The sexy look of Belinda in her new video with Ana Mena

Belinda you want to be on top of it, and it is not only solo for the various projects that the artist has, but also from Ana Menamaking a new musical sound “Las 12 ”. And most of all the great fans expecting them to sing out loud to listen to the song sexys looks que estas taleosas mujeres portaron.

See what Belinda is an icon of the fashionyou can always find fans and followers with multiple types looks, many of the coils are made of high cost materials. But it’s what makes a new song stand out, not just your talent, but your beauty and unique style.

For another part, Ana Mena is a girl that continent abruptly passes in the world of music and little by little we demonstrate that, with its charisma and sensuality, it is always one of the tendencies of fashion.

You form a duo of impact and then you have the opportunity to find the details of sexys looks which carries as part of its new musical launch.

Belinda and Ana Mena, the manchuerna between talent and sensuality

Hace unos días Ana Mena shared with about 1.1 million followers in Instagram a photo of him appearing in the oil Belinda. The caption of the image is “LAS12 con @belindadpop available on 17/6 ”, this announces the launch of a musical collaboration between artist ambassadors that fans have been waiting for.

What a wonderful way to screw people over sexys looks y el glamor which surrounds the artists in the image, in which the picture can be used to describe what the hicieron deslumbrar.

Por un lado tenemos a Belinda which carries a black jumper of the upper skin, with diagonal openings in the pin and the height of the oven. It can be counted with metallic inputs that control the blade to the chanter.

To complete su outfit sensual, the interpretation of “Bella Traición” also uses black leather straps, curved lenses, as well as circular areas of brilliance.

Para su peinado Beli dejó su cabellera suelta hacia atrás con un ligero flequillo, algo sencillo pero que sin duda la hacía lucir as toda ne astrela pop.

For your part, Ana Mena no se quedó atrás con el look sensual y juvenile que portó. Light a green condom shaped like a miniskirt and a crop top with long sleeves with circular abutments in the oven, just like the men. You also want to be able to use the color of the inside of your body to see the color of your black hair.

Como accessories, use a black leather strap, black leather straps with metallic details, a set of black crystals and a gray tool, junta with a round handle. Además, recogió todo su cabello para hacer una trenza alta.

Sin duda ambas lucían increíbles con sus outfits y causaron furor por este videoclip.

Photo: Instagram @anamenaoficial

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The video clip of Ana Maena and Belinda is one of the most popular

Because this announcement is a collaboration between great artists and many reactions. Belinda inclusive comment with an emoji of corazón the publication of Ana Mena cuyo post tuvo m des de 121 mil 578 reactions.

Eso sure animó a @anamenaoficial to share more than one song that has an electro-pop style.

In the clip that promotes their first and only sedate pajamas. Belinda apparatus with coils and corazón lenses. Luego chocan las manos y aparecen con sus looks of impact and one weapon, list for action.

Cabe decides that it is a collaboration that the artists have to surrender as part of the participation they have in the “Welcome to Eden”.

Photo: Instagram @anamenaoficial y @belindapop

Acquired with a variety of mediums the chemistry between ambassadors has yet to be determined to collaborate on this song and share your talent with the public. It generates the expectation that since April the fanatics have been waiting for a junta, but it’s still 17 June since launching on a music platform.

Photo: Instagram @anamenaoficial y @belindapop

Pi Which points of this musical collaboration and of sus outfits llenos de sensualidad?

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