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The weapon that Germany promotes to Ukraine, and which critically were used by Chancellor Olaf Scholz because of the awkward tardanza, is finally lying in the combing zone. Berlin has invaded the Ukrainian territory of 12 self-propelled howitzers Panzerhaubitzen 2000, one of the most modern and world-class artillery systems capable of being formed for use during the end of the week by soldiers from the Aegean. Scholz also said he believed in “massive form” of Ukraine with arms and funding “lasting at all times like a sea’s”.

The comparative chancellor is the best in the Bundestag for the news of the three crucial international clubs that are celebrating in the next two: the European Council in Brussels, the G-7 reunion in Germany and the OTAN in Madrid. Scholz, who slept more than six months in the cargo, had time to find his paper as a leader in world politics. The series of high-level reunions can be seen in the international arena, especially because of the anterior policy actions caused by this skepticism, due to the fact that the Nord Stream gas pipeline is closed at 2 o’clock in the morning. following the titles at the time of compromising arms for Ukraine.

The war of aggression initiated by the Kremlin marks three quotes, such as supporting the Chancellor against the German Cámara; sin embargo, el conductor leva bajo el brazo otras priority, as climatic emergence. Scholz proposed to take over the presidency of the group of industrialized countries in order to impose criteria against their dependence on fossil fuels and to form a “climatic club” in which the hull of the compass would last during the negotiation. Alpes bávaros, la próxima semana.

Reforms in the EU

The chancellor has been urging a visit to Kiev to denounce Germany as a candidate country for Ukraine and Moldova, insisting that the EU is “receptive” to reforming its structures and procedures. Berlin Defender in Brussels is young and old who in the future can make decisions with qualified majority, for example, in foreign policy. Scholz reiterates that parts of the Western Balkans have “clear perspectives” along the ashes of the Union cola. “The EU must finally get the green of the adhesion negotiations with Albania and Macedonia del Norte”, assured.

Ukraine’s invasion has provoked a radical turn in Germany’s defense policy, which has a backlash of 100,000 million euros of inversion at the moment abandoned Ejército. Ese rearme, dijo Scholz en el Bundestag, no solo serve para defender defender id defender defender defender defender defender defender defender defender. Defender defender defender defender defender………………….. The societies of OTAN in Europe of Este “can be trusted in our sisters”, said the chanceller.

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Berlin is located around the world as it seeks to protect its proprietary property. “In Europe’s major security crisis in recent decades, Germany is gaining special accountability,” Scholz said, in line with SPD President Lars Klingbeil, who marries in an Eucht-Fried fundraiser Berlin: “Germany should aspire to be a potential leader. With about 80 years of content, Germany now has a new paper in the international system.

A Marshall Plan for Ukraine

From the quote in Madrid, Scholz expects that Aliados envied “a sense of cohesion and determination” against the war of aggression against Ukraine. The chancellor reaffirmed his commitment that “an association with Putin’s aggressive and imperialist Russia in a proximal future is inconceivable”, as manifested in favor of the OTAN-Russia Federal Act. The “impressive” series denounces, says, five that the reform of principles that the Russian president has violently violated. In the context of the dispute between Russia and Lithuania over the Kaliningrad’s enclave in the Baltic Sea, Scholz assured all Oriental societies of their full solidarity:

In the opinion of the German chancellor, that is the moment of pensar in the future through the war. “Ukraine does not need a Marshall Plan for its reconstruction,” he said, referring to the fact that it facilitates the United States to secure its position in post-colonial Europe. Dijo que ver con sus propoios ojos la destrucción in lugares as Irpin le recordó las ciudades alemanas tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial. The reconstruction of Ukraine is called “a series of generational variations”, and it is necessary “many miles of millions of euros and dollars”. However, there are times when there are no advances to the conflict. Russia and Ukraine are “all right to negotiate,” he said.

Moscow accuses Berlin of having a militaristic ring back in 1945

Reacting to the sending of small arms to Ukraine, the Kremlin approves the annihilation of the Nazi invasion of the USSR on June 22, 1941, in relation to the tragedy following the German decision. “Officially, Berlin has shown the results of the exercises carried out by Russia and Germany in order to overcome the enema, the hostility and the de-escalation of the flow between the pubes,” the Minister said in a statement. The German Chancellor gave a militaristic gesture and promoted “a massive anti-Russian psychosis” which recounted the concordances that preceded May 1945 ″, inform Javier G. Cuesta from Moscow.

The 2000-year-old armored personnel carriers in Ukraine mark the first German-made weapon to be fired from countries where the Russian invasion has been going on for four months. The Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Okeksii Reznikov, upgrade your Twitter account and its German counterpart, Christine Lambrecht. In his intervention against the Bundestag, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, contested – as a number – his critics and his title at the time of sending white material. “Germany is doing everything it can to help Ukraine,” he said.

This model is the most modern artillery system in the Bundeswehr, Germany. The building and mounting have an armored chassis, similar to a tank, which has great mobility in all terrains. Alcanza objective and 30 kilometers. The Panzerhaubitze 2000 has a balance of Germany and other zinc, from the Netherlands, with the export perm from Berlin.

El Gobierno alemán has any object of criticism in the last months, first but not compromised to send a small weapon, and despised by the length of the clock. Berlin has given different explanations, since the scaling of material in its arsenal props has failed to maneuver some models, which require specialized training sessions. The Martyrs, deprived of much secrecy, Olaf Scholz’s Executioner published the list of all the steel material that Ukraine’s from the beginning of the offensive. The intrusion of the armored shells is the first example of a modern weapon, actually used in the Western Air Force, and not in the antiquated arsenals of the Soviet Union. Even now, Berlin has prioritized the interchange with parts of the Warsaw Pact antigo, in the form that all the Ukrainian emigrants to the Bundeswehr exchanged with the German construction companies.

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