Ukraine: CCTV images obtained by the BBC showing Russian soldiers being killed by civilians in a guerrilla warfare

  • Sarah Rainsford
  • Correspondence in Eastern Europe, BBC

Video title,

Pictures taken by Russian soldiers targeting Ukrainian civilians

When the Russian troops disperse Leonid Pliats’s ladder, the cameras of the CCTV circuit capture the assembly with clear and terrifying details.

The images, which have been leaked to the BBC, are now being investigated by Ukrainian fiscals as a present crimen de guerra.

The high-altitude ridge extends the Elgido point of the alleys around Kiev, where the main carcasses hacie the capital eran a battlefield. This includes the lids of the bicycle deck where the flats work as a security guard.

But there is no interchange of bass: the video is clearly shown a Russian soldiers fortunately armed with firearms scattered among the Ukrainians y luego saqueando el negogio.

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