is Lieutenant Colonel Omurbekov Azatbek AsanbekovichHead of the 64th motorized rifle brigade of Putin’s army.

Asanbekovich is young and Buryat, an ethnic minority of Mongolian origin inhabiting Siberia. According to information published by the British media The Times, the Russian Orthodox Church has recently blessed the Russian.

“We were even able to find the address of the Russian executioner,” said InformNapal volunteers, who posted a photo of him, in which he was seen in camouflage clothes and a war tank behind him.

Data, files and explanations on how to find the Russian commander are now available on his official website along with other documents, such as one that shows a network of 100 names with personal information of Russian military personnel fighting in Ukraine.

“Remember them”

On Monday, the Ukrainian government released an 87-page list of data on “butchers,” as Zelensky called them when he visited the city. clamor. The list identifies each soldier with his military rank, first and last name, date of birth and passport data.

Every Ukrainian should know their names. Remember them. “All war criminals will be tried and brought to justice for the crimes they committed against civilians in Ukraine,” the Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Meanwhile, residents clamor They told the Obozreveatel news website that the Russian soldiers had “just gone from yard to yard and shot all the men and women”.

“Among them, we recognized the Buryats through their long, narrow eyes,” they emphasized.

For Moscow, on the other hand, abandoned corpses are just propaganda, the theater of the West and Ukraine. The Kremlin denied responsibility for these deaths and confirmed that they were “false” photos.

However, satellite images taken over the past month in Bucha deny the Russian government’s version.

“The explanations given by Russia, that these are bans and that Russia is not responsible for these murders, are untenable from our point of view,” German government spokesman Stephen Hebestre told a news conference in Berlin.

“The Russian armed and security forces deployed in this area on March 3rd,” the spokesman said. “There are analyzes of satellite images taken between March 10-18, 2022” showing that the victims of clamor They have been lying on the ground since at least 10 March. Reliable data show that from March 7 to the 30th, Russian forces were present in the region. ”

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