Tiroteo en California: el bien y el mal se incuentran cara a cara en Laguna Woods | International

Orange County Sheriff Scott Steinle takes a picture of John Cheng, the 52-year-old doctor who frustrates a mat in California.
Orange County Sheriff Scott Steinle takes a picture of John Cheng, the 52-year-old doctor who frustrates a mat in California.Jae C. Hong (AP)

The place reveals the terror and chaos that amaze the dardo dardo in Laguna Woods. In the hall of events of the Presbyterian Church of Geneva, 80 kilometers from Los Angeles, there is a decade of decorated chairs with long coats. In this world, red plastic vases. On the floor, flats and leftovers, like palm trees. Large space, decorated with an enormous black curtain and biblical phrases, the scenery of the battle of the well and the mal. A group of Taiwanese-born worshipers flirting with David Chou, a 68-year-old Asian-born man who planned the racist penalty shootout in the United States. An imperfect alligator, John Cheng, a 52-year-old doctor who rides against the attacker and impedes a major gang. This cargo’s heroic cargo is the ultimate action of life. Dr. Cheng is still the victim of the most recent armed violence incident in the country. “She is a hero in this incident … she lives and breathes decades,” said Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes.

The congregation set up a darding dungeon to welcome Billy Chang, a pastor who was standing on the carriage of the iglesia ante dejarla for the first mission to Taiwan. A handful of people, in their majority, give the banquet in honor. There is nothing wrong with that. A roast that does not sound like a snare to the creatures. No wonder it is all over the table at 10.30, but I try to mix and match with the template assistants. Era un lobo entre las ovejas. The subject, David Chou, 68 years old, has new weapons and measures to disperse the flames.

“Doctor Cheng, knowing that the room was set up by the ancients, crucified the room to try to get rid of the trash,” said Todd Spitzer, the Orange condominium tax officer, who lives in Laguna Woods. Después del primer disparo, the family medicine, especially the Niguel Lagoon and those who have left their mother and mother, cargo against Chou. It is intended to recycle a dispar. The pistol of the shooter is attacked when it is intentionally repaired. Cheng, one of the most juvenile among the present, murió poco deprived of the consequence of the herida de bala, pero gesto fue adequate para ganar time and that the congregation powder doubled to aggressor. The shepherd pegs with a whip in the headboard and a group of people licking the extremities with the extension of a cable. The police left the force for a few minutes.

“The doctor sacrifices himself to prevent other powders from coming. It’s ironic, in an’s church, that you can not be incompatible with me, “said Spietzer, recalling the scene of the diminutive nightingale before preparing the accusation against Cheng, who, in the face of a cargo of homicide and other cynicism, intentionally además of poisons by position of explosives. The room, I have described, is decorated with the captions of the new will about how to treat it first and how it is treated as something else. In the place quadaron andadores and canes, abandoned by their assistants in a panic attack. The age of the five herds has not been specified, but between 66 and 92 years. There are 80 major matrimonials. Patients make sure they are treated in local hospitals. Your health status is stable.

Image of David Chou, the attacker of Laguna Woods, in a photo taken by the sheriff's office in Orange County.
Image of David Chou, the attacker of Laguna Woods, in a photo taken by the sheriff’s office in Orange County.– (AFP)

Fue el odio el que motive a Chou a lvvar a cabo el crimen. The man, a Las Vegas-based security guard, conducts four hours a day and the media from the city of Nevada is now the Pacific community full of retro houses and 65-year-old jubilees. Su objetivo era hacer el mayor daño posible. The police recovered the iglesia dos bolsas. A load of ammunition for pistols. There were only four Molotov cocktails. Go through the gates with the chains and fill the gaps for the insignificant deer and impose as the anchors leave the site. Only a functioning portfolio in the police department.

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“It’s an icy incident when the only thing that matters is that it’s an act of odor against the Taiwanese community,” said Sheriff Barnes. “Sospechoso has created a lot of political tensions between China and Taiwan,” he said. Among the evidence that he has been recovered and that he has been investigated by the authorities is to find Chou’s mobile phone, which the FBI is analyzing, and notes that are hacked on the aggressor vehicle. Barnes says he does not treat himself to a manifesto. These are the policy positions of the attackers, who are nationals in China, emigrating “hace varios agos” to the United States, a country that has given birth.

The sheriff was informed that Chou, who lives in Taiwan, did not want to be “recycled” and that he could not be reached for comment. Federal Agents of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Arms Office are insured that the guard legally respects the semi-automatic pistols used in the territory. The first in 2015 and the second in 2017. Because of the nature of your work, it seems that Chou only has a portage, he lives exclusively in the State of Nevada.

Odyssey delusions against ascites in the United States has resulted in considerable form in the last few years due to the coronavirus pandemic. An information published at the beginning of 2022, elaborated by the University of California at San Bernardino, indicating that it is the type of cross between 2020 and 2021 at 339%. Asians are the second most affected, as are African Americans, in a context where racist incidents have risen to a national level of 11%. Most cities that register are discriminated against in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, which also record the maximum historical history of these episodes.

The domingo incident has terminated instantly with the tranquility of this oasis and medium cam between Los Angeles and San Diego. Bonnie, 67 years old, took pictures with her mobile phone during the cruises from Sonora and El Toro, where the church is located. “This is not a big change for the rest of the community,” he said in front of a group of periodicals who waited for the latest novels of the case. Bonnie, a white-tailed deer, has a wide variety of friends that grow in size, as well as important communities of Taiwanese origin and Korean origin. “Because I lost a screw, I created good news. All those who establish all their own heroes for me ”, agrega.

Doctor Cheng’s shadows do not taste in the template for the heroic acts. “Literally, all the money is gone against the money,” said Sheriff Barnes. On this day, an antigua vecina of the medicine dejaba a floral arrangement created by your consultant. “Era an amable hombre y muy considerado”, dijo entre lágrimas Deborah Piper. “It simply came to our notice then. More often than not. At the end of the count, establishing the salvage vidas negotiation ”, added the 64-year-old woman.

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