Uploading 600 units of a hat on the front end under the command of the Fuerza Armada has been installed in men

The Fuerza Armada dislodges a propaganda campaign in Apure, but the ganado robe is massive
The Fuerza Armada dislodges a propaganda campaign in Apure, but the ganado robe is massive

No more a dozen men, armed with pistolslocated in madrugada del viernes from 20 may 2022 to hato Montevideo, owned by the Compañía Agropecuaria Venezuela (Agrovenca), located in the municipality of Rómulo Gallegos in the state of Apure, in the city and media of Guasdualito, capital of the municipality of Páez. Something personal, the maniataron, the quitaron the cell phones and the final of the tarde, or anocheciendo, have robbed the cabbages and the postures, as well as 700 reses. All of these areas in the field of essay hato have a military installation, under the command of Mora Plata, which has more than one center of men and its cargo.

Montevideo’s eyeglasses make it easy to find the right one for you to get the perfect look. The hato duo, Egas Fuentes, have notified the Authorities of the Bureau of Investigative, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc) of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate (Dgcim). “Obreros fueron obligoros por los asaltantes a matar una res; the women who owe it to them to prepare the food ”.

Inside the hat, where is the cone Y of Daico, while the goby is above the gate by Y of Los Curitos, while the camel hacia Guasdualito, Mantecal and Elorza, is from 35 years ago, a military installation, with a few men during the tenure of Colonel de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana, who are alluded to by the two who were deprived of the asphalt of hato. “It follows that Commander Mora Plata is on his way to San Fernando and is carrying a cargo under his command to a captain who can not make decisions and depends on where the dam is the lieutenant colonel who communicates with him.”menciona un producer.

Funding with Hato Montevideo offices and other sites
Funding with Hato Montevideo offices and other sites

Thirty-four more are expected to address the issue of Montevideo hatch, CICPC functionaries and the National Anti-Seizure and Seizure Command (Conas), a general with 30 or 40 hits installed on the hat. Pasaron varies días, keeping the coarse interlocking with the rudder and the Montevideo trainers, being part of the hubo that hubo internal complication. “Including golpearon one of the eyebrows”.

A producer of the revelation zone Infobae que “The problem is that the functions of these organisms do not come into contact with each other, but the coordinated activities are limited and therefore limit the scope of the internal complication and that the Granado saliva lasts for several years. It is not the first to be used exclusively. The functionaries say this because they can not justify that they have passed through the narcissists of the 600 animal soldiers. Usted lo oye así de fácil, pero no lo es ”.

The constant nitrogen removal in the area due to the production has been marbled and increased. It is not explicitly stated that the soldiers are already installed. “Esos guardias se dedican a toormentar a quienes nos vemos obligatoros a pasar por ese lugar. When doing wrong things or committing delinquent acts with the irregular groups, they acutely and functionally, but in reality they do not have the right or the special points to act ”, le dice a Infobae José Chacón, who lives near Guasdualito and transits by route.

Functions of CICPC and CONAS llevan las investigations pero tienen mala relation illos
Functions of CICPC and CONAS llevan las investigations pero tienen mala relation illos

Members of the ganader association of dijeron a Infobae que “Commanding to attack military personnel in order to deliberately act in a tardier manner”tal y as ocurrió con lo sucedido en Montevideo.

Carlos Antonio is Colombian and has lived many years in the Venezuelan territory “because in Elorza he was born, he was born and he is beautiful”. All the semas pass by the carcass hacia Guasdualito “y lo ocurre en la zona da miedo y sadise. And the guardians of this essay in the United States are very corrupt: because this essay has been illegally ginned with guillotines or counterfeit guitars, without drugs and of any kind ”.

Pass to Colombia

It is located on the edge of the road leading from Guasdualito to Mantecal, Santa Fe de Buria sector, parish of Trinidad de Orichuna, municipality of Rómulo Gallegos, state of Apure. It has been found to be divided by the road leading from Guasdualito to Mantecal; part of its borders flowing along the road leading from Guasdaulito to Elorza and Mantecal.

Así, being sent to the Y of Los Curitos to join the Mantecal course; the 5 km is the entrance of the hatch to the terraced terrain, with a distance of 1.3 Km from the Montevideo installations. At the end of the Tres Matas, where the saccharone is supposedly las 600 reses, the Km case has the GNB command.

In the circular clock point the place of hato where the military installation is located
In the circular clock point the place of hato where the military installation is located

Hato Montevideo’s ducks have returned the version of the authorities that the ganado salió granedo, but one of them was surprised that the ganado account was given with the precision of the existing candida, more than 700, in an essay. “Asaltants take direct action as soon as they establish ganado, sabían that estaba ahí and ni siquiera se molestaron en preguntar si había gente in the main case, but sabían that no había; it is said, habían sido informados ”y así se lo dijeron los duños ante la Assococcón de Ganaderos.

Both of them had a corpse on their forehead, which had different types of mantles, and which did not fit into the bases and holes, junta and otter llanero, but the graves were covered with anterior robes, one after the other, unveiled in late November 100 animals, between 70 bulls, the size of the reproducers. “In this case, there is a lack of diligence due to part of the authority in the investigation,” the report said.

When he saves the robot of the 700 rides, the general, who is about to board a helicopter to follow the ganado to the right, finally obtains an airplane that connects to the ganado divider in Puerto Infante, in the front of Ara . “May 23rd is May Day in Guasdualito, which is Madruga, the Ghanaian slave in Egas Fuentes has crossed the Colombian territory ”.

Otro ganadero de la zona, Otilio Peñaloza, with political influences and military collapsing in the recovery of algunas reses, can support hombres and caballos, además to recapture the brigadier general Anderson José Rendón Zambrano, Zhefe del Comando . 35 of Apure.

General Anderson José Rendón Zambrano
General Anderson José Rendón Zambrano

El otro hato

There are about 300 groups of people intentionally working. The difference is that at the moment the response is rapid, a helicopter locates the trays and captures the persons. The hatcheries, 30 years old, cedar terrain in the interior of the hatchery for the Fuerza Armada to have a military stand; in principle he had only a handful of 30 men, but now he is a commander with more than a hundred subalterns. “It’s unheard of for guards to be able to install and run”says a producer from Elorza.

The front of the Montevideo of Degas Fuentes, is the Campo Alegre hat of his brother Gilberto Fuentes, the mismo from which some semas, the GRIS group under the mandate of Tamani Bernal, the Alo Porvenir hat, in the language of Barinas, enter Táchira y Barinas, en la v aa a Apure.

Los Fuentes is a long-established family of Ganadera tradition, but their abulet and father también lo fueron; nacieron y se criaron en el llano, reconociéndose entre el ganado, el ordeño, la cría, la llanura bravía y maravillosa. However, there are many victims of delinquency, a handful of animals and animals, corrupt and unscrupulous functionaries. Gilberto Fuentes fuextrado, hace años, por las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC).

Camp Alegre was one of the most great and productive of Apure even though the fiscal entities Danilo ersonnderson left the proceeding, which is long, with the exclusion of “daisos al paisaje”; the guerrilla is instigated by the fire and occupies the place. In the end it takes more than 20 miles and the place is convincing in the guild of guerrillas and delinquent communes.

Frente a Campo Alegre est hat el Montevideo de su hermano Egas Fuentes. Of the more than 700 lines that Montevideo hatred delinquents roam, they recapture 120 that hold on to it and devolvieron casi solis hacia los potreros.


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