The silent expansion of Cártel Jalisco in Guatemala

All comments with one video published in las redes social in September passed, in which well-armed men, with Mexican accent mark, expressed lealtad al CJNG and accuse the Guatemalan police of robar a cargo of drugs.

“Ya vamos por ustedes”, said the enamored subject that grabs the video, which was directed by the police. “Tienen 24 hours to devolver las cosas”.

Aquello hizo encender las alarmas. ¿Estaba el Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG)who has a stardom of violence all over Mexico, having incursions in Guatemala?

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More than a dozen years ago, an investigation was launched into the CJNG with a string of Guatemalan drug dealers and airlift agents. In March of this year, the United States Department of Thesis said that a guatemalan drug cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine clan in the United States was using the CJNG.

Durant decays, the most powerful groups in Mexico, like the Golf Cartelel Cartel de Sinaloa and Los Zetas, associated with Guatemalan traffic jams to guarantee a constant smuggling of Central American cocaine. In the embargo, the CJNG participation information is the latest and most important. The group is one of the most vocal cartels in Mexico, and Guatemala has recovered the traumatic era in which the Los Zetas reaped in the finest part of the 2000s and principals of the 2010s, massacred by young traffickers a search of new territories.

However, the CJNG’s strategy is somewhat different: the group has not created a permanent arms cell in Guatemala, nor has it seen a rapid expansion of all its forces, as Los Zetas is currently hiking.

On the contrary, preliminary investigations and intelligence information indicate that the CJNG is a stable drug association in Guatemala, activated on the Pacific coast and on the western front with Mexico, which recovers smuggled cocaine from the United States. enter the cartel.

I do not have a permanent cell, only with guatemalte drug-trafficking clans

The Guatemalan authorities detect it after the presence of the CJNG in 2019, while conducting an investigation into the cocaine air traffic that allows to disconnect connections between the cartel and local drug traffickers.

During the operation, the criminal Triangle denominated the fiscal interceptor telephones between the membranes of a drug dealer at the cost of the Guatemalan Pacific and a Mexican city whose authorities have been working for the CJN, Alan Ajiatassubdirector of the Fisheries Delivery Fiscal of the Guatemalan Public Ministry.

“We assume that it is part of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel”, affirms Ajiatas, who agrees that the individual was the only member of the CJNG present with vulnerable groups of Guatemalan drug traffickers detecting him while he was trying to escape fines de 2021. The investigation is underway as the success is established in Mexico and not in the territory of Guatemala.

“[El CJNG] it is probably designed by people who have been hired to administer certain sectors ”, affirms Ajiatas. This strategy does not limit the Guatemalan Pacific.

Durante an anti-narcotics investigation separately, which commented in 2021, the Ministry of Public Identification and the other present Mexican drug trafficker working with a red cocaine trafficker in the northern province of Petén, a very strong to traffic cocaine hacia el norte. This is because the authorities confirm that the trafficker is a member of the CJNG who has been moving between the two countries, since Ajiatas is communicating with InSight Crime. “Probably ahí [en Petén] the influence of the CJNG is donded ”, affirma.

The United States government, which associates itself with Guatemala in anti-narcotics investigations, has been alerted to the presence of the allied cartel.

A function of the State Department is the InSight Crime Department of electronic means that Guatemala’s information “indicating that the CJNG has been found to have a physical presence” in Petén and Huehuetenango.

Parece that the activity of cartel in Huehuetenangoa department of Guatemala on the northern front with Mexico, consists of an association with a concomitant drug dealership like Los Huistas, one of the most anti-pagan clans, which for decades is associated with Mexican groups.

The State Department’s function is the InSight Crime department that coordinates Los Huistas counties with CJNG counties in the City of Mexico to organize drug shipments from Guatemala and Mexican catwalks.

Ajiatas says that the ongoing investigations between the Guatemalan Ministry of Public Affairs and the authorized authorities reveal facts about the CJNG and Los Huistas. Agrega that the dynamics is similar to the relationship of the cartel with groups at the cost of the Pacific and Petén, although the CJNG is in the socio-local survey.

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The ground: ‘a tertiary connection’

Three years after the start of the Triangle Criminal investigation, in December 2021, the Guatemalan Public Ministry left more than 30 alumni in its departments, arresting more than one dozen of the implicated traffickers.

Among those arrested are three operatives from the country side, suspected of engaging military intelligence to facilitate drug trafficking and streamlining operations at the State under narcotics interception. From the entons, the Ministry’s public formally formats the functions of delictive association, trafficking and alumacenamiento elícito and the revelation of secrets.

Some arrests are being made on the basis of CJNG expansion planes including the recruitment of Guatemalan security forces, which are currently hovering over Los Zetas. These ultimatums recruit retired military personnel and implement an amplitude of sobrano with the finest informing police informant, as part of a campaign that searches the territory of the Guatemalan drug lords in 2000.

But in the case of the CJNG, there is no direct connection between the cartel and the inside of the arrested agents, such as Ajiatas. However, some of the functionaries work for the Pacific Cost Traffic Investigation in the case of the Triangle Criminal, and this group establishes with the Mexican citizen that the anti-narcotics tax is related to the CJNG.
“It’s a tertiary connection,” said Ajiatas.

‘Menos visibles’ que Los Zetas

In the media of 2021, they present armed groups in various variations and in their carriages, both fronts between Guatemala and Mexico, where there are many different types of vehicles. These actions provide alarms about possible guerrilla warfare between drug trafficking groups.

We hope that the CJNG’s self-proclaimed self-proclaimed video apparatus, in which they were targeted by the Guatemalan police and affirmed by one of the many Guatemalan puppets affected by the conflict: La Mesilla, located in Huehuetenango. The soundtrack to the video was released by Los Zetas.

The Zetas exiled the finesse of the 1990s, for example as the Gulf arm of the Golf Cartel and as an independent group. Exhausted, the group was conceited by their violence demonstrations, as well as decapitations and tortures that dejaban grabadas in video. When Zetas visited Guatemala in the 2000s, he read “with a handful of Mexican elements armed with heavy weapons and local drug traffickers,” according to Carlos Menocal, Minister of the Interior (2010-2012). Crime.

Los Zetas fueron trag algunos de los groups more conocidos de Guatemala, incluidos clanes familia as Los Leones, cuyo líder fue assesinado por Los Zetas lasting one drop with asphalt blades and grenades propelled by cohesion. The Mexican cartel also agreed to relocate to Los Huistas, despite the fact that the Huehuetenango group replayed an intentional attack by Los Zetas in 2008.

The Zetas also attack civilians, including massacring a group of agrarian thugs in a grove in Petén, and many of the decapitated bags use several parts to send a message due to the hacked one, which is broken group.

Durant operations oriented to curb the influence of the group on the principles of the 2010 decade, the Guatemalan authorities uncover 1.5 tons of cocaine, as well as ametralladoras, asphalt blades and bazookas of the group, and identify a long list of police military in the name of the organization, según Menocal.

“Empezaron a tener gestures of violence more fortune that ninguna otra organization of drug traffickers había cometido”, apuna Menocal.

CJNG parece estar tomando un camino diferente. As they are, the Guatemalan fiscals create that the cartel operates in a discreet manner and has no plan to replicate the barbaric incursions of Los Zetas.

Ajateas is the target of InSight Crime which, in all its current investigations, antinarcotic fiscals have not detected any conflicts between Mexican and Guatemalan drug trafficking groups.

The functionality of the Department of State comprises the InSight Crime Department, which has not received any immediate information from Guatemalan Territorial Guards or its frontier countries with Mexico affiliated with the CJNG.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to increase the physical and operational capacity of the Los Zetas in Guatemala.

This is the logical part. Contrary to popular belief in Iran against the CJNG to meet new societies in Guatemala. The Sri Lankan warlords have much to gain, and in Mexico the CJNG is involved in a number of disputes, including armed groups such as the Sinaloa Cartel and the United States.

Search alliances in the midst of conflicts with clans such as Los Huistas, a group that dominates Huehuetenango and counters narcotics with a red extension of influence in politics, not only the cartel access to its drug routes, but also valiosas connected to the authorities.

In the case of Los Zetas, the gang group camps ultimately provoke a strong response from the Guatemalan authorities, who claim that the cartel is back in Mexico. If the CJNG has long-haul planes in Guatemala, it will prefer to stay on the radar.

“You are not visible yet”, affirmation Ajiatas.

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