US $ 360 million in Powerball dollars. Particip How to participate in Mexico?

Whether you are importing a lottery ticket to Europe, Australia or the United States, it is possible to get access to the multimillion-dollar premiums that complement all local lottery tickets. Working on an Internet portal offering more than 60 lotteries, including lottery Melate and ChispazoMexican miles participating in the US $ 360 million Powerball dollar exchange, which is the largest and most expensive lottery winner in the world.
The web site is llama TheLotter.comexcept that there are more than a dozen, only the most recent ones are available in Mexico for the service of intermediate service for which various Latin Americans advertise millions of dollars, except for one Mexican who is only 170 MDD and a Panama that equals the equivalent of 600 million pesos (US $ 30 million).

Pos How is it possible to participate?

When you order a ticket, you go through it TheLotter.coma representative of this famous internet portal get the name of the lottery ticket user at a legitimate expense in United States and the car in a place 100% safe to engage the comprador, in case of ganador. A copy of the official label has been received by the client at his own expense TheLotter.comthe confirmation as the sole proprietor of the ticket is followed by the numbers.


What ocurre si un mexicano gana?

When a Ghanaian tool is inserted, the undertaking to go with all the guests before the person travels to the United States to advertise the official ticket, and then to sign up at the cost of an abbot, who will pick up the prize hour. Según Andrés Fernández, voice of for the Spanish market, in fact are counted by miles the Mexicans who used the servicebecause of the possibility of alguia falling in the same numbers and earning 360 million dollars.

Participating from Mexico

Can you configure?

The messenger service The 20-year-old operandi has been hired in media reconnaissance in the United States, including NBC, CNN and the Fox news channel, to report to foreign expatriates that he won a large prize in the United States without having to worry about it.
TheLotter.comhas added 110 million dollars to more than 7 million dollars and among the most relevant ganadors is a panamanian jubilee worth 30 million dollars, an iraqi worth US $ 6 million y an El Salvadorian who pays a single number for 1,500 million dollarswhich earns a second prize of US $ 1 million.

See Fox News reports on theLotter’s service

¿Is it legal?

Please note that in the United States, proving that a foreign citizen can win a lottery ticket. The only requirement to advertise accumulated is to be the holder of the ticket ticket that pone in manor del ganadorexcept that the American government requires that the payments be made, or that it does not provide a social security number, or that the diner obtained is the product of some sort, and is not related to the work that has been done in tierras estadounidenses.

With local locks, as it is not a lottery operator that does not carry the sorts or pay the full amount, it is basically a certified and specialized courier service specializing in official tickets for more than 60 lotteries from all over the world and places on the Melate and Chispazo lottery portal the Mexicans who live on the outside.

Ó How to use the platform?


Impact deductions

To win the world lottery prize implies the payroll in the United States, but the accumulation is so great that they are deprived of the deductions of the amount to be reimbursed.
Who has the Powerball that is in the game traversed obtendría un aproximado de 4 miles MDP (US $ 200 millones) and because this portal is one of the most visited lottery sites in Mexico due to these, even with the net amount of dinero available or available your family tends to have an economically viable situation by generation variation.

Á Cuánto cuestan los boletos? offer a minimum of 3 tickets for a total price of 15 dollars (5 dollars per ticket) and in this case the commission that the portal cobra is provided by the messenger service is included. When you get a battery, you do not have to worry about the commission going on.

Portfolio of ganadores

The guarantee that the users have it in effect the official tickets are enormous portfolio of ganadores, which includes people from all parts of the world. On the other hand, all masters are cultivated by a mascara, but the risk that converges reveals the identity of those who have earned millions of dinars.

Next great varieties

The first prize of del Powerball for 360 million dollars is sorted out at night and how can you buy legitimate tickets in The sale will take place on the website until one hour out of order to guarantee the purchase of official tickets.

Medium de Pago offer in Mexico alternatives to reconnaissance pay including VISA and Mastercard tariffs.

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