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The Ukrainian conductor of conductors of natural gas shortly there are Russian ships passing through the center of the connection in this part of the country, and the president, Volodímir Zelenskidijo que el ejército había hecho pequeños advances in el este y expulsado a la fuerzas rusas de quatro poblados cerca de Járkiv.

The Russian ships traversing Novopskov’s installation, in a zone controlled by separatists sprayed by Moscow, are being cut off from among the mercenaries, according to the operator. The Ukrainian company claims that its center of gravity is surrounded by a third of Russian natural gas flowing through Ukraine to western Europe, while Gazpromthe Russian static energy giant, said that manejaba apenas un quart.

Es la see that the natural gas sump is affected by the war iniciada en febrero. The maneuver obliges Russia to derive its gas supplies from the territory controlled by Ukraine to its clients in Europe. Gazprom declares in principle that it does not have the power to do so, given preliminary fluctuating dates and that it has increased the volume to a second stop in the territory under the control of Kiev.

The operator attributed the interference to their “occupation forces”, including the supposition of gas. Apuntó que Russia seeks to reduce the number of affected people traversed by another Ukrainian center, Sudzha, in a part of the north of the country controlled by Ukraine. A Gazprom spokesman, Sergei Kupriyanov, called it “technologically imposing” and said that the company had no motive for deciding it.

Zelenski says the marties that the ground established are retrograde to the Russian forces in Járkivpoints out that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, suggests that Ukraine supports and exposes all of Russia to the areas that it controls to facilitate the invasion of 11 weeks.

Kuleba dijo al Financial Times that Ukraine creates in principle that a victorious series is the retreat of the Russian trophies to the positions occupied by the invasion of the 24th of February. It is alleged that the Russian forces did not register Kiev at the beginning of the war, señaló, la atención se desplazó al Donbás, el corazón industrial en el este del país.

“Now, we are just betting on the military front and fighting the Donbass battle, which crucially for the posterior dynamics of the war, but still for our victories and now the war for the liberation of the rest of our territories.” explicit Kuleba.

Kuleba’s comments pacify policy ambitions more than reality in the battlefield. The Russian forces advanced into the Donbás and now more controlling the war. Some of the words reflected on how Ukraine was restrained by a large Russian air force and a large army, a surprise for many who expected that the conflicting terminal would be much faster.

Ukraine knows what it is fuerzas rusas habían lanzado siete misiles a Odesa the front and rear of a commercial center and a diamond in the largest port of the country. A murky person and zinc resultaron heridas, seg eln el ejército.

A Russian general has said that among Russia’s objectives is to cut off Ukraine’s access to the Negro and Azov seas. This extends to the extension of the territory that Russia annexed to the Crimean Peninsula, the annexation of Ukraine in 2014, and Transnistria, a pro-Russian independent region in Moldova.

The attack on Ukraine by Russian forces in the Isle of Serpientes is aimed at curbing Moscow’s intentions to increase its influence in the Negro Sea, following the British air.

In his intelligence diary report on the conflict, the Ministry of Defense Great Britain This is a message on Twitter that Russia is trying to refrain from exposing its alliance, with the message that “Ukraine has been attacked by the air defenses and the Russian re-deployment books with Bayraktar drones.”

Russian reabsorption books have a minimum protection in the oeste de mar Negrotrace la retirada de la Armada rusa a Crimea luego de la perida de Moskva, agregó.

This corresponds to the satellite imagery analyzed by The Associated Press is the end of the week and the sample is combined in the area.

Under the embargo, the British Air Force advised that “Russia consolidates its position on the island (of the Serpientes) with a strategic air defense and cruiser defense missiles, dominating the north-west of the Negro.”

Inclusive you do not want to cut the access of Ukraine to the sea -y do not pare tener fues for ello-, the missiles that surely Odesa reflect the strategic importation of the city.

Odesa It is also an important point of balance between granite cargoes and the Russian blockade on the city or the global supply of food. The city is a cultural heritage of Russians and Ukrainians in the same language and has a symbolic significance.

To protect Odesa, Kiev must travel to the destination more than the tropics and apartments of the eastern front, while trying to keep the Russian contingent on the other side of the front.

Járkiv y sus alrededores han sufrido ataques rusos constadéde de losinis de la guerra. In the ultimate semaphores, macabras imagined from the area recovers the horrors of combos, with calcined and retorted bodies in one call.


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