Tutankamón dance's mascara

Fountain of the image, Harry Burton / Griffith Institute, Univ. of Oxford

Photo pie,

Tutankhamun’s mascara, which looks like a beard, is covered with paraffin wax by Harry Burton photographer to attenuate the reflections.

The tomb of the ancient rey of Egypt Tutankamón in Luxor is one of the most famous excavations in modern archeology.

A new exposition in the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford -Tutankamón: excavating the archives- the trademark of the excavation by part of the British Egyptian Howard Carter and his team.

Illustratively illuminating and captured images by the photographer Harry Burtonjunta with carts, plans, drawings and diaries of Carter’s archive, arrive new on the history of the 10 years of the excavation of the mound, which first enters real conocido intact of Antiguo Egypt.

The material is similar to Carter’s perception as a solitary hero, destabilizing the contribution of many qualified Egyptian practitioners who think their way through.

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