Ukraine has denounced Russia for selective sexual violence against women and girls

A woman with a child vacates from a bombed-out apartment building, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, in Kyiv, Ukraine, in this handheld photo posted on March 16, 2022. Ukraine State Emergency Service Press Service / Posted via Reuters
A woman with a child vacates from a bombed-out apartment building, as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, in Kyiv, Ukraine, in this handheld photo posted on March 16, 2022. Ukraine State Emergency Service Press Service / Posted via Reuters

On Sunday, the Ukrainian authorities accused the Russian forces in the country of carrying out selective sexual violence against Ukrainian women and girls.

In a video posted on Twitter, Member of Parliament Oleksiy Goncharenko claimed that several bodies of naked women were found on the side of a road not far from Kyiv. ‘It is understandable what happened’He stressed that after the assault on the women, the Russians tried to burn their bodies.

The mayor of Irben, Oleksandr Markushin, denounced the shooting of local women and girls, telling Deutsche Welle that they were run over by Russian tanks.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, in a video message posted on Twitter, stressed that the sooner the Ukrainian army “liberates” the territories occupied by Russia, the human rights there will be respected.

Women will not be raped. Children will not have to watch their mothers being raped. Civilians will not be killed.”Kuleba emphasized, adding that Ukraine needed support to achieve this: “We need weapons now,” he said.

In addition to, Human Rights Watch On Sunday, Human Rights Watch denounced in a report the existence of areas in Ukraine under Russian control “summary executions” and “other serious violations” that may amount to war crimes.

The NGO documented – between February 27 and March 14 – Dozens of cases in which Russian forces have committed what amount to war crimes against civilians In the occupied areas in the areas KharkivAnd the Chernigov And the Kyiv. According to a statement issued by the organization, These include rape, two summary executions of six men on one occasion and one on another, and other cases of violence and threats against civilians..

A local woman salutes Ukrainian forces as Russia's offensive on Ukraine continues
A local woman salutes Ukrainian forces as Russia’s offensive on Ukraine continues

On March 13, a Russian soldier repeatedly beat and raped her (Human Rights Watch withheld her real name to protect her identity), a 31-year-old woman from Malaya Rohan, a town in the Kharkiv region that was controlled by Russian forces at the time.

Russian soldiers entered the village on February 25he said to her. On that day, about 40 villagers, mostly women and girls, took refuge in the basement of a local school. She was there with her 5 year old daughter, her mother, her 13 year old sister and her 24 year old brother..

Around midnight on March 13, a Russian soldier stormed the school. He first told her:He broke the glass of the entrance to the school and knocked on the doorOpen guard.

The soldier, who was carrying an assault rifle and a pistol, went to the basement and ordered everyone present to line up. The woman was in line carrying her sleeping daughter. He told her to give him the girl but she refused. He told his brother to go ahead and ordered the rest of the group to kneel or, he said, he would shoot everyone downstairs..

The soldier ordered his brother to follow him to help him find food. They left and came back an hour or two later. The soldier sat on the ground.

People started asking if they could go to the bathroom and leave them in groups of two and threehe said to her. After that, people began to settle for the night. The soldier approached his family and asked them to follow him.

A medic helps an injured woman at the site of a bombed-out neighborhood in Kyiv, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues in Kyiv.
A medic helps an injured woman at the site of a bombed-out neighborhood in Kyiv, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues in Kyiv.

The soldier took her to a classroom on the second floor, where he pointed his weapon at her and asked her to undress.. Root:He told me to have oral sex with him. The whole time he was holding the gun near my temple or putting it in my face. He shot the ceiling twice and said that would give me more “motivation”. He raped her and then told her to sit on a chair.

The first one was still naked after the brutal attack and it was very cold in the unheated school. She asked if she could get dressed, but the soldier told her she could only wear her blouse, not her pants or underwear. “While I was getting dressed, the soldier told me that he was Russian, and that his name was so [nombre omitido] And he was 20 years old. He said I reminded him of a girl he went to school withHe said: The man in uniform later asked him to go to the basement to get his things to stay with him in class. I rejected him. “I knew my daughter would cry if she saw me“, He said.

The soldier took a knife and told her to do what he said if she wanted to see her little girl again. Then he raped her again, put a knife in her throat and cut the skin of her neck.. He also cut her cheek with a knife and part of her hair. He hit her in the face with a book and slapped her repeatedly..

At about seven in the morning on March 14, the soldier ordered him to bring him a pack of cigarettes. They went down together. He asked the guard to give the soldier some cigarettes. After the soldier brought the cigarettes, he left them.

That day, she and her family walked to Kharkiv, where volunteers provided her with basic medical assistance. Move to bomb shelter.

I’m lucky to be alive’, he said. She added that the authorities of the Malaya Rohan Council had been in contact with her and her mother; that they were preparing a criminal complaint, which they were planning to submit to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office.

Human Rights Watch Compensation Three more complaints of sexual violence Russian soldiers in other villages of the Chernihiv region and in Mariupol in the south, but they could not independently verify them.

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