Three conclusions from Biden’s America’s Cumbre

(CNN) – In an extra round of programming, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, reunites here with a leader who has amplified conspiracy theories and the mass of the hour when he surpasses new details that correspond to the unpredictability.

Durante meses, Biden was shocked by the reaction involving the president of Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, on which the incumbent officials felt that he was the mentor of President Donald Trump on the electoral bloc to support Brazil’s candidacy system reelección este otoño.

Going to Los Angeles to get a handful of regional leaders who have been plagued by boycotts, Biden acceded to a one-on-one reunion.

Y así, el jueves por la tarde, Biden is found in a conference room junta a hmbre that, días antes, había considered “sospechosa” in the victory of 2020. Mientras tanto, in Washington, the committee of Cámara that investigates the intentions of the annulment are established by choosing the final points from the exit of the public audience.

“It’s unheard of to hear what you have in mind and what you want to do,” said Biden and Bolsonaro in the manner of an obsessive-compulsive tactic against the reunion. “I gustaría escuchar y plantear algunas querieses que creo que son of mutuo mutuo para nosotros”.

A parallel reality running the Cumber of America 1:46

Biden’s reunion with Bolsonaro was demonstrated as soon as it was available to offer a unified image of the western hemisphere in a round-robin conference.

Coincidentally with Cámara’s audience about the events of January 6, 2021, when the autocritical tendencies of the previous EE.UU president. quedaron expeditions of manner of effective impacts, well of manifesting the failure to use the EE.UU sample. to promote democracy in a region that has more fractures.

Biden pudo insurer algunos compromises important is semana, including a news about migration that is concretized in the last minute. However, the benefits regarding assistance and priorities differ from the totality established by the exhibit. In Biden’s political policies nunca stuvieron leaves the surplus.

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Trump persists

Trump is in the middle of this week in California as well as the June uprising, his Brazilian protagonist hastening the audience while exposing his plan for misinformation and persistent questions about the compromise being staged in a region that ignores .

Biden seeks activation and excitement to accommodate its counterparts that adopt its own different prophecy.

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández (izq.), Extends the mandate of the President of the EU, Joe Biden, to intervene during a plenary session of the IX Cumbre of the Americans in Los Angeles, California, on June 9 2022. (Photo by Patrick T. FALLON / AFP) (Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP by Getty Images)

“Creo that has a medium because of which we like to take part of the cause caused by the four of them in the front, while not being taken seriously: the relations”, said mingling with the leaders of the Caribbean.

At a later date, the plenary session of the aperture chamber would be discussed as “proposing that you are free from what we see before the previous administration”.

This week represents the type of presidential campaign that Trump has been pursuing since his time on the car. The Cumberland of America was then placed on the cargo and assisted by assistants to the G7 and G20 reunions, asking at the point.

Including President Barack Obama only on the topic of the massive dumb type in which the dejaban sent sentiment for hours intermittently discourses of other world leaders. When the masticatory cell cycle of the nicotine cells increases, it starts.

Pokas dudas that Biden’s reversal is a trend. Dijo is this week that means Obama’s record-breaking wonder that “all politics is personal”, and that in reality takes into account what is required of a person present.

“There is a difference when it comes to food and drink”, says the company a price offered in the Mediterranean gardens of Getty Villa, near Malibú. “Ya sea que este acuerdo o no, hace the difference mirrlos a los ojos y comprender a little more that hay en su corazón”.

By the way, Biden has been reluctant to reunite with his leading leaders who have lost audiences of the 6 youngest energy by the night in their totality, to the extent that the Canadian prime minister’s message is that the event “occupation mi país “.

“No time,” Biden told CNN, referring to the man who was shocked by the catastrophe.

Interview with Alberto Fernández on American Cumber: Maduro upholds Venezuelans

Unity questions

Biden joins Los Angeles with the expectation of utilizing new economic and migratory announcements to demonstrate cohesion in a region of fractured politics and, in action, of asceticism driven by the United States.

When the term was reached, 20 Habibian leaders signed an agreement that offered a route to maneuver the large migratory flows of the region, quizz and the most significant login of a reunion with much relevance to the question asked.

The embargo, the decibration of the various boycott leaders, including Mexico’s other functional countries and three Central American countries such as the EU. has worked hard to cultivate, having a visible friction point. Help and support Biden by extending invitations to the autocratic leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Conducting the concert, the functionaries of Casa Blanca establish frustration because the drama about the participants is being covered by important topics in the game. As an embargo, when the leaders reunite in the center of the Los Angeles Convention Center, the discord is evident.

And the night after the night, the first lady Jill Biden said that the notorious notion of her expression was “very unjust”.

“All the leaders are excited about Joe and the opposition that the difference is there and how we can work together,” he said of the Democratic donors on a patio in Brentwood.

Mr Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris observed only a few meters away, the Belgian prime minister calling it “inexcusable” that all parts of the Americas were not invaded anyway. Dijo que podre de la gimbre se vio “disminuido” por su ausencia.

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, led a posterior discourse in the program that seeks to change the rules of futures money to avoid nations that are excluded.

“It simply came to our notice then. The silence of our listeners is heard ”, added.

Fernández: Lament that is not all in the Cumberland of America 2:54

The comments do not come as a surprise to the stand-alone functionaries, who establish all of the antenna decanters and anticipate that some of the leading ones will be ventilated. Against the backdrop, Biden’s assistants suggest that Hebrew is the only political post among leaders who have national audiences that are skeptical of the United States.

And in the face of the scenario, Fernández and Biden share an amistoso apretón of manos, se queal de que tras bambalinas las cosas ne estaban tan tensas como parecían.

“In order to get rid of the discordant ones, they find that they are being escorted,” said Biden, hoping to escort the discourses of their counterparts. “We’ve got a whole lot of things about the ingredients that we’re getting”.

Political tension

At a gas station price of US $ 7 per gallon, Biden now has a lot of political responsibility. Even foreign policy can only be done as an escape route for presidents politically motivated, boycotts, and the public view of their global counterparts without the support of an incapacitated leader.

Cumbre of the Americas

United States President Joe Biden gives an opening speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Cumberland in the United States at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on June 8, 2022. (Credited by Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

Many of the problems that Biden Esperaba endured in his closet were solved by important political problems, including the large flows of migrants on the front and the inflationary inflation due to the sums of the less conducive.

Pulling a break from the wind as the wind blows, Biden hurried to Puerto de Los Angeles to get the team to consider the current problem more precisely: the very high prices of the whole, from the gas station to the present.

Attribute the key to Russia’s costs, oil companies, naval conglomerates and Republicans, and insist that everything is possible to control inflation, or that new figures are being sampled precisely because .

To coincide with this journey, Biden assistants program an app in Jimmy Kimmel’s nightly interview program, and as such have the opportunity to sample more than just a politician.

With the embargo, Biden’s app was largely a series of interviews about gun control and abortion, other issues that the president has had few options for acting alone, including when his or her party members are more likely to be present.

Jimmy Kimmel pressures Biden on gun control 1:41

“No matter how much Trump abuses the Constitution, the constitutional authority,” Biden and Kimmel said, promising that the presenter would not be able to impose a decree but would issue a decree like Trump, “which is like a party.”

When Kimmel asked why Monopoly was playing “no pass” or following the rules, Biden said: “Tienes que enviarlos a la cárcel”.

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