This is Herogasm, the most welcome episode

    ‘The Boys’ has been shown time and time again as it has no limits, but in one of the closest episodes it tends to offer: the series Amazon Prime Video afronta is coming June 24th his most popular episode, salvage, sexual, violent and polemical, titled ‘Herogasm’. On the other hand, it’s all that it contains the original material of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s chemists, and that fans can now see it adapted in the trunk.

    One of the latest shows of ‘The Boys’, Jensen Ackles, afirmó en an interviewer about ‘Herogasm’: “Including the director says: ‘Ya is not what he was filming’. Our team is a traumatized parrot.. From the moment, statements like this are all that tenemos are espedo sexto episode. This clip says that it is the only one that has been added:

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    How to clip the clip: “This episode shows an orgy of massive superheroes, aerial penetrations, provocations mutations by vibrators, extra-strong lubricants, hellas and gossip. It is not suitable for public type ning”.


    Ahora bien, quizás el mayor problema al que se haya enfrentado el showrunner Eric Kripke and his team of guinea pigs do not have all the places that are in the passage of history, one of the most controversial of the history of chemists, but how to find the most iconic aspects of the history that has taken place series, which differs from the publications. Necesariamente, habrá diferencias. Pero, ó de dónde sale este orgasmo superheroico?

    ‘The Boys’: What is ‘Herogasm’?

    The Boys: Herogasm # 1 (of 6) (English Edition)

    Ennis and Robertson’s chemists do not know about sex and violence, but with ‘Herogasm’ they take one level at a time that causes a great deal of controversy. Se trata de una miniseries spin off of chemicals, between volume # 30 and # 31 of the main story, which undermines the existence of Herogasm, an annual festival in which the majority of the Vought superheroes are secretly shot in a tropical remote island to realize a patronage orgy by the company. Superheroes are more likely to be able to count on the public that they are solving a world crisis and having to deal with all kinds of juvenile delinquency practicing all kinds of sexual harassment, albeit with a lot of pain.

    How can we imagine, all over the place: burracheras destastrosas, violent peles, sex desenfrenado, degradation without limits, aggressions … The chemists, the idiots, the superheroes are all part of a group of sex workers who owe more than $ 100,000 to be available and available for any amount of money. Vaya, an authentic festival of depravity in which Ennis and Robertson approve to incorporate references to the reconnaissance superheroes of Marvel and DC Comics and ponerlos in the most inconvenient situations possible. For example, a group specimen in the style of Los Cuatro Fantastic has its own particular orgy, even though its solo but Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) is in the middle of all.

    C What changes in your adaptation of ‘The Boys’, the series?

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    There are fundamental aspects that tend to change, or that, in other words, complicated series included in the history of the series are altruistic. For one thing, we must have a famous scene of chemicals that does not exist: the masterpiece of Soldier Boy and Patriot manteniendo sexual relations. The team of the series confirms that this is not the stage included in the adaptation, possibly just like the narrative of the series. However, this is the most controversial aspect of the publication, which has been around since September 11, 2001.

    The ‘Herogasm’ mining account that Los Siete was involved in the attack on the Torres Gemelas of New York. Avoiding one of the seized planes being shot down at the World Trade Center, however, as soon as it has an authentic landing, the acacarone is heading to Brooklyn Point. It is unlikely that this is the case in the series, or that it is not incorporated as part of the alternative history of the United States of Chemicals, and in exchange for the incident on the plane with the Patriots and Maeve.

    “Creo that we definitely do not think it’s like chemicals. In fact we can not say much about Herogasm. Creo that the allegory of Herogasm is undiscovered which means exactly this, ver’s mismo, ver cómo se desarrolla. These and places do not necessarily expect to be fired“, says Kripke on Entertainment Weekly. We are looking forward to it.


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