to treat patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

The specialist anhelaba ser pathologist, pero deseo por ayudar le lvó a ahondar en área de gastroenterologi.

Dra. Esther Torres, director of the Center for Inflammatory Bowel Inflammation (UPR) and president of the foundation Esther A. Torres for Inflammatory Bowel Inflammation (FEAT). Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

La Dra. Esther Torresdirector of the center for inflammatory bowel disease-UPR and president of the foundation Esther A. Torres pro Inflammatory enfermedias of the intestine (FEAT) promotes the awareness campaign, together with Medicine and Health Public, about inflammatory bowel disease.

The world number of these conditioners is May 19, but I’ll be waiting for you or my patients with my condition Crohn’s y ulcerative colitischronic conditions, with intestinal inflammation, which do not heal and which cause it to be debilitated, trying to positively impact the calyx of the veins of these patients and which can cause a normal screw.

Dr. Esther Torres is a gastroenterologist, chair in medicine, at the Medical Science Review, medical study at the University of Puerto Ricoprepare for internal medicine at Veterans Hospital and specialize in gastroenterology in the combined program of the University of Puerto Rico with three hospitals (municipal hospital, veterans hospital and university hospital). The Investigation Unit is currently in operation Gastroenterology y el Centro para Enfermedades Inflamatorias Intestinales de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.

Recognize that, from a little, like a child who seeks medicine, but never with the precision of another wine is motivation. Your mother-in-law says that she works hard to get a job as a teacher and as a result she loves everything, whether she is a doctor or a maestro.

When you study medicine, your first idea turns into a pathologist because at the moment you find it very interesting, you change everything with the experience of working in a veteran hospital, when you know the person who directs the disease. gastroenterologywho are your boss in a summer essay, are persuaded by a professional mentor and brindle the opportunity to attend the clinical part of the gastroenterologydepending on the patient with the patient is currently allowed to enter another room selected by recording internal medicine and medicine gastroenterology.

When leaving a residence, the number of patients with inflammatory bowel disease should be considered as an embargo, in addition to internally residing patients who have a significant impact on ulcerative colitis and embalming and comprehending that the best decision is made to serve patients with basic conditions, but that in some cases it is created that the patient Crohn’s does not exist in Puerto Ricoalthough it is considered that there is an infestation of nordic countries or of the United States, but in those residences of the patient’s the first case as a patient with a lesion in the small intestine, considering that he is being treated for lymphoma, per al operarlo resultó ser enfermedad de Crohn’s. It is treated by a person who is a solid nun Puerto Rico.

Luego, to increase the number of cases, the majority with ulcerative colitisand to ensure that patients have complications and require coordination with other specialists because the manifestation is manifested in other systems, deciduous agroparlos in a specialized clinic, solemnly dedicated to patients with intestinal inflammatory infarcts.

Go to the hospital, with a small group, play in external clinics and initiate an interdisciplinary collaboration as projected to take care of these patients and create a direct hospital service, where gastroenterologists are the head doctors. Today the only interdisciplinary center is integrated Puerto Rico, with nutritionists, psychologists, nurses, gastroenterologists, pediatricians and other specialists such as dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, rheumatologists, other doctors. Pharmacy specialists are advised to advise on medications and patients.

When Esther commented on the profession the number of patients was small, but the number of patients was small. Other exchange that has been observed is that there are children with different backgrounds and it is a number that goes in the same way, of people with Crohn’s that adult serum and conform to a large group in the future. The diarrhea is more complicated than the number of patients who need surgery. There are no hermaphroditic preparations for managing a stable patient and now there is a wide variety of medications to take. Hay patients with dermatitis are aggressive because their medications do not work, but they need to be avoided.

Previously, there were specific nutritional benefits to nutrition, so there are plenty of precise elements in diets that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Hoy día se conoce que hay elemento en las diets que favorecen las bacteria buenas y otros a la bacteria que no son tan buenas.

Comparative studies are being applied and it is permissible to corrupt that food has an impact on all factors that are predisposed to the environment, due to genetic factors. It is thought that there are factors that prevent the inflammatory process from developing. Even in your studios, it is assumed that the modification in which there are persons such as ayudar ayudar to obtain a better response in the treatments, staying with the bienestar – a vez that sticks to the remission- or, quiz, in one even prevent being nursed.


After that, you should try these conditions which are your professional secret. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

It is important to note that it is the key to the emotional state of the person, because of patients with depression and association, associated with nursing is significant, but it is also important to be aware of the connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract, as far as it is concerned, is obtained by taking the drug. This is a drastic exchange rate in the most recent years.

Dr. Esther consists in identifying an anecdote from a patient who has been through a lot but all of which is inspired by her work, but denominations of heroes but in reality the son: the majority of these patients left in the hospital adultez joven y se deben enfrentar al hecho de que el resto de su vida vivirán con ella. It is incremental to see how many patients are receiving and saying “yo tengo Crohn’spero el Crohn’s no me tiene a mí “y cómo luchan d aa a día para impedir que la enfermedad no les domine, son un aliciente para continuar apostando por la investigación.

It is not easy to obtain incidence and prevalence data on these conditions, even though studies have been conducted that have shown significant significance of the farms away from them.

The llamado is to create consistency about these conditions, which can not be imagined as imaginable. Considering these conditions is important for patients who present with persistent symptoms, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood clots in the larynx, someone who has no cracks, and others who have alert symptoms. The most tempran diagnostic and the most tempting treatment, ayudan to avoid complications in these conditions, but otherwise, concordance about it, in general as well as in-line primary medicines, are very important.