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On February 6, 2020, a 57-year-old woman in a house in the city of Santa Clara, a city in San Francisco. The bankruptcy has been carefully considered by the California authorities, who have established protection of the coronavirus network at the current cost of the United States, the gateway to the majority of environments in the Estonia territory. This is the first time the virus has been triggered by the virus, a diagnostic that confirms two months of problems with problems during the Donald Trump Administration. This woman has been given more than a million victims, a figure that the nation is bound to love.

Every now and then you have a chance to get a new family in a duel. Approximately new millions of people, or 3% of the population, have a permanent vacancy in their screw that an egg has been blown away by a paddle, shadow, hermit, conjugate or abuser. If you calculate that less than 150,000 people have lost a progenitor or tutor in all countries. The number has been confirmed by Casa Blanca. The country has a total of 300 bankruptcies of diarrhea, as a result, is primary.

“We have reached a tragic hit: a million screens of statues pervaded by covid-19 ″,” said the president of the statue, Joe Biden, in a statement. “As a nation, we should not be sent adormecidos ante tanto dolor. Para sanar hay que recordar. We must be vigilantes vigilantes frente a esta pandemia y hacer todo lo posible para salvar tantas vidas as sea posible, tal y com lo hemos hecho con más test, vacunas y tratamientos que nunca antes ”, ha aggregado el mandatario, quien ha ordenado, en honor de the victims and their cherries, that the stage flag is waved on the media level “up to the point of the 16th of May” in Casa Blanca and public editions.

From the start of the pandemic, the figures for the last few parts reunited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and a total of 5.4 million falcons per covid-19 in these years. The organism affirms the fact that the pandemic provoked between 13 and 17 million deaths worldwide, from January 2020 to December 2021, providing triple the total of the official balance, showing the devastation of the pandemic alive in the the planet from a single arrow.

Completing the Maryland Cremation Services, transporting the rest of a 19-year-old victim to Baltimore, December 24, 2020.
Completing the Maryland Cremation Services, transporting the rest of a 19-year-old victim to Baltimore, December 24, 2020.ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS (AFP)

Things vary from pandemic remission in the world most enjoyable (by Brazil, India, and Russia), United States registers from one case to another. Date updated on 22 April, up to 14% of deaths by covid-19 at EE UU were given to black Hispanics and African Americans.

The opposite direction in a context in which masculinity is obligatory, an accessory that is motivated by political warfare between democrats and republicans lasting varying months. Only then can it be adjusted internally, and the dose of the vaccine is available only for major children up to 50 years old. 66% of stadounidenses have a complete vaccination schedule. In the media of the febrile, this cost enters the mascara against the cask of the cases. The governors of California, Oregon and Washington announce the end of the obligation to the schools, so that California can announce that it’s no excuse to not be immunized.

The Los Angeles condominium registered more than 32,000 deaths, for a total of three million cashes. California, the most populous state in the world with a population of 40 million, has the largest number of deaths, more than 90,000 deaths, and 9.3 million deaths. Most affected are both black and Latin. Without embargo, in mortality bowl, the number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, California is number 12 with the most bankrupts among the 50 States. Arizona, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Alabama cover the first mortality rates with more than 400 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Tragedy has taken an urban turn. Cities and urban areas where most of the mortal victims have been registered away from the pandemic. Los Angeles is called Phoenix, with more than 17,300 dead; Chicago, with 14,300; the King condado, after the French, 12,800; Queens, New York, with 11,875; Houston and Miami, with 10,900 showers; Las Vegas, with 8,458; Detroit, with a total of 7,900 in the Bronx, with 7,743 dead. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use at Johns Hopkins University.

The communication of the media has given rise to a large number of accounts. California registered 8,000 new diary counts, 20% more than the last week. The subdivision must be sub-variants of the micron, more transmissible than its preceding angles, having its effects mated to gravity at a rate of 66% of the population being vacant, even though the figure is 90% before 65%. Some cities at this time are ordering the return of the mascaras for their work and in public transport.

New York, the area around the tragedy

Georgina Aguirre, an equatorial league in the United States in 1989 with her shadow, was convicted in 2020 of being one of the first pandemic victims of the pandemic in New York, following the current era of the coronavirus virus in the United States. The refrigerated trucks in daban abasto entons to spare the skins recharged by the saturated mortars. La covid acabó con ella a los 59 años. “Era la que congregaba a todos a su alrededor, a familiares, vecinos, amigos; the image that pulls all, but for the sake of it is your virus that gets soaked, as if the hubiéramos abandoned. “I’m staring at the entrails, in solidarity,” said a record holder, Karly, of a group of vegans traversing a mass of people in a populated barricade north of Manhattan.

Aguirre’s death was not only a personal tragedy, but also a very private one due to the impossibility of clustering with the collective rite of passage, but a prototypical example of the impact of the coronavirus on the common ground fue la m gs golpeada por el virus. Other examples of incontinence that include a city that has lost between March 2020 and 40,256 of its millions of new habitats per virus; 67,892 dead in the conjuncture of the State.

New Yorker Negro and Latino Moroccan doubles as white whites or Asians, having their preliminary release dates back to April 2020. The mortality rate per capita includes the Latin era population of 22.8 per 100,000 habitats and population of 19.8 per 100,000. By comparison, morons have 10.2 blanks and 8.4 assists. The character of the essential thugs of the majority of the victims, of the units of fire and personal hygiene, police or bombers, is another characteristic that the hermeneutics, but the haberdashery exposed more than the count. Vaccination disparity between these communities is common: African Americans and Latinos alike are more reticent and inoculated. Rational disproportion to the impact of the virus has been corrupted by the fact that Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC, federal health agency) are responsible.

A group of cultivators bajan el atúd from a victim of covid-19 to enter the cement of the Jewish Association of Interiors Free Books for Judas, in Staten Island, New York, on April 7, 2020.
A group of cultivators bajan el atúd from a victim of covid-19 to enter the cement of the Jewish Association of Interiors Free Books for Judas, in Staten Island, New York, on April 7, 2020.David Goldman (AP)

As a global data, corresponding to the conjuncture of countries, all adult students go bankrupt due to the hubieran pace of the rhythm that blanks with university education, having killed 71% of people of color. Following the publication of the data, it was released by race, provoking the initial malestar in New York, the public defender of the city agreeing on the proportion of which the local and state administrations are proportionate, as recorder of their existing breeds.

Most of all, New York contains content against the diffusion of the micron BA variable.2. The alert level is passed through the media at the last few weeks, given the generalized vacancy of the population (79% has recurrence within the population, and 86% of the major 65) mantle at least the death toll , 17 per day of supply in the last 14 days, an increase of 24%. An infinitesimal percentage compared to the one recorded in the various parts of the pandemic, as well as in the delta variant: the cavities in the explanations attached to the Greenwood cement plant in Brooklyn, are reproduced by diarrhea.

The coronavirus outbreak in New York State continues unabated, as the total number of deaths in the major residences, as well as the number of deaths due to the crew of Governor Andrew Cuomo and, among other causes terminá costándole el puesto. We are shocked by the socio-economic impact of the tragedy. The service sector is the one that is being recovered, due to the special incidence of the virus in its employees. Only 8% of Manhattan’s financial district employees retaliated against all of their job vacancies during the semester; the rest sigue teletrabajando. Tambourine tourism is the only source of recoverable news, including the repertoire of frontiers and outbound travelers, with the exception of China.

Other devastating effects can be seen as retrospective: the end of antidepressant moratorium on the economic impact of the pandemic, in passing energy, has slowed down and reactivated processes that, in the face of an escalating inflation, hit the ground hard. pandemia: los inquilinos de los projects, as it approaches social life, a majority of African-Americans and Latinos. The Gobierno federal’s check checks are also expected, and in September, the extra sounds per sample. Since the new olea of ​​the BA.2 subvariant, let alone the lower ones, find an amplitude sector of the population extended by the use of their anti-virus batches.

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