To solve the problem for up to 93 MIR vacancies in family medicine and placenta bookstores

The Ministry of Sanidad is working on the offeruntil the Convocatoria 2022/23 specialization in sanitary formation and in the course within the scope of the Primary Attention Plan 2022-2023, which are considered impressive for the attraction and retention of talent in primary attraction.

It is Sanidad’s answer to the precise formula by GACETA MÉDICA to know how to find the best optional medicine to avoid, since, 93 plazas in family medicine which are definitely vacant, except for the special plazas formed tomen posesión between the 29th and the 30th of june and the aquellas plazas in the ordinary convocatoria that hayan corrid the misma suerte.

The plaza vacancy information from June 17 confirmed confirmation of 125 vacancies in the extrajudicial proceeding, out of a total of 218 vacant vacancies. Confirmaba también, de indirect way, lo that the medical profession auguraba. And what is the means of amplifying the cup of extra-plant planted by the Ministry without the solution series.

Of course, the apneas present 141 plaza locations of a total of 525 aspiring students per session. On the other hand, the information provided that the title of the Medicine of the Convocatoria of Sanitary Specialization formation has added a total of 8,095 plazas, representing the 99 per cent of the plazas offered.

“Chronicle of a deadly announcement”

before Domingo Antonio Sáncheza national representative of the Juvenile Medical Section and the Promotion of the Empress of the General College of Medical Officials, is treated as “the chronicle of a dead body”. “The ministry’s been tempted by the way in which the incocation of conocer’s skin is the problem and, above all, of recording mediated chords with the nonsense that are being planted”subraya en unve interview with GACETA MÉDICA.

“We have a ministry that has added a rumble to the specialized sanitary formation that does not have the capacity to assume accountability, not only in the control and department of the plazas, but also to coordinate work with the professional assistance services. in a formation that is very difficult to apply to specialists in a future ”, advised the specialist.

Cgcom’s portfolio, presenting information about vacancies from this last convocator with a profound analysis of the situation and a full battery of respondents, stated that it was stored at the end of a plan to be heard by an auditor is produced without the formation of plazas in the offer that has been leveled in the way in the most recent years. “We consider that it should be evaluated and verified that the quality of the sanitary professionals is good. See which conditions are formed by these specialists ”, subraya.

These vacant apenas are at the point of the iceberg. There is a clear problem with the specialized sanitary formation that aggravates in the adjacent areas

Domingo Antonio Sánchez (Cgcom).

The impression made by the representative of the OMC Medical Doctors is that the FSE is attractive among professional sanitary professionals for different reasons. “Some people have the responsibility of the ministry, in other words, the communities. Ahí es donde the ministry, with a supra-autonomous vision, tends to be coordinated and respect the non-citizens that are being planted”, Según sus palabras.

Portavoz consideration that, as it does not matter, the risk is important, because the professional care in the view and because of the competence of other countries to go to the professional can be formatted, etc.

Sánchez alerta de the areas of hajar dejar attractive un period when there is a tendency to make a sacrifice for the formation and recovery that in the mobilizations of the ultimate ones are best done in the conditions of the MIR, that the communications are discarded in the ministerial competencies.

From this point of view, salió adherents a proposition not to lei to start the national government that revised the decree 1146/2006, which regulates the laboratory situation of the residents.

“We are aware that communications are made by medical specialists in order to make much more effective labs, but the panorama is complicated. “People can only have vocation, but they can not talk about the absurd and acabar with a profession like medicine”, he advised.

The impact of the renuncias

The information presented by the National Section of Medical Physicians and the Promotion of the Employment of Cgcom provides an alert on the impact of renunciations. “It is a phenomenon that has passed and Hebrew that analyzed in which one and the other students succeeded and averguar si hag algún intrnesco problem”, apunta.

It is safe to assume that assisted labor has been removed by professionals, at a time of medical scrutiny. Carencias las sufrirán los usuarios del sistema, apunta el portavoz.

To finalize, Sánchez remarca que these vacant apenas are the point of the iceberg. There is a clear problem with the specialized sanitary formation that aggravates in the adjacent areas and what are the repercussions that can be given to the sanitary system. If we are not competing at a European and international level the equations in the salon.

“The ministry is not able to carry out its functions as delegates, as it does in other positions. “Public right entities can be found on the OMC only to receive a message, a voice, the status quo, the process of reporting a complete vision, accountability, based on an analysis that is required to record decisions,” he concluded. “Hay coger coger rumbo diferente o el futuro ne es alendador”, sentencia.

“There are new events of this type as they do not plant solutions”

From the Spanish Society of General Practitioners’s Family, its president, Antonio Fernández-Pro, has a capacity of 50 vacancies in the extracurricular convocation as a phrase advised by his mother.

“It simply came to our notice then a consequence of the differences that occur only at the first level. It does not normalize an egg for all laboratory scenarios and, obviously, has a value that is not solo. There are many factors that influence and are the prestige and autonomy of the guest. We assist new events of this type as they do not plant solutions “, asevera.

“It is an enormous problem that we have and it is not necessary that the ministry and the communities have cards in hand and facilitate that they take shape and whatever.”

Vicente Matas (Simeg)

On the line misma, Vicente Matascoordinator of the Granada Medical Syndicate Studios Center and ex-vocal of the Atención Primaria Urbana of the Collegiate Medical Organization, insists that the best news option be provided with the grade point average of 30 per customer, which is allowed at 565 air conditioning is 93 places. Remember, además, that he passed the kidneys in the medicine of the ascending family in 60 places.

“You are very much medically jubilee, about all in the primary. At the same time many specialists and non-medical specialists are also jubilee and those who offer the best conditioning conditions to be found in Spain. It is an enormous problem that we have and it is not necessary that the ministry and the communications of the cart cards in the asset and facilitate that they form and that they are”, Remata.

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