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A new study conducted by psychologists from the University of Norway at Science and Technology (NTNU), the University of Bucknell and the University of New York at Oswego affair has found the most effective flirting techniques.

The investigation, published in the magazine Evolutionary Psychology, centered on 1,000 heterosexual undergraduate students from the United States and Norway, all of whom were asked questionnaires where they evaluated the efficiency of 40 different types of coquette at the time of searching a route or route as a function of the coquetteador era hombre o mujer.

The team of investigators is ready to take into account the extroversion of the participants, the age, the religion, the disposition of the person in order to find a relation that is attractive and attractive in the context of the citations.

“Individual differences in quantity, religion, extroversion, personal attraction, and preferences because of sexual relations in the course of a tuberculosis placenta or ningún have an effect on the efficiency that the concussions take into account that only the most distant ones. Entonces, what is it that works?

Flirting can be verbal as well as non-verbal, says T. Joel Wade, professor of psychology at Bucknell University (EE. UU.), Co-author of the study.

“Flirting can be done verbally as well as verbally, says T. Joel Wade, professor of psychology at Bucknell University (EE. UU.)”, Co-author of the study.

The humor, the weapon is more potent for flirting

Seek the people, the flirting time, the humor so that the one who is most excited about the medium term. No obstruction, no dependence on the type of objective that is present in the mind. In other words, the coquette differs in function of the desired results. Those who aspire to an adventure of a night are different from those who search more than far away.

“More efficiently depends on the sex and the object of the flirtation is a long-distance or short-sighted relationship,” said Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair, a professor in the Department of Psychology at NTNU.

“The fact that humor, whether it’s about harassment or other people, is more effective for men looking for a long way to go,” says Kennair. “Looking back at the rest of the person’s is an effective coquette tactic for both sexes,” he added.

This is perceived by the participating Estonian and Norwegian participants in the studio.

“No solo is efficient on grace”, said Rebecca Burch, co-author of the studio. “But in the case of women it is very important that the demonstrators have a chance to get a break”.

Sexual availability channels

In the case of women who search for a relationship on the plaza, the most efficient technology, the studio, the result is a bastante basica. “The fact that sexual harassment channels are most effective for women who try to find a way around the plaza,” said Kennair.

The amistoso contact, as an abrasion or an amistoso belly in the mail, is not sufficient in most situations, but because the women who want to have a quick adventure use the following sites that deprive them of sexual availability, as the sun goes down without a hitch , the acquisition and the corporate contact.

For their part, the men who search adventure on the plaza can not be configured in a single tech.

The investigators surveyed about 1,000 students from Norway and the United States.  The participants evaluate the efficiency of 40 different types of coquette.

The investigators surveyed about 1,000 students from Norway and the United States. The participants evaluate the efficiency of 40 different types of coquette.

Signs of generosity and voluntary compromise

“The tactics that work best for women before the advent of a sexually explicit or physically active nightmare,” the team said. “On the other hand, men are more efficient, they are physically and sexually active, they are trained, they show interest in conversions, they are complex and they are real.”

The team complained that, for the men who were looking for a long way to go, “the signs of genocide and the willingness to compromise work best.”

Investigators apply the theory of sexual strategies as a mark to their work. The theory that they are used in other contexts to treat men and women in order to find a way out is that human beings are deprived of a complex set of apparatus strategies, which are very different in sex.

No obstruction, since the investigators are assured, is the premise that the theory is used to examine the efficiency of the coquette.

“The results are perfectly in line with what we owe to the literature on self-promotion,” said Kennair, who made one of his own statements: although humor can not be natural for much, it is important to focus on the other. coqueteo as the sonrisa and the visual contact antenna de trabajar las demás habilidades.

“You can build your co-op capabilities from the ground up, using more advanced tactics,” said Kennair.

Edited by Felipe Espinosa Wang.


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