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Throwing a verse through a person, a thrilling waterfall from September, Cristina recounts with her alumni of three and three years: “Habían crecido, se notaba el estirón. Algunos también habían ganado bastante peso “, explicit esta docente barcelonesa. “It simply came to our notice then. Pero la kulpa no solo fue de la falta de activit, eso es evident ”.

The need to stabilize one of the salutary screw hobbits from the package is small. This is exactly what is reflected in Las Jornadas de Alimentando el Cambio #Educar en Salud, organized by Danone, the 29th of March. It is certified that with the poner’s ratio in a range of objectives that are sought to provide a reasonable alimony that promotes a major infant alimony before the futures.

If 80% of obese teens are converted to adult obesity, follow SEEDO

To reverse the figures of one of the great current public health crises such as infant-juvenile obsession, families and the school exemplify a fundamental role, because ”, Punctuated Dr. Mar Nea Neira, Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment in the OMS on infant obesity.

Yes, as resonaba en la parades de este evento de voces expertos las creadoras de Malasmadres o Boticaria García, la familias deben tomarje me alimación muy seri y, por egemplo, implica los niños en la cocina y en un planja, Most important is the conclusion: the industry is more or less aware of the weight of its messages and the social responsibility that comes with it, than all in the smallest parts of the house.

The IFA Group offers a wide variety of refreshments in its supermarkets and Disney allied with food brands like Danone to attract more attractive food choices per se

The consumer, además, is more than just that. Since the food industry is booming at a slow pace. For example, the IFA Group decided to increase the time it takes for fresh products to be offered in their supermarkets. Conscious of their medical needs, Disney has published a number of nutritional tips that are internally based on what is implicit in their food products.

Danone 17361

Involve children in the kitchen or buy their own forms of getting healthy food


Desperate to ally with food and beverage brands, such as where to find a limited edition Kids de Font Vella bottles, with Mickey Mouse on the label, to provide hydration from some natural mineral water.

Danone case: work with a multidisciplinary team of nutrition experts, consumer activism and innovation

The little ones prefer the fruit or the tinted verandas with their favorite characters and the serving dish in plain plates is decorated. Qu For which escoger, entonces, between divertido or saludable, between azúcar or el sabor? For Laia Mas, director of Corporate Affairs of Danone Iberia, “the retro The diversification form is part of the appendix; use publicity positively to increase and increase the rate at which infant feeding takes place ”.

In this sense, Danone revisits a pattern of regulation that promotes health service advertising and that contributes to inclusive consumption of healthy food among the smallest. Take a moment, use the company in the natural yogurts the infantile favorites to favor their choice by part of the children and acutumber the palladium food without azúcar añadido. Ahora, Danone acaba de dar otro paso m ens en pro de la nutritable nutrition.

All yogurts are complete with the nutritional criteria of the OMS

It is advisable to reform all of these infantile products in accordance with the nutritional criteria of the OMS, which, in the case of lotions, recommends a limited consumption of greases and sugars. All yogurts from the brands Danonino, Actimel Kids and yogurt Danone for people complete with the basic premise: concretely, a total of 10 grams of azacar per 100 grams of product, making sure the taste is the same as the most delicious ones artificial.

This is due to the inversion of one million euros into I + D in the latest high-end, working with a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 enduring nutrition experts who have been active in activating their consumption needs. With the embargo, it is now possible for any food to be worth more than what, since 2014, Danone has reduced by 30% the increase in yogurts and fermented leeks.

Danone 18068

Offer each bucket with more reasonable and attractive options for people


Currently, 90% of Danone’s portfolio in Spain corresponds to reasonable diary consumption products, up to 50% of the references available in the market without the added azure and one cinco with natural yogurt (leche, fermented and nada más ), segment in cremation by the one following the company. According to Spiderman: “All the power (as the food industry does) has a great deal of responsibility.”

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