The spontaneous arbitration of the MX League that is recorded in Cruz Azul vs Tigres

The refereeing of the MX League left a timeline without being overwhelmed, ahora exhibi & # xf3;  sus carencias en la folda de unificaci & & # xf3; n de criterios.  (Photo: Mauricio Salas / Jam Media / Getty Images)

Arbitration in the MX League does not have to be slower than the maximum quality, so show your careers in the criterion for unifying criteria. (Photo: Mauricio Salas / Jam Media / Getty Images)

Durante el partido entre Cruz Azul contra Tigers in the ida of the final quarters of the Liga MX, the arbitration salius to relieve and not by its own actuation. The central orbiter of the incentive, Fernando Hernándezjuzgó una patada del delantero felino, Nicolás López, with tarjeta roja, mientras que Cristian Tabówhich has a flat bottom, soled with the preventive card.

Because a day is not over: así sejemplifica muy bien one of the most important causes of the first Mexican arbitration, the volatility in the criterion for recording decisions. It’s mal tigra arraigado tanto en el balompié nacional, que ni siquiera con la ayuda del VAR se podido correct. From this consistency deviate other problems such as confusion in the field, time curtain, or the possibility of deporting players.

Transcurría el minuto 58 y los Felinos buscaban ampliar su ventaja. One of these intentions, el ariete uruguayo, Nicolás Lópezintentionally impacting the ball on the portrait, high-rise demasias on the hinge and hitting the chest of the Peruvian defender, Luis Abramdejándolo tirado y con sangre en el rostro.

The central arbitrator does not use the action in the first instance, but the VAR lolami and cambia su decision: expulsó al Diente. The controversy over the derivative expulsion is advertised by some Miguel Herreraa quien de igual forma echaron.

The sanction is based on the criterion of Fernando Hernández, y si se toma el reglamento al pie de la letri, la decisón era aceptable. No obstante, all exploded at the Azteca Stadium under the sway of Cristian Taba.

Little did López believe that the red card, the extreme cruzazulino, in order to affect the balloon for empathy, was launched by the Chilean media and contacted with the case of Juan Pablo Vigón, who was placed in an injected body. Solo violet tabs made of logs and sandals advertised by regulated items.

Tan solo fueron 2 minos los que tardó Hernández en cambiar su criteria: the difference fue la sangre. The regulation of the Commission of Arbitrators states that a flap with an excess of force-sanctionable serial charge. And what, do you swear, but what is the only expulsion of the Tiger element?

“The entrances or disputes of the balloon that pongan over the physical integration of an adversary or those that the south is filled with excessive force or brutality debrán sanctioned as ‘cricket and grave game’ (extreme length folds)”, says the regulation.

The VAR served to record, & # xfa; n m & # xe1; s, the carencias de los & # xe1; rbitros mexicanos.  (Photo: Alfredo Lopez / Jam Media / Getty Images)

The VAR is served to record, as a whole, the carencias of the Mexican Orbiters. (Photo: Alfredo Lopez / Jam Media / Getty Images)

This is due to the fact that an affected and other saliva is generated by the fold of a uniform criterion and is one of the few arbitrary symptoms that have the national ballot. Do not wear with a certificate that can be sanctioned with a tarjeta or a cardboard boxand these footballers do not have the cup.

Sí, el bajo level de la liga be justified by the small number of contracts, the mediocre system of competence, the extraneous extras, or the defect of a deportation rate; but the arbitration shall be carried out on the ground as from other principal causes.

Nicol & # xe1; s L & # xf3; pez se perder & # xe1;  the flight game at Esatdio Universitario, places that Tab & # xf3;  s & # xed;  podr & # xed; a ver activity.  (Photo: PEDRO PARDO / AFP via Getty Images)

Nicolás López walks around the game at the Esatdio Universitario, where Tabó has been activated. (Photo: PEDRO PARDO / AFP via Getty Images)

Direct antecedents

When the new ones are new, the error — even now point — is compressible and correctable; without embargo, this is the type of action that manifests itself with superiority. In the semifinals of Apertura 2021, Juan Ignacio Dinenno fue el protagonista.

Cuando Pumas visit the Atlas to discuss the flight game of the series, Dinenno fue severemente golpeado en el rostro por el defensor rojinegro, Anderson Santamaría. Ambos disputaron el bal porn por los aires cuando the peruvian code is directly affected by the university’s path; The central arbitrator, Jorge Pérez Durán, did not sanction him, for money it does not represent brusket and grave, with blood and moretones appearing to be mediated.

Luego, in a compromised mismatch, Dinenno launched the Chilean and kicked Jesus Angulo, who cayó noqueado. The difference is that el delantero sí vio la tarjeta roja. You jugadas, si bien son diferentes, tienen la misma etiqueta, completes the excess force and pushes the rice into the integrator.

Arturo Brizio, President of the Arbitration Commission, salió a defender a silbante alengando que las decisions which is stored in the Jalisco Stadium have all the correct ones. At the moment there are other nationalities: what is wrong, arbitrators or regulation due to ambiguity?

Because it’s a work in progress that preoccupies the plants, strategies or affidavits. Whenever you have your labor, pero al parecer one does not complete the best manner. Y ou porque los demás sí lo hagan, pero en esta ocación toca señalar a los silbantes.

Against the algebra that keeps the Tigers alive in the recent elimination match against Cruz Azul, one of the references of the northern conjugation is manifest. Nahuel Guzman.

Essay dialogue between users, techniques and elements of the field with the lower parts being low, but the frustration due to incongruous decisions on the toilet seat.


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