The triumph of Gustavo Petro in Colombia afianza el camino de la nueva izquierda latinoamericana | Colombia Presidential Elections

Gabriel Boric and Gustavo Petro held the presidency of Chile until March 11.
Gabriel Boric and Gustavo Petro held the presidency of Chile until March 11.rrss

The victory of Gustavo Petro in Colombia’s presidential choices traversing the balances of the Andean country and reproducing all of the region with the most progressive progress in Latin America. The resulting result is dominated by the candidate and you number of dos, France Márquez, the display of a new camouflage on the geopolitical map of the subcontinent. With the lead of every leadership and the specifics of the ecosystem, Petro enters a club that integrates Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Argentine Alberto Fern yndez and, more than a dozen, Gabriel Boric, the young mandate that holds back the ultimate and at the same time the clearing of the abyss that separates the anti-Bolivarian block. The Bolivian Luis Arce and, with many more, the Peruvian Pedro Castillo are allied. No obstruction, for news of a consolidation of a progressive front in Latin America quiz sea todavía pronto. Internationalists and political scientists coincide: news about Brazil’s choices.

Colombia’s electo president has not only achieved a historic hit in the country, but also intends to contribute to the process of revitalizing Latin American integration. Look for an objective part with alguns of your potential allies, with Lopez Obrador and Alberto Fernández in the box. This is the recent American Cumberland in Los Angeles, a forum that ratifies the distance between the United States and the rest of the continent and includes keywords that support the oversight of the Organization of American States (OEA). ). “In Petro’s foreign policy, there are strategic lines that all of them have a lot of content,” said internationalist Laura Gil, director of the portal. The median line. One of the states is precisely a new insertion in Latin America, without sacrificing the privileged relationship with the United States, explicitly.

The other line is the emphasis in a lathe diplomacy on the climatic exchange rate: “How can the content of the ‘convert Colombia to a potential power by screw’ content be contained? ‘ Toca sentarse a desgranarlo ”. Given that the exploding approach to re-establishing relations with Venezuela is not only due to the urgency of the situation, it is enshrined in a policy of reconciliation that implies reconciliation as it passes through Venezuela only 2,200 kilometers long and fronts. And we only want to create a paper to solve problems, not profundable ”.

These priorities are as high as Bogotá, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. This is the latest case, Humberto Beck, professor and investigator at the Center for International Studies of the College of Mexico, and a parallel between Petro’s triumph and the legacy of Lopez Obrador and his movement, Morena, in 2018. “It is a exchange historically, because they are the only ones in the great parts of Latin America that do not have a glorious Goblin. These are not, in the first place, a structural change of the electrodes ”, reason. The manifest Mexican president, deprived of the first flight, showed solidarity with the Colombian candidate by those in power. This message, which costs a replica of Iván Duque’s slow-moving Gobierno, is the enzyme demonstrating a profound turn in the diplomatic strategy of the North American countries. López Obrador always defends that “the best foreign policy is the domestic policy”, because the cambium and the rumbo.

“Petro’s victory without any benefit is a new Mexican political strategy with the president projecting his leadership as a contravention of the EE UU. “No matter how much rhetoric there is, it’s very practical and concrete, but they want to use a regional platform as well as a plan for reform,” said Beck. “Además, se ha dado cuenta de que mientras no gane Lula en Brasil él va a ser el líder de ese block. Y según se vayan sumando Gobiernos, va a ganar poder ”. For Francisco Abundis, director of the parameter consultancy, his special electoral affinities between the figures and his political record are especially significant. “After the quiz Lápez Obrador nunca fue tan radical, nunca estuvo en una guerrillas, sí tiene a pasado de luchas socialia”, señala. Ambos constructs its discourse as opposed to the nuns that run through the vengeance and the Mexican mandate left by the basic characteristics of the presidency. Hay, “themes of personality which can be tense but similar in nature but ultimately alien to the acts and decisions of the Goberns.” Y eso sienta, in definitive, a premise for cending entendimiento.

The embargo, based on regional ambitions, was achieved by Petro, as well as by Alberto Fernández or López Obrador, after the victory of Lula in Brazil, according to the internationalist Sandra Borda. The academic launch is in line with the New Liberalism’s policy of distancing itself from the party to announce that it’s voting for Petro in the second round. If you want to be a regional leader and move towards regional integration in a diplomatic direction that has a strong diplomatic mission; Itamaraty en Brasil es una cosa monstruosa, Colombia no tiene eso. I do not see Petro as the leader, we are always enthusiastic. “Colombia does not have any diplomatic muscle,” said the author ¿Why are we so parochial? An international history of Colombia.

“I’m glad to hear that Lula in Brazil is working on a progressive, democratic bloc, which helps to retell some of the topics on the agenda of the region that have been promoted and promoted by keeping the lamb in the olage. 2000 f,’s death Arlene Tickner, professor of international relations at the University of Rosario, Bogotá. Además the centrality of Latin American integration and the respect and promotion of human rights, the media environment attracts all of Petro’s programmatic agenda and embraces a neuralgic importation into any strategy of international politics, subraya. The new Gobierno buscará convert Colombia into a protagonist in the defense of the media environment and the promotion of limpia economies.

Beck coincides with the conclusion that “the most important change in the map of Latin America is produced by Lula being the first candidate and desperate to win”. In this case, the expatriate will record his friends from the essay, but from the point of view of the symbolic vista, that the history of Brazil demonstrates that it is permissible, as it were, to see the life of the escalators at the rest of the region. In any case, Lula can be converted to the main reference of Petro in the international table. The future president of Colombia is working to unite a progressive Latin American bloc, Adam Lopez Obrador and Pedro Castillo, led by analyst Sergio Guzmán of Colombia Risk Analysis. Eventually, travel to the United States on the theme of the fight against drugs and searching for proximity to Cuba, especially with Venezuela.

“Given a potential major presence from China to Colombia, given the very precise fiscal situation in which the country, which is the need for algae type accreditors,” he advised. A plan that the Asian giant’s accelerated during Duque’s mandate against the repercussions of the inverse audiences and the space that Washington is making vacant.

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