“There is an idea that all the time will produce some kind of technological progress. But this is a fantasy.”

Jason Resnikoff

Cortesía Jason Resnikoff.

Jason Resnikoff.

We are looking for books, information, news and experts: industrial progress is inevitably due to the destruction of many things … And we want to enter a new era.

¿Pero is actually así?

Jason Resnikofftitular professor in the Department of History of Columbia University and specialist in laboratory history, global capitalism and technology, not the cree.

The author of the provocative label “Labor’s End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work” (The end of the job: why the promotion of automation has degraded the job), is the convenience of removing the term “automation” from reality the work of the industry to intensify the work of the people.

The exchange rate is as follows: Balanced sheets, extensions, curtain rods, and meniscus of your bed.

¿What I left to disentangle is the idea that it isscuchamos from hace años de that the automation and robotization of the acabar with numbered numbers and that los robots have lain tareas that hoy hacen impleados?

From industrialization albums, machines tend to tend to degrade work in place of repetition.

With the company of steam engines and their use in the textile industry, there is no doubt that steam replicates human labor.

But you can not only hear machines, machines of machines against the capitalism.

Capitalism as a system uses the same resources, many resources. In this sense it is very inefficient, but there are many tentative ones: it does not mean that permanently inactive resources have an infinite power axis.

Because in real terms the machines moving the machines to the capitalist property of the factory are assembling forms of maneuvering in terms of costs. I am interested in what I say about the automation discourse.

Á What is this discourse?

There is the idea that all the time will produce some kind of technological progress. But this is a fantasy.

The form in which the cosmos actually works is that it looks like an amplifier treats ganancias, and it means that you have to find a way of hacking that you do not have a good sea’s work.


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The machines can also be used in many ways: they can only be replicated by a human having a haircut; can only increase productivity …

However, what I find in my investigation is that with the most frequency the machines that hack to track the work of those people, read literally. When a work is done, it does not need to be paid.

Alguien that realizes for example an administrative work gana a salario. Pero si puedes hacer que esa persona trbaje en su casa, que trbaje día y noche, que trbaje antes de irse a la cama y no tienes que pagarle por eso, entonces obtien más valore por ese trabajador.

It’s algo that ocurre todo the time, especially with the “white horse” workers, and that we aimed during the pandemic.

Qu What does it take for those who work to achieve the goal of being alone?

In many of these cases it is said that the machine is doing the work, but in reality it is a person who is doing it.

But they say that they owe it to the people to pay for it.

In other words, the idea of ​​the machine being tampered with has an aura pattern.

The machines are very spectacular, they look like magic, they always depend on a person who is active.

¿Considering that automation is more of an ideology than a technology?

Yes, automation is basically an ideology.

No matter how hard you try to use the term, in modern times it was “invented” in the 1940s by the Ford Motor Company.

And all of them are used to learning about a piece of technology or a specific process, in order to be able to replicate human labor with machines.

¿What is the only meaning of the word automation?

At Ford Motor Company, the principle is to have an idea, a discussion about what should be the value of the work.

Mujeres trabajando en la Ford Motor Company durante la II Guerra Mundial.

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Mujeres trabajando en la Ford Motor Company durante la II Guerra Mundial.

The use of the word apuntaba to a preconceived policy, which is situated in the room between undertakings and tradesmen who want to be part of the age of 30, when in the United States there is a great movement of industrial syndication.

The difference of the countries of Western Europe, EE.UU. desarrolló a stage of bienestar much more tarde and much more debil.

When this is done, the implementers are greatly disturbed, but only when they negotiate with their co-workers and mediators deliberately try to find forms that the perverts avoid even recognizing the unions.

Since 1935, unions have only been legally represented.

¿Does the automation control the mode of operation of the unions?

Sí. The discourse of automation allowed companies to go with all the technological enthusiasm posterior to the II World War, when it surpasses all of these ingenious inventions and the establishment is very enthusiastic about the technology.

The idea of ​​в permit. В. Permit allowing automation that employers can find out that they are, reconciled with the unions, but that technically hacked the progress of the obsolete and obsolete.

Y completes this argument, which is very persuasive, for quitarle podre to los trabajadores. Pero el trabajo realized by continuous persons.

In this book you can find an example: reverse how to enter 50 years of primers computers digital electronics, which suppose that Iban’s hacking a lot of office work that has hac ent entons people, does not reduce the number of implants…

Of course, the most likely descriptive sea corresponds to the length of the investigation.

The introduction of computers in these companies does not have to be done in a straight line, but especially in the 1950s there are machines that move diner: they are increasingly large, they are very large and it is not clear how to rent.

First computers, age 50.

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You also require that private companies present an argument in their favor. Use more power than just: automation.

He knows that the value of their computers resides in that they replicate the officers, secretaries, administrators, and that this is a positive series because the computers process the information, which in one office processes the processed ones.

The majority of those who hacked are working for the proletariat and women.

The idea that he was not going to be in the realm of thugs and that he was surprised that he wanted to go, that he did not want to go all the way to the offices.

But computers does not advise eso, ad verdad?

The history of automation is essentially an Iranian history.

No, the computers do not replicate the workstations, but they do not fit. There is not enough sophistication, and the work of people is notable, very diverse, very creative and very effective.

And if you can conceive that you are working hard, it is a great inversion for a chef.

It is the terminus that haunts computers, and the case of all the industrial machines that have gone down in history, in order to address human suffering.

In order to relocate tradesmen, the automation of offices with computers can be contracted by most officers to make it work. Aunque muchas veces en peores conditionite.


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But it is not clear to me that for the benefit of the factories the machines used to be machines that are more inverted in technology and necesitan more efficiently than the sean peor pagados

There are some questions that come to mind.

The first is that you can get the chance to contract many more cheap tradesmen.

In the second place, for the guarantors, it is important, as obtaining guarantees, to quote from the impellers and also to the impellers, as the machines allow the hacks.

Including your negotiation is not now rentable, if you can not get the benefit margin that is expected, no series is absolutely reimbursable as the results are negotiable.

It is one of the main preoccupations: ensure that the tenants are less likely to be able to. And this is what automation is all about.

The big conclusion of my investigation and my book is that automation is an argument for jefes, that technological progress is used for hacer that losers want.

¿What can be done to reverse the situation, so that the occupants recover the power that has been lost with the automation?

Creo that can be used to hack a lot of space, obviantly placing it to increase the power in the shareholder of the employees.

The neoliberal revolution did not change the nature of capitalism.

Obreros working in a factory

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One way that capital raises generates national fronts, it’s stagnant for the per capita capital but differs from it to individuals.

One of the most important aspects of automation is that it does not require only that the owners can control capital, machines and fabric, even if they can be overwhelmed by everything.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Trabajadores compiten así with other trabajadores.

In this situation, following the liberal revolutions of the 70s and 80s, the lab movements will definitely become global. Deben de trabajar juntos, because así is exactly how the capital works.

It means that the work is being carried out in an explicitly political movement that can not be avoided, but at the moment when the elites in politics can be abandoned to the traitors, the abandoned.

There are millions of lab organizations in the world trying to figure out how to get the most out of it.

For me, the answer is that you have three ingredients: one that is about an international movement, one that is about a political movement and, finally, one that centers on the means of production in itself.

Artificial Intelligence (it), Ued where can you embed las cosas?

Creo that las can make much more oskuras.

In this discourse there is a lot of automation, but the other word that means automation is IA. Having a magical power supply pattern at its discourse is very similar to the automation discourse of the 50, 60 and 70 years.


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You can go to the IA, as well as to the computers, when you have the right to search for people.

People with a little trouble working and not having very good condition.

The IA hastens the human work that exists and works, as long as it is definitely possible to degrade the work more.

Á What is the main message of your book with the taste that is given to your readers?

If you want to get one, you need to think about the word reflection automation.

The term automation can always be used interchangeably, but it does not require a technical term as it is a political term as it retrieves the consequences of trying to approve employees.

When it comes to technological marvels, the instantaneous response of the gentile debería on the sospecha.

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