These experts say about the size of the feathers

(CNN) – June parece soñar con una persecucón. At the moment this German shepherd of long hair is going to save a siesta, his fluid extremities suelen empezar a moverse ya dar patadas. For some reasons, there is an invisible press on the right side.

“When it comes down to it, only its goats move in an aggressive, frenetic way, like they’re stuck in an invisible cint,” said Wudan Yan, who lives in Seattle.

“Está soñando, ¿verdad?” pregunta Yan. “It’s soot with the pursuit of flour and cones.”

The type of behavior that Yan observes most commonly, says neuroscientist Marcos Frank, a professor at Washington State University who studies the function of the brain in animals. “Lo he visto en mis propios perros. Corren, gimen, ladran y se despiertan com si si no supieran dónde están”, explica.

¿Which sueña actually June? It follows from the animal duermen that the human curiosity extends over miles, but the respective clauses are either equivalent. “If a bird does not give us information, we will never respond to the question,” says Frank.

Hasta entonces, tendremos conformarnos con la ciencia. This is what we say.

¿Where do you get the sacs?

Involuntary muscular sacs, myoclonic lamellae, which are common to all human beings. This is because it takes control of the extremities and paths of a timber basket or moves rapidly throughout the day. The REM frequency is the highest frequency. The paddle of the tampered ojos is associated with the REM phase.

Among humans, REM Sweden has historically been associated with living Sweden. It is the stage where you have this type of extra experience of all colors that you can not expect to control your family during the design.

Lots of duermen grow much in the REM phase, representing around 12% of their life, since a 1977 study published in the academic journal Physiology & Behavior. As other aspects of the swing in the strings are much larger than the strings, the curves created by the parallels extending beyond the swing.

“From pearls to human beings, the majority of mammals are present in the most basic parts of Sweden,” said Frank. “We can not affirm the conclusive form that losers have with them experiences as the youngest when we do, but it is different to imagine that hagan.”

When the motion is extended the plane is more elaborate, it is possible to reassure more than the myoclonus.

“Correr a toda velocidad mientras duermen no es tan común,” says Frank. “There is a mechanism in the brain that activates paralysis from the skin of the abdomen. It is a fascinating phenomenon, and it is normally impeded in all of them.”

This structure, the variegated point sheet, is situated in the encephalonic trunk. A hand in this structure can provoke a circuit breaker in its capacity to paralyze the body of the second degree.

The subconscious signs in the 1970s were that the cerebral cortex of the domicile glands was levied, and the animals were exposed to much more active dormant cells. In the studio it is observed that the levantabs levantaban the head, moving the extremities and saltaban.

The products produced at the Varolio point by neurological pathogens can affect the capacity of the brain to paralyze the skin during surgery. In the human case, a large number of Saudi mummies can be seen on a warning signal from Parkinson’s nurse, said Frank. If you see mismo en tu perro, señaló, vale la pena llevarlo al veterinario.

Which owl actually and for whom?

In the case of humans, it seems that the REM version of a desktop is a consolidation of memory. Hay algunas prouebas that function of the misma way in the animals.

In a 2001 study published in the academic journal Neuron, investigators observed the activity of cerebral palsy in dormant ratios and concluded that the animals repeated their concordances. When the rats recover a circular labyrinth at the bottom of the dormidas, they repeat fragments of their recovery through the labyrinth of dormant mice. In 2017, a studio, published in the journal Scientific Reports, revealed that looters used their siesta hours to cool their stable masonry trays are empty.

sueño perros

Marc Bekoff, Emeritus Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, affirms that the salvos primroses of the lizards show the mumbled masses that lead to the canines that dominate the siesta.

The dogs that participate in the empirical studio but want to follow the new Jordanian train. A semaphore deprived of the initial entrenchment, the animals that are dormant, in the southernmost position, trace the lecture with capacities to realize the major association that are the counterparts of the control group. It is possible that the resulting stems reproduce consistently from the two dormant points.

“I do not agree with the creer that you are not reviving the algae type of previous experience,” says Marc Bekoff, Emeritus Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Colorado Boulder University and author of “Canine Confidential Why: They Do “.

It should be applied to the salve primers of the feathers. Bekoff has spent countless hours conducting field investigations that include the observation of lobes and coyotes of the duermen, and some that show the mismos compromient that the ducks of the mascots come in all the canines of the duermen.

But as for the feathers, the lobes, and the coyotes, the joints of which are dormant, the results can only be different from those of human beings. “Nosotros we have an exceptional vision, peros los perros … essay es su ámbito”, afirma Frank, the Washington professor.

Aunque los perros no tienen la mejor vista del mundo, tienen un olfato phenomenal.

“Creo that has a sensory context that should augment the mental contents”, affirmation. “Do you think you’re right, when the lizards are swan, is it a world of colors that you’re experimenting with?”

Est Why are we so obsessed with the color of our black nails?

Where the proprietors of hoy mascots are especially fascinated by the screws of their two-dimensional computers, they are of interest by all the animals being repaired and dismantled, according to the philosopher David M. Peño-G of Humanities and Liberal Studios of the Statistical University of San Francisco.

“There are references to all animals in the work of men like Aristotle and some other Greek philosophers,” said Peña-Guzmán, who authored the book “When Animals Dream: The Hidden World of Animal Conscious” “.

Including entons, and human beings the special gustaba about the animals of the animals with the ones that establish units, such as feathers and hairs, dijo. Having a lot of time with a domestic animal, Peóa-Guzmán’s, hail that sea more imaginatively as created with a rica of interior screws. Specifics such as tires, as well as ranes and insects, are ignored in their relative antiquities.

Mira’s these pulses of color mimetras duermen 1:20

¿Why would a philosopher be interested in the words of animals? In his book, Peña-Guzmán constitutes the capacity of soñar to suggest that an animal is a congenital experiment. When we reconcile the consistency of an animal, description, it is more probable that we value our experiences, that creams that take a respectful treat.

Peña-Guzmán found all of them in the animal kingdom. Describe a dormido pulp that is caleidoscopic in color, with some conscious consideration of a REM test tube. Writing about pinnacles of cerebral palsy that enabled cerebral activity to have the same aspect as when you were singing a song. Peña-Guzmán cree that the pieces are probably subean.

Peña-Guzmán acknowledged that not all animalists are in agreement with their conclusions about the Swedes, but one thing is clear: we have much to offer about the animals of the animals.

“In fact, the power of the mind is actually functional,” says Peña-Guzmán. “It’s a recorder actually made up of so much that we are underestimated and studied the animals and the fact that the point of view of the animal is that it is an unexplored territory that is relatively small.”

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