Universities and social medicine in pandemics, an academic heritage

Mexico City, June 13, 2022. “University and social medicine in pandemics” is the title of issue 92 of the magazine Universidades de la University of Latin America and the Caribbean (UDUAL) presented by Anagricel Camacho, historian of the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH); Javier Santacruz, Secretary General of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Schools and Schools of Medicine (ALAFEM); Germán Fajardo, director of the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); Mabel Larrechart, plastic artist; Roberto Escalante, general secretary of UDUAL and, as moderator, Javier Torres Parés, director of Universidades.

Anagricel Camacho, historian of the ENAH University, affirms that Covid 19 is the ultimate in fiction and body-sized filmography as it demonstrates rapidly evaporating, not only from the nurses, but also from the middle time that the world volcano sucks on the customers in the bus of the respondents, but they are only tempted to ask.

“In the case of Mexico, the impact has been severe, the pandemic has recurred social insecurity, our system of public health and social security, in the decadence of which 30 apes have been able to support the spread of this deadly virus,” he said. The actions that originate from the Universities, with the apocalypse of goblins, are detailed in the file number 92 of the journal Universidades, as well as the temporal unity for patient attraction with Covid 19 or scientific investigations such as the Universidad of Colima refers to neutral activated saline administration.

The subhistory historian whose collaboration between Latin American and Caribbean (ALC) universities is important because it generates programs and activities, activities, investigations that produce medical and pedagogical reports. “The pandemic does not only result in a healthy crisis in ALC, it motivates international collaboration, interdisciplinarity, the creation of solutions and new technologies, all at the same time as effective communication, effective or remote not only academics and important investigators, but also students who enrich the propositions and practically push their concomitants in favor of humanity, conclude.

Javier Santacruz, Secretary General of ALAFEM, affirms that during the pandemic the ALC universities are obliged to modify their activities without delay and try their resilience and capacity for innovation, generating interventions to harass others in the field of salud hubo, as nunca, an extraordinary number of investigations which allowed to conceive more of the nurse and to obtain treatments of the nurse and produce vacancies at a time nunca ante visto, al igual that .

Issue 92 of the magazine Universidades (…) recounts a variety of experiences related to patient attitudes during the pandemic and Covid-type education, (…) reflecting the tangible form of the universe that adapts to its functions constituents and to contribute to the society and to cause a pandemic, showing as well as accountability to the society ”, indicating Santacruz and the increase of the UDUAL opportunity that the brindle and the ALAFEM coordinator are publishing.

In his intervention, Germán Fajardo, director of the Faculty of Medicine of UNAM, subtracted the importation of the article from the University of Colima which was one of the most prestigious projects by UDUAL, with the final estimate of the investigation of the interior of the universities, such as the University of Costa Rica, which reports on the Skin Donation Program that, “in our case in Mexico, I have a lot of excitement and the theme is very much like‘ Yo, who leads me, who goes la universidad ‘, meaning that the citizens find that when fallezcan their skin can be used with finesse of investigation and enseanza, tanto in the most grade and posgrado ”, commented.

Además, the plastic artist Mabel Larrechart, habló over the creation of the illustrations that are included in the articles of “University and social medicine in pandemics”.

By the way, the general secretary of UDUAL, Roberto Escalante, made sure that the articles that integrate the number 92 of the magazine Universidades arrojan luz about a fundamental topic not only for the universities or universities for the sake of life, but also for the social importation that takes medicine and ALC sample, and weighs the enormous spirits that haunt you as the unit of hospitality in Mexico and the hospitals in the universities of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, among others, “in the end, the world university that In addition, the medical profession is full of people who have been involved in research and investigation, but it is a very important resource, but the resources available to all universities are completely insufficient, but they are still very, very weak. with the magnitude of the mass ”.

“The pandemic is the social importation of medicine and, by the way, the lack of public policies to guarantee the degree to which all human beings are safe; I agree with you that we are number 92 in the magazine Universidades a vista de la comunidad universitaria u non universitaria, and in this case they can find important traces that are being made about the medicine during the pandemic with the constant other moments ”, finalize Escalante.

You can consult the magazine at http://udualerreu.org/index.php/universidades/article/view/631

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