the theory of DT of Bayer Leverkusen

Gerardo Seoane, director t & # xe9; cnico del Bayer 04 Leverkusen: Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Gerardo Seoane, technical director of Bayer 04 Leverkusen: Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Against the compromise that is made against Toluca en el Nemesio Diez este 17 de mayo, el Bayer Leverkusen ya se incuentra en México listo para jugar. And in the league, the strategy of the German conjuncture, Gerardo Seoaneaffirm that Mexican south does not count on the physical potential that it needs to travel to southern Europe.

Durante the conference of the prince previa al juego, the strategist suizo dio one of the worlds most currents of Mexican footballers and their presence in the Continental Viejo. To play at the highest level you do not bet on individual technology or intelligence in the south, physics is an impressive factor.

“They tend to make a studio because they can not make such statements. For me the mexican jug is technically very good, but not very potent and the German League is very controversial, with so much physical potential, it can only be a source of excitement. “In Europe, football is much more physical.” sentence Seoane.

Diego Lainez podr & # xed; a ser un buen egemplo de las's statements.  (Photo: Juanjo Ubeda / Quality Sport Images / Getty Images)

Diego Lainez used this as an example of Seoane’s statements. (Photo: Juanjo Ubeda / Quality Sport Images / Getty Images)

Aunque hay other factors as the high cost of the cards of Mexican elements, the physical theme is like having a shirt in it that has to be worn from the local basic power supply; and it is recalculated, an alto and muscular jug ​​does not guarantee that the condition is compact, the work in the d aa and día is what defines how to count on the conditions to juggle in Europe.

No obstruction, utopian series affirm that the problem is initially in the juvenile teams. Hay entramado que cuenta con other elements that ensure the progress of Mexican footballas it were: the candidacy of foreigners, the promoters, the other salaries and the complexity of contractual conditions.

Yes, there are national leaders who have built an important legacy in European ballooning, pero también están aquellos that either intentionally or intentionally in the camino com José Juan Macías, Omar Bravo, Jared Borgetti, Carlos Peña, and more.

In the Bayer Leverkusen saben lo what is tener to mexican jugadores in its plantations.  Andr & # xe9; s Guarded is one of the exponents.  (Photo: Adam Pretty / Bongarts / Getty Images)

In the Bayer Leverkusen saben lo what is tener to mexican jugadores in its plantations. Andrés Guardado is one of the exponents. (Photo: Adam Pretty / Bongarts / Getty Images)

Training is a key

It is clear that the physical conditions are the ones that are most likely to be created (in comparison with the technical ones), even though the appropriate processes are realistic. It does not make sense that some of the most southeastern of the world have a “pequeña” complexion, because it is leaked from the body to a physical point can be reconciled in the Mexican balloon: Messi, Bernardo Silva and Luka Modric are the examples for excellence.

In the MX League the talent is not enough, but there is a general discrepancy: the regular phase matches are summed up slightly, the sobresal desk being almost zero in many of the south, y the trainers do not fight with the rigor necesario.

In exchange, the entertainers of European football are increasingly demanding and intense: internal competence originated in the southeast to all in the practice camp. Tal es así, que’s inspiration for multiple league leagues around the world.

In the MX League —failing to raise costs and not just about it— la mediocridad nace desde esas instancias. How can you overestimate yourself in these days of preparation without the need for necessity. César Huerta is a perfect example.

Recently a video of Chivas being viralized in one of its elements realizing coordination and velocity exercise; Isaac Brizuela it is compounded by the intensity required in the professional sector, such that Huerta realizes it with a discretion that exposes the perfection of the meaning of “discretion”. With your own way to justify what is going on Rojiblanco.

Aunque parezca radículo, the desece de deseo not in a moment of any part, it is present from the entrants. The valdría señalar que los mejores jugadores del planeta refer to diarrhea and no heat in their legs as well as float to the exhaust.

Unsurprisingly, in Mexico this model has been deconstructed. Why would a juggernaut allow you to count as much as you would in the initial 11. Even though there are many things that are bad, Gerardo Seoane makes a track of the car that should be recorded.

Pero nada es tan catastrophic, el propio timonel de las Aspirinasassured that in el Bayer Leverkusen también toman en consideration lwith technical quality, intelligence and boarding at the starting timepues cuentan con la paciencia para hacerlos crecer.

Including launching a guinea pig hacking a mexican jug. Seoane confirmed that he has a national element playing in the Spanish League and that complete with the profile that you search for your team, without embargo, no name.


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