Ukraine and Russia war. Did Biden’s son fund a biological weapons laboratory in Ukraine? What your abandoned computer reveals

Hunter Bidenson of the american president, Joe BidenNot only is he in deep trouble, but he also complicates his father’s life, with the scandal over his alleged involvement in the financing of alleged drug laboratories. biological weapons In Ukraine sponsored by the Pentagon.

First, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the investment fund Rosemont Seneca Thorntonfounded by Hunter, as well Soros Fundto finance these laboratories.

“The participation of structures close to the current leadership of the United States, in particular the Rosemont Seneca Investment Fund, led by Hunter Biden, is amazing” in financing these laboratories, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov said at a press conference.

According to the military officer who holds the position of commander of the radiological, chemical and biological protection forces of the Russian army, the documents found by Russia during its campaign in Ukraine “show the scheme of interaction of state institutions of the United States with the Russian armed forces. The laboratories of Ukrainian biologists.

Kirillov noted that in the implementation of the US program in Ukraine “directly participated, in addition to the Pentagon, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Soros Fund, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)”, included .

According to the senior military officer, the project was sponsored from the point of view of scientific development by the main research institutions of the United States, “including the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is developing nuclear weapons Under the Manhattan Project.

“All these activities are carried out under the absolute control of the Pentagon,” he added.

The Russian general denounced that “the financing of these biological military activities allowed the United States and its allies to at least get out of Ukraine.” 16,000 biological samples“.

“This large-scale sampling of the natural immunity of the population may have been performed in order to select the biological agents most dangerous to the population of a given area,” he said.

The United States is eliminating dangerous pathogens

Kirillov noted that in the cities of Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa and how, 4 thousand samples of the army For the detection of antibodies against Hantavirus and 400 others, for antibodies to Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever.

He denounced that the United States took not only tissue and blood samples from Ukraine, but also dangerous pathogens and their transmission agents.

More than 10 thousand samples were sent to Georgia. Also among the beneficiaries were laboratories in the United Kingdom, and the Maytag Lever Institute in Germany.

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Although Washington denied the existence of any program on Biological weapons in UkraineEmails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show he helped raise millions of dollars to fund Metabiota, a Defense Department contractor who specializes in researching epidemic-causing diseases that can be used as biological weapons, the Daily Mail recently revealed.

He also provided Metabiota to an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, for a “science project” that would include high-level biosafety laboratories in Ukraine.

While Metabiota is ostensibly a medical data company, its vice president sent Hunter an email in 2014 describing how they could “assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia,” an unusual goal for a biotech company.

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Emails and defense contract data reviewed by the Daily Mail suggest Hunter played a prominent role in ensuring that Metabiota could conduct its research on pathogens within a few hundred miles of the Russian border. The project became a national security problem for Ukraine when it became Russian forces They invaded the country last month.

Metabiota worked in Ukraine for Black & Veatch, a US defense company with deep ties to military intelligence agencies, which built safe laboratories in Ukraine to test for deadly diseases and biological weapons.

Hunter and his colleagues at Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP) used to raise millions of dollars for tech companies, hoping they would take off and make a fortune. Metabiota was one of those companies. The emails between Hunter and his colleagues, retrieved from his computer, concern how monitoring of company medical data could become an essential tool for governments and companies looking to expose Infectious disease outbreaks. *With information from EFE


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