“Use TikTok to better miss classes”

Alejandro Muñoz, Professor of Rheumatology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Seville.

Each year, the students of the Medical degree score as if they were each “Best professor” of all the staff of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Seville. Este 2022, for the second consecutive year, Alejandro Muñoz Jiménez is always reconciled with this premium, a galard that has every possible grace and three keys: new technologies like TikTok, because and connect with the reality of the profession.

Muñoz is a specialist in Rheumatology at the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital, work that sums up the faculty or coordination of the students of the Faculty of Medicine. Recognition nanny for your alumni has not been “a surprise, but the one that has passed the premium that is more illusory with love and with it new reconnaissance now to confirm the work that we are doing from the Rheumatology Hospital of Virgen del Rocío during these years ”.

The boat to connect with the students and to make their classes a spacious space and continuous continuous residence in three pillars. The first of these forms is part of the personality of the medical proprietor, “hay que ser un passionate about that hacessi te apasiona tu trabajo eres capaz de trasladarlo y hacerlo sentir así a los alumnos y alumnas ”.

Pero no solo de pasón y vocacón se llena las klases. Connect with students plant a network of all the students of áreas, where generative salto is consistent between students and professors. Así, Muñoz says that “if you want to be a student or a young man”, for this professor he is planting at the beginning of his career “City applications like TikToky mepe impecé a interesar por lo que es el metaverso, el trap y el rap y eso es la pieza fundamental, a professor could not be dissociated from alumni socially hablando ”. Así, while studying at Muñoz, recalls that “TikTok uses us to master my classes, with videos and music that are known and shared alumni because they form part of their life”.

“A professor can not be dissociated from alumni socially hablando”

Las new technologies are presented as basic hermaphrodites to conquer their students, even though “it is not a condition that is not, but it is necessary that in the middle of a class we connect to the alumni, with an example that does not belong to the historical or football typist, that means an example that is in your world, from TikTok or social networks. “This is what the student said.”

Finally, the third part for which the classes of Medicine are more than just a repertoire of files residing in explain the reality. Algo básico pero que no siempre se tiene en kuenta. Así, Muñoz said that “only after the theoretical class there is a discrepancy between what is Medicine and how it flows in a real form”, a situation that is a solution to the implication and connection between the class and the real world, something that is fundamental ”.

Get medical help from other professionals

With the fold of specialists is a reality in all national territory, the experience as a professor of Alejandro Muñoz alerted to the need for tener at the moment different profiles which are concentrated in the halls of the rank of Medicine.

“La Faculty of Medicine is very polyhedralthe doctor should not only have to consult a doctor or enter a hospital, it is important that only the patients or futures carriers of gestation be prepared ”, exposes Muñoz.

At this point, from the docent perspective the saber importation recovers “Texturize the studentsit is said, the student is not a homogeneous entity, having its own questions and not all the world that acabar as cirujano or specialist, también están las salidas de investigaci o gestión sanitaria. It is important to capture the student and ride it in an attractive trajectory for the one who does not abandon the car ”.

For the futures alumni that have in the halls of Medicine, Muñoz presented a clear advice, ser honestos consigo mismo and all the levidarse cada ma cona with the firm of vocation de hacerlo bien, with essentially three cosas or creo that have the exit insurance “.

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