The women who quit aborting and acabaron in anti-abortion clinics promoted on Google

  • By Rachel Schraer
  • Health and misinformation reporter

A mujer de espaldas
Photo pie,

Hana se syntió engada when she aborts pero acabó in a clinic advertised on Google claiming convencerre of the contra.

When Hana enters to get pregnant, as soon as she tries to have an abortion, she searches the Google clinic for a left-handed anti-abortion center, who decides to stay away from her choice.

In various stages of United States, BBC News comprises how many states affiliate clinics appearing in the first few posts on Google search results and on Facebook listings with incomplete medical advice, several steps can be taken to proceed with any recovered announcements and restricted accounts.

Ascending centers, such as the one you visit in Hana, a 19-year-old who lives in Massachusetts’s state, of course directed by Christian organizations.

Frequently offered medical services, as well embryo test and ecographyas part of its promotionally false line promotion that tampering with the interception services of the embarkation.

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