United States flying to the negotiation of the Mexican presence in the Cumberland of the Americas

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, enduring a reunion with the invasion of Casa Blanca by John Kerry and Ambassador Ken Salazar.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, enduring a reunion with the invasion of Casa Blanca by John Kerry and Ambassador Ken Salazar.Presidency of Mexico (AFP)

Joe Biden’s administration has negotiated the participation of a Mexican plenum in the novel Cumbre of the Americas, which will be celebrated from June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles. After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador left the air in his presence in the United States without inviting representatives from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, Washington have multiplied their contacts to define a position such as the council. Before the moon established a conversation between the secretary of the Estadounidense State, Antony Blinken, and the secretary of the Mexican Exterior Relations, Marcelo Ebrard. Also visiting Mexico Christopher Dodd, Biden’s special assistant for the organization of the room.

“We do not want to go to the Cumberland of America, but part of the United States is as important as Mexico. “But Chris Dodd, the mercenary, came here to see how he walked,” said the outgoing ambassador, Ken Salazar. Institutional (PRI). “It’s possible to ask who we are in order to have an assassination attempt in Mexico. “It’s because a Cumber of the Americans wants Mexico to be all about leadership,” he said.

The veteran politician demonstrated his desire to pass the semester — to accompany the decision of Lopez Obrador to take part in the inclusion of all the goblins of the continent — and to have a reunion with the mandate in the National Palace. For Casa Blanca, because it manifests itself in a variety of prime-line operations, it is crucial that North America pursues a regional agenda on topics such as migration policy, security, or economic integration. For example, Biden solicits hace dos semanas a conference call with its counterparts against Central America and Cuba. And so Ebrard traveled to Washington to return with Blinken.

The owner has been informed that the moon is passing through the gutter in the reins of Gabinete de Seguridad del Gobierno. However, the President has stated that, in any case, he does not accept the participation of his Executive in the synclane, and is assured that “he has a very responsible activity on the part of the United States Government”. “It does not take away from the ability to participate in all, including the case of Casa Blanca, but it does not surprise the mandate of the invitations, and in the end, it does not have any invitations,” he said during the conference.

At the moment, the tenor of the other cargo declarations of the Statutory Administration, however, is likely to extend an invasion to Cuba — with Barack Obama in 2015 — Nicaragua and Venezuela. “I have a sentiment and a democratic vision in America and we respect that. And, as it is, we do not find it convenient to include parts that fall short of respect for democracy, ”said Brian Nichols, referring to the last semester in an interview with EL PAIS, the sub-secretariat of the State for the Occidental Hemisphere. Without embargo, for López Obrador all the doors are closed.

“I did not confuse President Biden, but he is a man who seeks the conciliation, seeks the dialogue, and creates what is best. No confrontation, no discrimination, we only know. “Even if we only have differences, we can take care of the differences by respecting the differences, respecting the idiosyncrasy of every country, the sovereignty of every country, searching for who we are,” the Mexican president said. Myercoles expounded these arguments in Biden’s message and, “si no se logra”, ha agregado, “que no haya sancio o reproches”. “Suceda lo que suceda, of all forms, Mexico and to be present, and to be canceller, our secretary of External Relations, Marcelo Ebrard. “I do not believe in Iran because we do not need the unity of America, and it is the time of the hechos, hechos no words”, said López Obrador.

In order to fund and transfer from this position it has to take into account the targets between Gobierno and the Organization of American States (OEA), which has joined the Cumbre organization of the United States in secret. As a matter of fact, from a forward-looking perspective, the citation should be more than just clichés. “The future of the world before us is not with China, it is not with Russia, it is bitter”, said Ambassador Salazar, ante to abundance in the relation that the mantis los dos mandatarios, in a similar form, ha dicho, de ver el mundo. “President Biden has a lot to say about President López Obrador and he has a lot of respect. It’s a very strong union and it has a respect among the leaders. Entonces, as long as we want to buy a place, but we have a lot of different things “, he concluded. The two countries want to mediate in a bilateral relationship in the context of Gobierno — one that enters the stage of imposition that characterizes Donald Trump’s mandate — because it can take precedence over another in the administration’s routine.

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