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Fighting compromise, corruption and corruption in the world is the most desirable part of the world and is starring in historically marginalized sectors is under the influence of Latin American and leading leaders which, with different profiles and results, promotes democratic profundation and economic equalization.

The triumph is dominated by Gustavo Petroexterminator of the M-19 guerrilla and exalted Bogotá, mark a hit in the history of Colombia, the most anti-Latin American democracy, where jamás ha gobernado la izquierdaand after the door and a new era in a country of nitrogen by social injustice, armed violence, drug trafficking and other levels of corruption.

The victory of Petro, who tends as vice president of the environmentalist and feminist African-American François Márquez, is in an environment of strong polarization, which has divided the Colombian society into two sectors with policies sensitivities and models of antagonistic countries, and has developed the model of alternation in the context that historically divides liberal and conservative rulers.

A phenomenon very similar to Gabriel Borica young politician proceeding from the file of the student movement that takes place in the direction of the ultra-engineer José Antonio Kast in December, in an electoral contingent that restores the parties that last for three decades protagonizing the protagonist.

al social scale fruit of the population of the citizens with the economic model and the stable system is defined as a chain of public activity and the strength of traditional policies, all in Colombia as well as in Chile.

Electoral triumphs succeed in Latin America

With Costa Rica uniqueness, the triumph over the populist aspirant Rodrigo Castro, the last presidential elections han visto vencer a candidatures de izquierda, first in Peru, with Pedro Castillo; left for Chile, with Boric, and with Honduras, with Xiomara Castro, and now in Colombia.

And in the upcoming October comics complete all the features that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s 10-point view of the current president, the ultra-director Jair Bolsonaro, who is one of the biggest economies in the region, from Rio Grande de Fuego, are governed by the equator, culminating in a politically initiated process by some.

In this case, Suramérica solo count with Conservative Governors in Paraguay (Mario Abdo Benitez), Uruguay (Luis Lacalle Pou) and Ecuador (Guillermo Lasso).

It is an ultimatum, then, that the Ejecutivo, who wanted to oust the Lasso encampment, was also present in a group of protests by indigenous organizations, representing the National Assembly – the indigenous and plurinational movement Pachakutik- integrating the opposition majority, junta with Izquierda Democratica and the followers of the former Rafael Correa (2007-2017).

More confusing is the situation in Central Americabecause of their nominal affiliation or origin, there is a majority of governors who are largely unscrupulous, such as Xiomara Castro (Honduras), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Laurentino Cortizo (Panama) and Nayv Bukele (El.

Without embargo, this is ultimately debatable, given that Bukele proceeds from the ranks of the revolutionary Frente Farabundo Martí de la Liberation Nacional, pero ganó las eleciones como candidato de Nuevas Ideaspart integrated in the conservative Gran Alliance by the National Unity, and celebrated since 2019 with one of the most ideologically modified models of authoritarian populism.

One of the most iconic Latin American languages is the name of Andrés Manuel López Obradorwhich joins the presidency of your country in 2018 with 53.19 per cent of the vote, along with intentional failures, such as Petro, y cuya gestión has a staggered state due to a distance distance of United States and the approximation of Latin American socialist leaders.

Coming out of here, López Obrador remixed his post to United States to participate in the Cumbre of the Famous Americans in Los Angeles in protest of the unrest in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela arguing for respect for human rights and democratic deficits.

It’s lune, en su habitual conference matutina, el mandatario mexicano see that the league for the initiation of the hacia vicar’s triumph of the equinox in Latin America.

“When we run out of water, the wind blows through the parts that only the Progressive Goblins have. Starting from the first league, a new stage is initiated, with important triumphs”, Declares that the lingering Mexican mandate is reciprocated in its traditional style of having the same mismo plural.

To continue, we share a map of all the gubernatorial countries by leaders or parties:

Nationalism and anti-imperialism in Latin America

The nationalist and anti-imperialist component present in López Obrador’s discourse is one of the constants of many Latin American leaderswhich the Washington Consensus has definitely resulted in.

This is the case of Venezuela, a piece that accumulates more than 22 years with chavism in the podsince Hugo Chávez won the first elections in 1999, starting as a Bolivarian revolution that continues to last foreverto ensure the indefinite relation.

False members in 2013, Save the testament to Nicolás Maduro with the idea of ​​guaranteeing longevity in power of a political model that has always been criticized by the international community for its electoral maneuvers and the erosion of democratic institutions.

How to follow the millennial comedy, the actual expansion of the equinox in Latin America se apoya in prophecies that from this social democracy has the bolivarian revolution.

Per ten hacks, the boot region of the “commodities” boom and a solid part of the precision of the primary materials which allows for expansive fiscal policies, a panorama very different from the current one, characterized by a rapid increase in the rate of increase of the region, such as the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal) 2. este año.

Junto a esta desaceleraón, persistent structural problems of inversion scale and productivity lossunited by the strongest inflationary pressures we see a panorama nada halagüeño for the progressive governors.

Algo ante que que tend to search for solutions to structural problemssuch as the fragility of educational and health systems, the laboratory background, the erosion of institutions and one level of work that has retroactively changed the region.

Currently, the Latin American community is projected as a policy option that can guarantee public servicessocial protection and equitable distribution of wealth, while avoiding problematic graves.

This is the case of Argentina, led by President, Alberto Fernández, support a large number of images in the encapsulation and it is the object of criticism from the dent and the mouth of officialism in a country that faces serious macroeconomic imbalances, including one of the most high inflation, financing problems and restrictions in the field of many products.

The Argentine case is the manifesto that the leaders of power in the podium see a series of economic restrictions, a parliamentary opposition that brake on ambitious projects and a sudden and effective divergence that is popularized by populist options but it is demonstrated that it is available to cast and which includes its promes.

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