Ultrasonic infusion: a new method for administering drugs to the brain that revolutionize medicine

Inflated ultrasonidation and caustic optimism

Preclinical assemblies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with ultrasonically infused dampened sample of the resulting algae. For empezar, supplements open the blood-brain barrier to have positive cognitive effects, as it enhances memory function. Elisa Konofagou, professor of biomedical engineering and radiology at Columbia University in New York, and other investigators have discovered that the rest of the beta amyloid plaque, one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease, has been eliminated. abierta. Nadie sabe exactly for whom, but it is a comedy.

Other potential uses of infused ultrasound, such as genetic therapyyou are not about the stage of the clinical course, but the investigators are not aware that it is expedient.

At the Integrated Center for Neuroscience in Madrid, the neurologist and professor José Obeso and his investigation team discovered that viral vectorswhich use ineffective viruses such as the gene distribution system, can attenuate the hematoencephal barrier in primates in humans deprived of a concentrated ultrasonic treatment and engage in instructions to treat proteins that fight neurons.

In theory, cerebral cells absorb the genes and tissues of proteins that restore cerebral function or block activity without wanting to determine the region of the brain. It has been demonstrated that the principle of operation is effective in roasters, but the results are not published and the primers are shown in samples that are stored in the monos. “If it works on its own, it is most likely to work on humans.”

There are currently no therapies trying to modify the course of cerebral palsy like Parkinson’s, but because “the quality of disproportionate proportionate weight of the antennae is negligible because it’s too much to bear,” said Jon Stoess. neurology at the University of British Columbia, Canada, and editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed medical journal Movement Disorders.

Aún así, Stoessl advierte contra darle prematuras esperanzas a las personas. Ultrasound infused for neurodegenerative enzymes is generally not advanced as it is for cancer. With cancer the doctors have a lot more compression than the other administrators administering the medicines. Ese is not the case of actions like Parkinson’s and ELA, where all investigators are trying to verify that parts of the brain are affected and so on.

Expectations that the generator is a new method

For many experts and patients, as an embargo, the ultrasound-treated treatments can not be used adequately. Basta to consider the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and its related forms of dementia, which affect 57 million people worldwide, a number that is expected to triple by 2050. Alzheimer’s drug treatment centers have fallen into clinical trials at a cost of millions of dollars. Some investigators speculate that this should not be allowed in the brain at adequate concentrations. Proportional to higher doses by optional means dosing potentially toxic. One benefit of ultrasonic infusion is that the dose is directed to the brain, the most effective serums.

If there are applications that allow you to influence major people, there are other people who benefit from this new form of medication administration. In Columbia, New York, Konofagou is currently using this technology to treat pediatric patients with a terminal form of diffuse blood clot in the media line. This type of cerebral tumor affects small children and results in death during the diagnosis. It’s difficult for anyone to know what this sea’s technology is accessible.

Before proceeding as Butler in Toronto, the doctors design the treatment to administer with precision the medications and where each of the tumor and its treated areas are treated without affecting the target. Before administering the therapy, Lipsman was sent to an adjacent control room to create a three-dimensional map of Butler’s high-resolution brain and then to remove the blood-brain barrier to direct chemotherapy.

From there, the team assumes a sequence of alternately coordinated events. Butler gets a chemotherapy lozenge within 45 minutes of the procedure. When chemotherapy is given to maximize concentration in the bloodstream, the technicians inject microscopic bubbles of gas into their veins by intravenous injection. These bubbles are so small that the globules are red and passively insensitively absorbed by the ultrasonic energy.

Running the next 90 seconds, Lipsman directs the inflated ultrasonic case to emit direct energy to a precise location the picture of a man in Butler’s brain. Ultrasonic waves activate the microbubbles to expand and contract rapidly, attaching the unions stretching the blood-brain barrier and passing pathways through which the molecules of the fluid form and enter into direct contact with the adrenal gland.

“Medicine and medicine, laziness is revolutionary,” says Lipsman. Pero you need a lot of specialized and personalized team and not all hospitals or clinics tend to be resourceful.

Impactable due to flare, access to magnetic resonance and sociological technologies, Konofagou designed a portable neuronavigation system that did not depend on magnetic resonance to guide the infused ultrasound to open the hematopoietic barrier. Press a dedicated magnetic resonance machine, the eye a solution much simpler than existing magnetic resonance imaging to fit the lens and light beyond the barrier with ultrasonic waves from a portable device. Do not provide precision control such as magnetic resonance imaging (IRM) guided systems by operation.

Kullervo Hynynen, a medical physicist at the University of Toronto who pioneered the use of microbubbles and ultrasonic blowing guided by magnetic resonance, has been released customizable infrared case which can be used as a real-time guide to a magnetic resonance imaging machine when the patient is in the dentist.

The casket is reusable reduce cost from the imaging range at an estimated $ 500 for the total series of treatments, compared to the actual cost of approximately $ 1,000 per session, estimate. With more technological advances possibly serial that patients receive treatments in the comfort of their own baths. “Ese es sueño a largo plazo”, commented Hynynen, who is also the vice president of investigation and innovation at Sunnybrook. Quel cree that the approbation of the Canadian cannabis for the device in itself is only zinc distance.

An opportunity to wave the pen

As expected, various teams are working to refine the technology involved in ultrasonic blowing. Insightec, patron of the Sunnybrook Center for Health Sciences in Canada, currently manufactures one of the most widely used ultrasonic devices for magnetic resonance imaging to remove the blood-brain barrier. Lipsman says the company is hacking forms that treat sea’s more tolerable for patientsfor example, to eliminate the need to remove the cap and paint the nails in the crane.

When it comes to approving the goblin, Lipsman cree that applications for cancer, such as primary or secondary brain cancers, have good chances of advancing in close proximity to these areas. This should be done as a result of reducing the size of the tumor or increasing the amount of superimposition, much less simply requiring time to define neurodegenerative diseases. From now on, as many neurodegenerative enzyme assemblies as possible will not be removed.

In February, Michael Butler completed one year of his own, the first time he was expecting to be diagnosed in 2021. The maximum rate at which he lives, 18 months, is August. You are using every minute of this time. Designed from its ultrasonic ultrasonic treatment, in October 2021, and then, Valerie, riding an epic train through the Montañas Rocosas canadiens to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her body, which not at Disney World.

In March 2022, hoping that the scanners would be completely new to the chemotherapy treatment of the original tumor, Butler was diagnosed with other medial surgery. The results of the laboratory are proportional to a living thing. Era solo tejido cicatricial y no más cancer.

Butler, who defines himself or herself as a surrogate, says that he / she offers voluntarily to these clinical members only in labor, and in fact without guarantees, in order to have more time with their shadows and intentions. También lo hizo por Valerie y por todos los vias de esquí y pasase en Harley Davidson que tienen planedos. “Sero un ratón de laborato”, says, and agrees that there are only many ultrasonic clinical infusions in those who can participate. “Approved for any opportunity you may have.”


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