The Vargas Llosa highway – Bolsonaro, Fujimori. El que sea, menos la izquierda: el rencor nubla al Nobel Nobel

Mario Vargas Llosa has expressed himself in a multitude of coincidences with the ultrasound and has criticized his politicians for raising his friends from the territory, including whether he has been implicated in policies such as Jair Bolsonimori or Keiko dictatorships in their own countries.

City of Mexico, June 25 (SinEmbargo). Fue part of the discourse that el Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa pronunciation on February 3, 2011 by al branded number by the reign of Juan Carlos I of Spain, who abdicated three years after the scandalous diversity, including a case of corruption that plagued his family. The monarch started the ceremony of “extrajudicial contribution, universal approach, and Spanish literature or language” by the Nazi dictator in Peru in 1936.

The Nobel laureate title, which reads Vargas Llosa, is one of the most destructive acts in the world, having just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, but it is not the only one. The author of The fiesta del Chivo is assisted by the whole class of events of the Spanish social junta under the Isabel Preysler, named after the Hebrew “pink princess”.

Because of the impact that Vargas Llosa has on its last few years, it is not limited to its apparition in the event of any event, but it has also been exposed to the same or different gauges that have been leaked to Latin America, much less the atrocities of the dictatorships. Forward to the advance of this type of goberns, the scribe including his mother or the late and ultra-master Jair Bolsonaro, in Brazil; The candidacy of Keiko Fujimori, the son of dictator Alberto Fujimori, was born in Peru, or by José Antonio Kast, born in Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

The former Peruvian Martín Vizcarra, terracotta de izquierda, is hand in hand with the Peruvian escort Mario Vargas Llosa, under King Felipe VI of Spain, carrying an official price at the Palacio Real, in Madrid. Photo: AP

In any of these cases, Mario Vargas Llosa has expressed his coincidence with these political projects and has criticized the politicians who, like little by little, have joined their friends in the region. In Mexico, for example, there is also a detective named Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whose marriage has been the subject of many recent Nobel laureates against Colombian President Gustavo Petro and the record that the scribe recounts:

“Dice Vargas Llosa ‘voted for the people of Colombia’ or ‘voted for the Colombians’ as well. A menoprecio al pueblo porjes pues él ahora en España le dieron a diobilio titulo conde o s sé qué, duque ”, espresó entre risas López Obrador.

The novelist did not hesitate to intervene in favor of Spain led by López Obrado to send a card to the king Felipe VI in order to get rid of the crimson comets during the conquest. In this sense, Vargas Llosa considers that the phrase “debit mandársela to the masses and respondents, or respondents, to the forerunner of which is Mexico, which has been incorporated into the western world of Spain and which has gained over 200 years of independence y soberano, tiene todavía tantos millones de indios marginados, pobres, ignorantes y explotados ”.

In December 2018, after Lopez Obrador was confirmed as the first Mexican President to be replaced by a reluctant move, Vargas Llosa said that the theme that Mexico would be converted into a “perfect dictatorship”, a term used in 1990 to refer to the country that is being tracked in these directions by following the PRI, to follow the direction of the reader.

“Comenzaba a salir de esa perfect dictatorship —felizment no era tan perfect, era bastante imperfecta—, (pero) me temo muchísim, muchísim deo que populismu i par lane íde ideolog dels of the current President of Mexico nos conduz otra vez a dictatorship per perfecta o imperfecta, pero dictatorship al fin and al cape ”, said Vargas Llosa during a conference.

López Obrador sends a card to Rey Felipe VI to get a kick out of the crimson comets during the conquest. Photo: Gobierno de México

The author, who ousted Spanish nationalism in 1993 and claimed the presidency of Peru in 1990, was ousted by Alberto Fujimori, who was ousted in 2000 while still running the war against the Maoist group Sendero Luminoso. to get the spotlight to sum up a new critically acclaimed Latin American president electing Colombia to vote “mal” for Gustavo Petro, a question that has resonated with other prime ministers such as Gabriel Boric, in Chile; Alberto Fernández, in Argentina, and Pedro Castillo in Peru.

“We want to see the way how it is [Petro] actúa. If you act against the law, you are welcome. There is a legitimacy that all of them are aware that the guerrilla is represented elsewhere. “Hay que ver, hay que esperar”, the Vargas Llosa party was deprived of news presented in a forum organized by the International Funding for Libertad in Casa America, located in Madrid, Spain.


Lopez Obrador & Gustavo Petro did not claim to be the only Victorians to be the author of Los Cachorros (1967) launched. In an interview with a medium in Chile La Tercerain April, assured that the situation of the Latin American countries is more dramatic in comparison with the nations of Europe and Asia, leading to the process of democratization.

“In Latin America, the most populist, demagogic and irresponsible goblins are degrading, and all of them have no way of managing the economy of a country, they are ultimately proliferating,” he said. “Entonces, we only have preconceived notions about our continent being at that moment at a time when the rest of the world is prospering,” advirtió.

The president’s equator Gabriel Boric. Photo: AP

The Peruvian escort is set to fire against 35-year-old Gabriel Boric, the leader of the Chilean presidential comedy José Antonio Cast, leader of the Republican Party, in December 2021. Vargas Llosa reassures the country “Parecía ir en la buena dirección, pero han dado un vuelco”.

“Yo apoyé a [José Antonio] Cast, which seems to represent a sensational continuation of the economic policy that has taken place in Chile, but it also seeks European countries that are far removed from the rest of Latin America. Pienso, por eso, que los chilenos, dándole la solida victoria a Boric, se han equivocado. However, the equivalent should be taken into account and respected. Algo debía de andar mal allí cuando Boric has acquired a victory that is unequivocal and clear ”, expressed in an article published in El País in which it is recalculated as “pinochetist”.

“Nunca lo fui [pinochetista]. The death toll from Pinochet’s goal in 1973, which lasted for a long time on French television and was reported to be about 20 manifestos protesting against the comedian criminals against the Chilean dictatorship, including the one who criticized Santiago. ya solidarizarme con sus adversarios ”.

The father of presidential candidate Jose Antonio Kast has been linked to the Nazi party of Adolfo Hitler, accompanied by a comprehensive document by The Associated Press. This statement contradicts the statements of the ultra-close candidate to the military service of his father during the Second World War.

If the Federal Archive does not confirm that Michael Kast was the father of the presidential candidate, the fecundity and the place of birth in the calendar coinciding with the cast of Cast Padre, March 2014.

The issue of identity issued by the Federal Archives of Germany shows that a member of the late 18-year-old Michael Kast affiliated with the National Socialist Party of the German Trabajadores (NSDAP for the German flag) on ​​September 1, 1942. Photo: AP

In the case of Pedro Castillo, the shadow of the campers, who was confirmed as President of Peru in July 2021 by a rigging of voting against Keiko Fujimori, the shadow of the late Alberto Fujimori and the symbol of the Peruvian elite of dinero y criminal organization, bajo el lema “no more pobres en un país rico”.

After competing with Alberto Fujimori in the 1990 comics, Vargas Llosa did not hesitate to sample Keiko, which he described as “the minor” in one of his most published articles El Paíspidiendole “salvar al país de en pilero enorme que e caer en manos de totalitarismo”.

Hundreds of months after Fujimori’s pig, in December 2021, the novelist considered, in a conversation that consisted with José Antonio Cast zoom in, that Castillo “no sabe dónde is paradox” and that “it’s a good idea that he has no ideas the elementary problems of Peru ”.

Castillo was continuously criticized by Vargas Llosa for sending news of the presidency of Peru. Photo: Special

In the finals of 2019, the novelist is described as “a tragedy for Argentina” and the triumph of Alberto Fernández against Mauricio Macri was a serious interview with the Brazilian periodical. The State of São Paulo to ensure that the Argentine pub Iba boasts Macri’s pigs in order not to know any perfect Gobierno “no news no matter what it is”.

Assimilation reveals that the “impressive” part of the Argentines is the victory of “the people who produce an absolutely catastrophic policy”. “This suicidal vocation of Argentines is extremely extraordinary, even though all the current problems of the country are caused by peronism,” he said.

The Peruvian escort will consider that Macri, the Argentine president, establishes “having a policy that is democratic, liberal, and which has a clear definition of benefits and a party that establishes practically contaminated by populism” in one fell swoop Infobae with the motive of your visit to the Feria del Libro de Buenos Aires.

One of Vargos Llosa’s latest entries is to admire ultra-master Jair Bolsonaro’s triumph over “their payrolls” for the near-presidential presidential election that Brazil celebrated in October.

The Nobel Prize in Literature has been demonstrated by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in a charcoal offering in Montevideo, Uruguay, claiming to have a spectacular spectacle of Lula, all over Europe condenado “por ladrón”.

As an embargo, due to the currency, Jair Bolsonaro faces criminal allegations against humanity over the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which, despite its negation or negation, aggravates the sanitary situation in the United States of Sur.

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