The siesta is the magnifying glass: ¿sirve to recover energy or provoke insomnia?

A leisurely walk should take between 20 and 25 minutes to avoid getting into a deep and unsettling approach (Getty).
A leisurely walk should take between 20 and 25 minutes to avoid getting into a deep and unsettling approach (Getty).

This is a topic that many people want to know about. Much should be avoided, except in rare cases and others, in exchange, considering that it is favorable to save a little while holding the d ,a, as well as when all the recommended recommendations.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items:You can be a great hermit to get the alert and productivity level by late”, Dijo Rebecca Robbins, senior expert and professor at Harvard University School of Medicine. The trained specialist reveals that the investigation can only include memory in the cortex and median area.

The key is configured alarm y levantarse cuando suena: a siesta poderosa should take between 20 and 25 minutes, as it avoids entering deep and feeling disoriented to reach. Además, a period far away can take the form in which we sleep through the night.

Without embargo, the conclusions regarding the duration of the sixty-no sixty. For some people, both of whom are totally disabled and unlucky, a very long distance is a good way to get money. “If you have a variety of nocturnal wavelengths, or a night owl because there is no need to concatenate the swell and the descent should be short, in some cases a 90 minute session can be recommended”, Seóaló la experta en sueño de Harvard in salud y bienestar estadounidense magazine Real Simple.

It is recommended to record siestas temprano en la tarde.  after 3 pm can interfere with night light (Getty)
It is recommended to record siestas temprano en la tarde. after 3 pm can interfere with night light (Getty)

Other benefits, such as además de reduce stress levels durante el día, dormir la siesta fortalece el sistema inmune y cardiovascular. A scientific studio was published in the scientific magazine Heartreveal that to save one mode at a time per week, reduce the risk of heart attack.

The investigators evaluated more than 5 years with 3,462 participants without antecedents of cardiovascular enfermedad, from 35 to 75 years. If you were asked, in the last week, you would have missed the siesta, and if you had the hacho, counting hours, and counting the time per egg. In conclusion, the cardiovascular’s detectable minor signs in the group of participants who sleep one or more times in relation to individuals who do not sleep.

La National Foundation of Suez of the United States, such that within a period of 10 to 30 minutes duration, and the alliance of the moment of irse on the cam by the night, is ideal for holding the stage of alert and vigilance, memorizing the yield, or complement to record a moment before a moment mismo. The embargo on the media at the time of departure may not be convenient.

For other people, one of the few experts who specializes in posture anti-siesta es Michael Breusknown in the EEUU as “the doctor sueño”Y author of the book Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health. The specialist explains that “in general, the siesta is not the respondent, to reduce the capacity of each person to maneuver at their own pace, it is very different to record the neutral night and provoke insomnia”.

“You can be a great hermit to improve your alert status and productivity by tomorrow,” said Rebecca Robbins, a Harvard University expert (Getty).

In this sense, Breus it seems that if you do not need an “energy recharge”, the best strategy is to get a free air flow or the combination of physical activity with solar light can increase the attraction and concentration. Another option is to save a fresh coffee price before 2 o’clock in the morning, as the search will increase the alert state.

Breus considered that one siesta pue ser apropiada solo en exceptional casesas for example, when taking a 5 hour standstill per night and need to be alert and concentrated for a great presentation by night.

For their part, the prestige specialists Mayo Clinic de EEUU, apuntaron que save a siesta at the equivalent time of the day or while running temporarily at the counterproductor. For saber when it is convenient, elaborate a guide:

What are the benefits of siesta?

– Relaja los mculsculos y despeja la mente

– Reduce la fatiga y / o cansancio

– Out of alert status

– Mejora el estado de imonimo

– Better performance, including faster reaction time and better memory

What are the inconsistencies of the siesta?

The system reduces the levels of stress during pregnancy, the immune system and the cardiovascular system (Getty).
The system reduces the levels of stress during pregnancy, the immune system and the cardiovascular system (Getty).

– Because of the inertia of sueño, people can feel it aturdidas and disoriented al siperta de de siesta

Nocturnal sue problems. The sixties are generally not affected by the quality of the nocturnal part for the majority of the persons. Even if the experiment is insignificant or the heat of the night by the night, the emperor’s journey is these problems

Od Podría an avento repentino de la necesidad siestas indicë un problema salud?

If you experience a needlessness of siestas and do not have a cause of death or new chance in your screw, hable with your doctor. Podría is taking a medicine or having a trauma of her own and other medical affections that interfere with her nocturnal life.

Á What is the best way to record a siesta?

– Dormir siestas cortas. Only 10 to 20 minutes, and no more media time. The more time you spend on the siesta, the more likely it is that you will be sent off. Without embargo, young adults can tolerate more distant situations.

– Tomar siestas temprano en la tarde. After 3 pm you can interfere with night time. Individual factors, such as the duration of sleep, the schedule of sleep, the duration and manner of medication, also seem to influence the determination of the best moment of the day to save a siesta.

– Create a drop-down environment. Save a siesta in a tranquil and rotating place with an increasing ambient temperature and distraction points.

To finalize, at the beginning of the siesta, time to time to antenna to re-enable activities, especially those that require a rapid or rapid response.


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