This salute startup is based on the Serie A and enters the front of the Mexican unicorns

The Mexican digital pharmacy startup Prixz runs on Serie A with a superior valuation of up to 100 million dollars, which, like the one in front of the Mexican unicorns, reveals the company Forbes Mexico.

With this round of capital, the bus company consolidated as the leading digital healthcare platform in Spain, agitating and launching its distribution centers and accelerating its creation in Mexico and expanding to Colombia.

“We are not only found in French convertible cars in the nearby Mexican unicorn, además, continuously creating passages for the super salute of favor of our patients, graces and this round of financing need to be expanded only slightly “We also include other Latin American countries,” said Erick Ramírez de Arellano, Commercial Director and Marketing Officer at Prixz, on the lead round by SV LATAM Capital and other companies funded by the Mexican HealthCo.

In Mexico, when a patient goes through a prescription, the most common scenario is that you go to a variety of pharmacies to find out what you need. There is limited access to medicines in the country due to the impulse of Prixz to move it from one of the ultimate mileage logins of traditional pharmacies and convert it to a digital health starter with the maximum amount of health salon catalog the ecosystem.

“One week before the pandemic we decided to change our model of negotiation because the chains of pharmacies do not add an objective that our patients consider important for any quality, because the wind can have complete recipes. As soon as Prixz was born with the goal of having the most comprehensive catalog of products and services and a precise and consistent approach when and where the patient is required “, said Sergio Pérez, co-founder and digital director of Prixz.

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Hoy, the mexican company has a catalog with an inventory of more than 15,000 SKUs — all of the original reference numbers given in each product — which is “only four but more than any other traditional pharmacy”, insurance Perez.

This catalog is complete with logistics proprietary from a total of 20 conical diamonds such as the Centers of the Ultimate Milla Department (CRUMS).

With this model, the Prixz creation cups are still up to 800% with A yo and Pérez waiting for the rhythm before 2022.

“The pandemic accelerated our creation. “People quote the medium of online shopping and recruit a person in your house to make a medical proceeding”, said the owner.

As the patient evolves digitally with the pandemic, Prixz lo hizo también. From the point of view of Pérez, the sanitary emergence hizo that the startup is more empirically motivated with its users and its mission to drive the digital breach in health. At the moment, traditional pharmacies only have ports of their adjacent consultants and as such in Prixz they decide to incorporate online medical assistance or service.

“In Mexico City, it’s much easier to access a drug than it is to get to Chiapas and beyond, but access is very restrictive. “In addition to digitalization, the presence of patients has always been an impulse for the creation of the digital health industry, but it is only because the quality of the screws of people in the country is measured,” said Pérez.

According to information from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), the case for access to medicines is a latent risk that could have a transcendental impact in Mexico, given that the population “is present and has an epidemiological profile non-transferable chronic diseases requiring costly and long-distance processing ”.

In its catalog, Prixz has at its disposal medicines which, in order not to require medical prescriptions, are known as Fraction VI; as well as the catalogs in Fraction IV, which are the ones that require medical prescription, but it is not necessary to try to retire at the time of purchase.

“We are precursors in introducing these ultimate medicines marketplaces as a Free Market and Amazon, which is online with our objective to enhance access to all “, says Ramírez de Arellano.

“People are welcome to go to restaurants to eat firewood, but they only have to apply firewood and water at home. “Now that we have a little bit of salt in it, the first thing that comes to mind is the Prixz”, agrega.

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