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In one gasolinera near Cologne airport, GermanyBernd Mueller mira cómo las cifras suben con rapidez en el surtidor: 22 euros (23 dollars), 23 euros, 24 euros. The digits that the Indian gas station has can be subtracted, much, much more.

“I wish I had a car in October, November,” said Mueller, 80 years old. “Estoy jubilado y is el combustible y todo eso. At the moment I have to reprimand ”.

Worldwide, conductors such as Mueller reconsider their habitats and sus personal finance in the middle of high prices of gasoline and dieselimpulsed by la war in Russia and Ukraine y el repunte global tras el parón por la COVID-19 pandemic. The precision of energy is a motor key to inflation, which now and then the world and the car more than the cost of the screw.

The valuable fuel in the world

Un conductor of mototaxi in Vietnam send your app to retrieve customer reviews for do not consume fuel values in the time points. A French family cuts their vacation planes in August. A graphic designer in California including el fuel in the gas cycle para salir una noche. A mother in Rome eliminates the pizza night from the calendar to see how much it costs to rent a campground.

Las decisions made all over the world are as varied as consumers and countries: walk the bus, drop off your bike, save the subway, train or bus. Manejar m desps despacio para ahorrar combustible o revisar ese viaje por carretera. Quizá, inclusive prescindir del auto.

For the millions persons who do not have access to public transport appropriate or can not wait for your car for other motives, the solution is resignarse y pagar mientras recortan gastos por otro lado.

Nguyen Trong Tuyen, mototaxi conductor for the transport app with conductor Grab in Hanoi, Vietnam, supplemented by the app running the clock.

“If I was sent in an attachment, the fare would not be reduced by the cost of gasoline on the road,” he said.

Concealed conductors interfere with services such as Tuyen, which is very different from how customers reserve reservations.

In Manila, Ronald Sibeyee gastaba 900 esos ($ 16.83) de diesel al día en su jeepney, a vehicle decorated with colorful colors and popular as public transport in the country, an evolution of the military jeeps of the two nations that led the way Mundial. Now it weighs 2 mil 200 pesos ($ 41.40).

“Eso ya deberían haber sido nuestros ingresos. Ahora no hay nada, o lo que quede ”, dijo. Your entries are turned on and off at 40 per cent per price of fuel.

The price of gasoline is calculated in dollars

Los prices of gasoline and diesel resulting in a complete equation on the cost of raw materials, impositions, power supply and short-circuit output, subsidiary del gobierno when there is a comma that is intermediate as refineries. The price is calculated in dollarssince it is a country importing energy, the type of exchange rate is a factor, as in Europe, one euro more is adjusted to lower the prices.

The menu has been tampered with geopolitical factorsas la war in Ukraine. Compradors who recapture Russian barrels and Western planes to fly off Russian soil have recurred one of the conditions of energy that interfered with the problems of the Sumerians but the rapid reboot of the pandemic fields.

Have a global price of crude, $ 110 a barrel, but do not have a global price of gasoline flowing through impurities and other factors. In Hong Kong and Norway you can pay more than 10 dollars per gallon (3.79 liters). In Germany you can offer $ 7.50 per gallon, and in France only $ 8. With some more fuel-efficient impressions the media in the United States seas algo menor, 5 dollars a gallon, now surprisingly high.

In less than a minute, the gentle note speeds up the pressure of the high energy, but Europeans and staunchebs feel the goal. Students have access to public transport, and have been able to travel all over Europe, especially in rural areas.

Charles Dupont, who regents a belt of clothes in the region of Essonne, on the side of Paris, complements the car to take care of it.

“The practice of eco-conduction, which means more conduction and avoids repentant retaliation,” he said.

Others have to pay for it. Letizia Cecinelli, who reposted on a gas station in Rome, said that hacia dislodged on a bicycle and deliberately reduced her travels by car “when possible”.

“O Pero si tengo un hijo y tengo que llevarle al campamento? Tengo que hacerlo recortanda una pizza extra ”, dijo.

The prices on gasoline can be measured on political dynamite. The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has been pressured to do so Saudi Arabia extracts more oil to increase prices in the city, and announce a trip to the region where the OPEP alliance led by Riyadh has decided to increase production. United States and other parts of the country have been liberated hard from their strategic reserves, which is not decisive.

Various countries have precise limits. It is the case of Hungary, where you do not apply for driving cars with extra matrices. In Germany, the maximum reduction is 35 centimeters per liter of gasoline and 17 centimeters per diesel, before the prices are high and low.

Germany also introduced a discounted 9 euro ticket for public transport, which stops stations and trains at a very low fare. The program lasts only three months and is not limited to people in rural areas as there is no train station available.

From then on, the gas used as the gasoline-laden mass at the beginning of the pandemic, following the German gasoline association.

“The gentleman is doing his best as well. Protestant, pero lo aceptan “, says the voice of the group Herbert Rabl.

¿Hay algo de alivio a la vista?

Much depends on how the war in Ukraine affects the conditions raw globes. Analysts say it is safe to say that part of the Russian crude was leaked to the market because European Union, the largest and largest customer in Russiahas been promoted finer than the majority of Moscow’s purchases in six months.

Other countries, India and China are mostly Russian oil. Europe tends to consider other places of origin as exporters of the Middle East. However, OPEP, which includes Russia, has not completed its production objectives.

For many, gastronomic dinosaurs in cosmos like a night ou y in Europe, the religious devotion to those far away summer vacations is in the game.

Isabelle Bruno, professor at Paris suburbs, now has the bus stop at the train station within 10 minutes.

“I’ve been waiting for vacations and vacations, but we only have to book a house when we visit our family in France,” he said. “Now we expect the attraction of the train passages and we only use the car for short journeys”.

Leo Theus, graphic designer of the Hayward locality in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been “strategically” assuming the fuel is flowing to customers, for example, not to the entire depot. Fuel prices in California are the highest in the United States, at around $ 7 per gallon per unit area.

When it comes to going to a club or a bar deprived of work, they say, ¿De verdad merece la pena salir o no? ”, Commented Theus.


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