The Tena era with Guatemala pone alerts Central American selections from the 2026 World Cup

The positive start that Luis Fernando Tena has on the Bicolor bench, due to his preoccupation with El Salvador and Honduras leading to the near elimination round

GUATEMALA – With three victories and an empathy, in the four parts of the preparation which is available with the Guatemalan Selection, Luis Fernando Tena demonstrates the idea of ​​the game that you want to implement with a tactical and defensive order. As a result, the official competition in the Concacaf League of Nations was finally awarded a goal in June.

Debuting with a 1-0 victory over Cuba at the Pensativo Stadium, the game was played against Haiti at the United Stadium and won 2-1. The third compromise was to pass the doming pass against El Salvador, rivaling who scored 4-0 and recently empathized 0-0 with Mexico in Orlando, Florida. In these four compromises, the best reflection of the numbers that are the accessories Amarini Villatoro and Walter Claverí.

“It’s a very united group, which specializes in something. The primary objective is to qualify for the 2026 World Cup. The game team with personality, who is the body and who wants to play. “Users with caliber, we do not have much to recover, but we go by boat and because we have advanced to the Concacaf League of Nations in June with their official matches”, says the statements made by Luis Fernando Tena in press conference.

These are the first presentations in preparation parts, la Guatemala Selection I have a good bottle of water and I have lost my centenarian level. About all in countries like El Salvador y Hondurasconsidering that Bicolor is a different rival during the World Cup eliminator in 2026 and that it can take its classification according to certain selections.

El Salvador

In El Salvador, ESPN Digital contact the sports reporter Karsten Rivas Guzmánquién pertenece a la El Salvador c telecommunication with channels 2, 4 and 6 and refuse the process initiated by Luis Fernando Tena.

Luis Fernando Tena has taken his reto seriously in order to qualify for the 2026 World Cup and note the exact exchange rate. Guatemala is in the right car, our cars (El Salvador) cremated are in this car, but the results are not confusing. Guatemala is agarrando el sueño mundialista desde yawhen the idea is bad for them, but now they have more possibilities to classify the World Cup “, party Rivas.

“Guatemala has contracted a technician with experience. Hugo Pérez now leads a team. It is practically a new trainer in comparison the experience that Luis Fernando Tena has and that is fundamental to the moment of a world eliminator. Luis Fernando Tena tiene buenas ideas, viene a revolucionar y sabe por donde ir ”, agregó Karsten Rivas respecto al technic mexicano.


By the way, in Honduras the deportivist periodicals Germ Aln Alvarado del Diario La Prensa y Marvin ilavila de Deportes TVCse manifestaron en redes sociales.

“This Honduras… #Guatemala the cup of empathy in Mexico. If the team has C from the mexican selection, they are also working with Luis Fernando Tena. “Every time the chapins have problems before the eliminators of 2026”, describes Germán Alvarado.

Things to do when Marvin Ávila made it clear: Imagine the critiques that came from the Mexican princess. Ojo con estos chapines y Luis Fernando Tena, peligroso y no dejen a Honduras sin Mundial de 2026. ¡Hay que comenzar a trabajar ya! ”.

The Honduran Selection confirms that it’s still technically destined Hernán Darío Gómez wants to be eliminated from the Concagaf Octagonal hack Catar 2022, but at the moment has no technical


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