Treatment of pain is minimally invasive without surgery

¿What is the chronic pain and where does it come from?

We are a team of specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry) who are dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain. We will dedicate 15 years to the treatment of the skin and we will train in the team in the year 2018.

The IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain) defines it as a clinical issue that extends beyond all 3 months and is a multifactorial problem involving all physical components such as psychology, disability, reduced mobility, or other alterations, and depression, altering the life cycle of people.

Á What is the working methodology?

Our working form consists in the reconnection of the possible corporate structures that are the generators of the pain. These structures can be superficial or deep, located in tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles, fascia or joints.

Diagnostic study and analysis of complementary studies, selecting an individualized treatment for each patient.

Son How are the treatments performed on your patients?

In pharmacology, rehabilitation and percutaneous procedures, the invasive procedures are carried out very slowly, using the technology of eco-printing.

This is a technique pudimos aprenderla a traves of a fellowship that we perform in interventional ecogiado para chronico dolos, that do not permite ligar point of the dolon with maximum precision in the treatment of our patients.

Although it does not result in a fundamental hermaphrodite, it can be used in interventional ultrasound by other medical specialists in the field to make it effective.

Our treatment is complemented by manual therapy, a program of rehabilitation exercises, postural work and ergonomics.

We consult the patient with a lot of pain, which can be seen by other specialists, who pass by the surgeon and persuade the symptom. Pain that is frequently treated with chronic lumbar pain, rheumatoid arthritis, cervicalgia, rotator cuff tendinopathy and painful scarring. List of tennis players, golfers, rizartrosis, carpal tunnel, caterpillar arthrosis, goose bumps, crunching and plantar fasciitis. We are currently receiving patients with secured post Covid. Frequent patients with amputated pain, medullary lesions and ACV lesions.

Regenerative Medicine: Prolotherapy, Rico Plasma in Plaques and Waves

Musculoskeletal pathology is one of the most frequent medical consultations. The articular, tendon, ligament and muscle pain is the main symptom of this group of pathologies. Regenerative injections such as Prolotherapy and Plasma Rico in Plaques (PRP) are available as alternatives to surgery to abort the pathology with urgent results and important investigative procedures.

Regenerative medicine consists of inflammation in the form of controlling the tissue before estimating the repair of the connective tissue. The degeneration of this tissue forms part of the chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Plasma Rico in Plaques: Consists of extracting a small number of venous blood vessels peripheral to the patient, centrifugal procedure with a special machine that separates the various components of the bloodstream, including the PRPs that are injected into the site of lesion or articular detachment.

In Prolotherapy the hypertensive dextrosa is injected (it is an azar), with the objective measures that PRP.

Choke wave therapy (radial pressure waves) is an invasive method of treating tendinopathy.

Treating the dysfunction of the peripheral nerves

Medullary segmental sensitization is due to an irritating focus, which is a sharp edge of a disturbed or dysfunctional tendon, while peripheral nerve irritation generates nociceptive (continuous) stimulus continuously causing central sensitization (sensitization) con ello dolor crónico. Manifested by acortate muscles (myotoma), pain in tendons and ligaments (sclerotoma) and pelvic pain (dermatoma).

The treatment consists of desensitizing the tissue, injecting dextrose injection up to 5% in an area proximal to the peripheral nerves.

Plans for this year

In October we will travel to Peru, to realize a medical capacity to obtain the certification in Interventional and Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine certification (IROM) organized by the AAOM (American Association of Orthopedic Medicine).

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