This can be done by combining the hair with the food

(CNN) – “¿Quién quiere pasta?” les digo a mis hijos mientras me asomo a la despensa.
“¡Yo!”, Gritan mis dos hijos, de 2 y 4 años, al unísono.

Pongo agua a hervir y echo la pasta, pero sin nada de salsa por miss misos la prefieren con mantequilla.

Asking the people of that color what the flats are. When I was 4 years old, I cried: “Where is the green!”

Pongo the flats delal ellos with a gasket of fresh ribbons and a small bowl of manzana diluido in their vasitos, and I serve a piece of wine.

Me siento realizada, pero 15 minutos despues esa sensation se disipa. I do not know how many toilets there are, but only some fresh ones.

“¡No me gusta!”, Dice mi hijo menor con una mueca. Levantar la vista, el de 4 agos dice: “Quiero una paleta helada”.

Here we have new, painted. The next 30 minutes consist of bobsleighs for which one more bowl of buttermilk can be exchanged.

Me incuentro dándole mi comida casera a nuestra perra, Franky. It is the largest feeding unit of our house.

The result is that there is no such thing as success with drama at the hour. The hair on the dresser is comfy between the small pieces. From the National Center for Biotechnological Information, up to 50% do not want to try new foods.

comida niños

The plates of the children should be colored and the paddles should be made so that the hour of the sea’s divertida, according to the experts.

Preparing a comedy for my mind is the battlefield, coma or no, I know the psychologist Alli Delozier in a recent interview.

“Quotals the pressure to come at the table,” says Delozier. “Simultaneously offering alimony in its entirety or in the middle, you have a great deal of work to do but because you are exposing yourself to your alimony. “more than enough to satisfy your tastes”.

Varios padres de mi circule de agioss me dijeron que viera ë an Instagram account llamada “Kids Eat in Color”. Jennifer Anderson, a registered dietitian, created the page, accumulating more than 1 million followers that she says is “information and strategies based on evidence of infant nutrition and nutrition”.

“It’s one thing to say that the mayor can (in every way) decide that he has no opinions,” says Anderson. “You are not doing anything wrong.”

Qu What do I do when I do not want to do anything? Anderson says that this is normal.

“It’s that sucee that kando los niños dicen que no, as padres solemos prekuparnos mucho, como, ‘Oh, Dios mío, no van a comer. No van a crecer. Se van a nurse’ … Y por ese mido, hacemos un montón de cosas “, me dijo Anderson.

“Ponemos a trouser stretches for what it’s best. We prepare what it looks like. We say: ‘Vale, you can like it all. You’re sure it’s cool'”, added. “All of them sounded like they were saying something like, ‘Come a bocado.’ “Someone’s a little bit like a mayor might say, ‘¿Me dices que haga eso? De ninguna manera’.

F How do you get people to relate to you? 3:39

My eyes are drawn to all the polished screens. ¿Está bien?

Seg os ambos experts, sí: dale a tus hijos lo que quieran comer.

“We always serve a commodity with what no one knows is fashionable,” says Anderson. “I wonder if you generally like the taste of macaroni with queso, or if you generally like the taste of cocoa butter and marmalade, or if you like the taste of manzanas and frosts, for example we are thinner in the middle than the general taste of the taste, but only respecting the type of corporate autonomy “.

“I do not know what to do … I do not want to do it, and we do not respect it. cosas “.

alimentación niños

Present new food and you poniendo otras options at the table.

Haz Y haz que parezca divertido! The plateau of your shadow should be colored.

“Any color different from the chemical substances in the food that are specific to our body,” said Anderson. “I’m thinking: ‘Oh, I’m giving you a range of colors for my shadow’, because you’re recipient of nutrients with obsessive-compulsive disorder that ‘s just enough to get vitamin C? Calcium? “a range of colors when children, or people are exposed to it, are more likely to fall into a more varied diet.”

¿And the introduction of new food? Yes, it’s a good idea, say the experts. Pero hay that exposes the children and new food poniendo in the middle of all other options.

“¿Tienes que ponerles todo en el plato? No”, says Anderson. “Si tienes un niño que dice: ‘No me gustan los chacharos. Me gusta poner lo que yo yo lamka an micro-portion en su plato. Esto es, pondría un solo chacharo.

“You also say: ‘These are what is available for the commodity. You can choose which one you can’ ‘

¿Y los dulces? Delozier says that the dulces are falling, but I do not know how to use it as a recompense.

“It’s very easy to say, ‘Bueno, si te acabas los ejotes, puedes tomar una paleta helada.’ puede ser útil. l luego tú decides with which frequency the wall falls to your family, whether sea posting all the nights or ordering hello despising the college or an egg in the seminar. It depends on you “.

Other Concepts of ‘Kids Eat in Color’

  • No prepares nada más.
  • No te lo tomes personal.
  • Deja que se llenen con otras part de la komida.
  • No celebrities are afraid of coma.
  • Serve formal and coherent manner food. Scientists at the time of comer y merendar.
  • No obligatory ni sobornes a tus hijos a comer ningún alimento.

Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go.

“In fact, we treat it as a tranquil environment for free, while concentrating on the food and the connection with the members of the family,” said Delozier. “We do not want to have pants in the middle.

Á When did you get preoccupied?

But there are situations in which there is more pain than that of selective form. Moment At what moment do you call a professional?

“When you have a child who is not in the cremation curve, whose pediatrician is preoccupied but who is not gaining weight, especially if it is a weight loss, all of these are definite reasons for preoccupation,” said Delozier.

In the last week, you will see the probes and probes with the microprocessors. I note a gradual increase in the number of commas that make up my mind. Definitely, what I mean is that I do not have a linear cam for the time of comer.

“As a psychologist and as a mother, I can say that most of our creations are based on the fact that our children should be fed and our children should be informed because our creations are about the food and what we do not care about.” “Hay quit the food of a pedestal (y) hacerlos more neutral. family values ​​”.

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