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The governor of Lugansk, Serguei Gaidai, assured the young man (09.06.2022) that Ukraine was recording total control of the city of Severodonetsk “in two or three days” by dispatching the western weapon from a distance. incarnizados combines between the Russian invaders and the Ukrainian defenders, who take part in the digital assault and the small arms.

In order to denounce the “primitive tactics” used by the Russians, Gaidai assured that “as soon as we tightened the artillery of the long range or the duel, the Soviet Union closed its doors to the Occupied Territories and our special forces The invader attempted to carry out several haze semanas with the control of this industrial city in the Lugansk region, crucial for the full control of the Donbás mines.

Vladimir Putin’s troops recaptured the ground in the last few days of a systematic bombing campaign against civilian areas, and now control “a large part” of the city, Gaidai said, confirming the situation as “just”. Russian artillery with Buscan artillery “without the failures of the Severodonetsk defense,” Gaidai explained.

Imposible evacuated

According to the Telegram, the governor denounced the statement that “the enamel is dispersed against the territory of the ammonia-producing plant of Azot”, while “the two-tiered points of the chemical plant have a strong supply”. Gaidai remarcó that the anti-aircraft refug has not been affected anyway. “No hay emissions of chemical products in the environment”, assured, and support that “no hay victims”.

Asimismo, the authority hizo hincapié in that “the evacuation of Severodonetsk is almost impossible”, and guarantee that “the hospital has all the toilet before going to the herds”. In Severodonetsk there are surprisingly 10,000 civilians, estimating the Ukrainian authorities. “The Russians do not control the road that connects Lisichansk and Bajmut, but the attack is constant. No usa is the road,” Gaidai said.

In a nutshell, the pro-Russian propaganda of the “replica” of Donetsk ensures that the battle against Sloviansk, which took place with Kramatorsk, is the main objective of the invasion of Donbás. The Russian forces “are centered in the preparations to continue their offensive in the direction of Sloviansk and Barvinkove”, ie the first city and corresponding to the Járkov region.

DZC (AFP, Europa Pres, EFE)


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