They claim that Jada Pinkett did not want to be defended by Will Smith

Hundreds of thousands of people commented on the memorable moment of the 94th edition. Oscarswhen: Will Smith he slapped the gala host, the humorist Chris Rock. From celebrities, producers to anonymous users expressed their opinion about the event.

But the voice that had not yet been heard was the voice Jada Pinkett Smith, who has become the target of jokes about his physical appearance when he suffers from alopecia. Now forward US weeklyAccording to a source, the actress expressed her disagreement with her husband’s reaction.

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In the awards recording, Jada Pinketti is visibly embarrassed by Chris Rock’s comments, which would later lead to Will Smith getting up and slapping the comedian.

“It was a hot moment, but there was a huge response. He knows it, he knows it. “They both agree,” a source close to the couple told the magazine. US weekly.

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According to this publication, the actress of “Matrix” did not want to defend herself, but she is not upset with her husband for the way she treats the jokes and jokes that were made because of her condition.

The source of the entertainment magazine, he explained. “She is not the kind of person who wants to be protected. He can fight on his own. “

Whether these answers raised doubts about the mutual support expressed by the interviewee US weekly He stressed that Jada is not indignant with Will Smith, will support him in every part of the process, be it the resignation from the academy or the uncertainty of the cancellation of the productions in which he was going to participate.

They will punish Will Smith

The board of directors of the Hollywood Academy will hold its next meeting this Friday, where it will decide the sanctions that will be applied to Will Smith for slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars.

President of the Hollywood Academy. David Rubinannounced the down payment in an internal letter circulated by the magazine Varietyin which he explains that since the actor left the organization voluntarily, it is no longer necessary to adhere to the 15-day deadline for presenting his vision of the facts.

Despite the fact that Smith has decided to leave the institute, which has almost 10,000 specialists from the world of cinema, its board of directors will continue the open process.

“It is in the interests of all those involved that this be resolved in a timely manner,” Rubin wrote in the letter.

After the actor leaves on his feet, removal is no longer considered one of the punishments he may still include: veto for future nominations or ceremoniespermanent or temporary, like the recall of the Oscars, which is an unprecedented measure driving problems.

“On Friday, April 1, after Mr. Smith resigned from the Academy, suspension or expulsion is no longer possible; the statutory calendar no longer operates,” concluded the president of the institution, who accepted the “immediate” resignation. The main character of the movie “King Richard”.

More than a week after the Oscars, the reactions of the moment continue to become headlines, including in the British tabloids, such as: Sun:where it is mentioned that Smith went to a rehabilitation clinic to manage his stress.

Similarly, Netflix և Sony has stopped production of two films, “Fast and Loose” և “Bad Boys 4”, where he was to star.

Will Smith decided to leave the Academy on Friday after describing his speech at the 94th Academy Awards as “shocking, painful and unforgivable”, according to a statement sent by the governing agency.
Smith took office two days after the disciplinary case was opened.

The Academy then urged him to issue a written statement to comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars about his controversial slap in the face after he joked alopecia From Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith.

In this regard, the translator announced that he would accept “more results” from the Academy.

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