This illusion óptica reveals algo sobre tus ojos y tu cerebro

No alarms.

The agujero that is viendo does not move nor crack nor expand. La oscuridad no te tragará.

In reality, the image is aesthetically pleasing and does not mean much about our brain and souls. In a study published May 30 in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, psychologists pissed and tried illusions of 50 men and women with normal vision, using an ocular straightener with infrared, discouraging any major of a participant in the illusion, the stronger the dilatation of the pupil.

It’s no surprise that many people — including you and me — do not come.

In these cases, the pupils do not act in an unconscious manner in the inner luster: when dilatan is commanded to intentionally capture more light and it is contraindicated that hau mucha luz to avoid sobreexposition. When the mirage is illusory, the agujero is not obscured. Pero’s perception of being pissed is sufficient for your pupils to respond.

“Nada justifa, por símismo, a exchange in the pupil in this situation, but not exchanged nada in the world”, added Bruno Laeng, professor of psychology at the University of Oslo and author of the study. “But it is evident that algo cambiaó in the interior of the mind.”

Investigators plant the hypothesis that the illusion works because the gradient of the central agar is such that the spectator is inserted into an agar or oscillating tunnel, which hairs that dilate. It should be noted that the effect of the illusion varies with different colors and the main wind when the color of the black light background of the magenta.

However, not all participants participate in the illusion, as they have no idea what they are imagining, but they are unique: a 14-year-old participant in the study studio did not see any news. As long as it is probable that, given its previous experiences, a minority can see the image only in two dimensions.

These most recent results coincided with a 2012 study in which Laeng and his colleagues discovered that Asahi illusion, which was caused by the respirator being partially obstructed by solar flares by cannons or nubes, provoked contraction of the lungs.

The new study was “astute” to sample “a physiological indication of the corresponding expansion of the oscurid”, said Dale Purves, neuroscientist and professor who studied visual perception at Duke University. The embargo, he said, “has a lot more laminating effects” that the haberdashery used to demonstrate the pupil response.

But this study addresses a fundamental problem with which all animals, including humans, are found to be pure. Aggregates me that a camera can directly measure the direction of light that captures, “we do not have a physical apparatus, we do not have a world medicine”.

M bis bien, tenemos “an ojo with a connected brain”, explicitly Laeng. Explain that, when it is inserted into a scene, our brain “analyzes what is going on, constructs a positive scenario and adapts to it”.

Another conocido example is the viral photo of the vestido, which inspired animated debates in 2015 about the presence of white and round wind or blue and black. Laeng cree that “tal vez sea the greatest experiment in the history of humanity, but the present time”.

From time to time, with the illusion of agility and expansion, our brain makes suppositories about what is based on past experiences. The evolutionary history is also influential.

“The information that we obtained from the world is indefinite,” said Laeng. “The brain is in a constant mode of education, except that it depends on the best solution, but there are various possibilities for the type of information.”

Illusions like the agony that expands the sum of the debate about how to perceive it is not, fundamentally, an illusion.

“All that we try is inconsistent with the physical reality of the world,” said Purves. “All that we see, the sea is contour, color, brilliant, the sea.”

As it is not engaging, moreover, the visual illusions ayudan a revelation in which one ojo de nuestra ment mentions inconsistencies between which we and which in reality is ahí.

The comment that a hypothesis is that the brain is tending to predict the future, for example.

It does not need to be timed to stimulate, such as light, or sensory organ nests, which are stimulated in the cerebral cortex, which, in turn, process, process, and pathway, are for information only. And when the cerebral cortex is connected to the present, the time of advance and the world of exchange.

To avoid it, the brain can be traced at any moment to suggest a little bit of the future to finish the present.

See the illusion of agility in expansion is not a defect, but a characteristic: it is the result of the strategy of your brain to sort out a world and always change, build a quiz from part of the evolutionary history before, in the last instance the humanity a sobrevivir. It is adaptive to suggest futuro al, for example, dilate the pupils as preparation for both a squared place.

Laeng says: “It’s a very philosophical quest. We live in a virtual reality, but it is practically a virtual reality ”.

Asu pues, el mundo que estás viendo is an illusion, pero no te alarmes.

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