They do not approve of the Mexican Baseball League events to speed up the games

Controversy has sparked a decision by the Mexican Baseball League (LMB) to announce that the regular season games, Monday-Tuesday, will start at 7pm and 7pm. և will give 7 innings, as opposed to 9, which are traditionally played in professional baseball.

“The Mexican Baseball Association (LMB) has decided to reduce the number of regular-season games from the regular season of 2022 to nine on Wednesdays and Wednesdays in order to reduce the total time of the games and have high competition. “Use seven timers (except for the opening games on Tuesday, April 26) to’s use of timers to speed up game changes,” the league said in a statement that surprised fans.


The event is mainly motivated by the promotion of no more than 3 hours of games, with the aim that the television networks that will broadcast the games of those days will be able to provide some space for games. Diamond. The rise of media outlets, such as television, has led to LMB trying for years without much success, with some fans celebrating the move, but the vast majority of fans were unhappy with the “cut” of the games. 9 to 7 inings “affect the essence of the game”.

Of course, statistics, which is the soul of a baseball-obsessed sport, will affect this cut, as the perfect game or game without hitting or running, from 7 in. To 9 in., Will never be the same. which contributes to the speech of those who defend the “romanticism” of the king of sports. However, the goal of modernizing professional baseball games is something that has been pursued at all levels, including the major leagues, with concerns about the growing number of fans, given that the most effective method would be to attract the attention of the younger generation. , who are the current and future consumers of a product called baseball.


“It was a question that most of the owners did not like, but in the end it was a concerted vote. Not all of us bought it in sports, but the idea prevailed that as a league we should innovate, understand and involve it. TV stations requesting a product և shorter broadcast. This is a strong topic that they have even in the United States, and here we are laying the groundwork for experiments, because if that does not work, we will return to the nine posts. In the end, it’s a logical decision to match what the audience demands, which are more dynamic short games, ”said Guillermo Murra Marroquin, CEO of Unión Laguna, exclusively for El Siglo.

The players also had a negative reaction to the event, as Algodoneros del Unión Laguna veteran Jesus “Jesse” Castillo said on social media. “Personally, I did not like it; it only hurt the game, but we are in other times, the most important thing is marketing.” “Olmecas de Tabasco” midfielder Alberto Careon also expressed his dissatisfaction on social networks. “What is this: The league does not want if the game is tied in the seventh (in the innings), it will be decided from the penalty spot that they will too. invent for baseball. “

While fans, writers, baseball players, former baseball players, have been making offers on social media to speed up games and reduce their bandwidth, the truth is that the LMB initiative has no way back, so this year. It will be felt in all stadiums of the league, including the Revolution Baseball Stadium, which will be visited by teams such as Acerreros de Monclova, Saraperos de Saltillo and Tigres de Quintana Rouen earlier in the week. .



The teams will play in the regular season at 45 at home, as well as on the road



Over the weekend, Laguneros will compete with Monklova.

Managers’ visits to the hill with their jars will be very limited in number և when talking.

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