Uzaki-chan va Asobita!

It’s been a long time since the anime adaptation Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! (Uzaki-chan wants to communicate.In fact, almost two years, but not enough time for the ordinary Twitter community to use it as a link to their arguments, where they assure that “The anime is for pedophiles«. So it is not surprising that Uzaki was once again featured in a similar controversy on Twitter, as these types of people claim that “Hana Uzaki’s body is the image of a minor’s sexualitySimply because they take into account her height և her huge breasts (something very similar to what happens to Iurru):

User «Stutterbox (@ Stutterbox21)“He published an update on Twitter, sharing the picture from the anime, where Uzaki mentions.You can hate what you want, but do not despise what others like (You can hate what you want, but do not despise what someone else loves.)“, Meaning that մեջ we quote that”that hunt is the protection of the stinking otakus«.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

The Brazilian artist came to this publication.Cheatsy (@ cheatsykoopa98)who, probably trying to make himself public, shared a child face editing posted on Hana Uzaki’s cosplayer և added the following message:People often say, “Uzaki looks like an ordinary short girl”, but when you look at the image, it is like this»:

This was not well received by the franchise fans, who criticized “the absurdity of comparison«. It was also edited on cosplayer, which will appear as “Fey (@faye_ttan)Այից he այից from Brazil, complained about the fact of using his image in this way. Finally, you can read a lot of comments about the publication of a Brazilian artist who does nothing but maintain the franchise’s popularity.:

  • «You guys are like, “I want the characters to be college kids,” and then in college, you do this horrible montage nightmare.»:
  • «Have you ever considered that your predictions make you see children when they are not there? Very pedophile behavior, really»:
  • «Artists use photos of children stored on their hard drives to edit and accuse others of being pedophiles. sounds very logical»:
  • «Why do you have a photo of a real child in the first place? I’m annoyed that you downloaded it from someone’s profile»:
  • «And you dare to say that we are abnormal.»:
  • «It’s painful to use a photo of a real child to try to appreciate your little one’s anger.»:
  • «Well, Hana Uzaki is over 18 years old. I think the concern is how your mind works»:
  • «The fact that this is what you see when you look at a character says a lot more about you than about others. In the TV series, it becomes clear that he is 19 years old, the Japanese generally tend to look younger than them. There is a 60-year-old model who looks barely 30 years old»:

Take, in turn, began publishing manga through the service Drara Drara Sharp from: Nikoniko Seiga From December 2017, while the publisher Fujimi Shobo He published his volumes. The play inspired an anime adaptation of twelve episodes produced by the studios. NO:led by: Kazuya Miura ար Scripts written Takashi AoshimaThe premiere took place in July 2020. The premiere of the second season will take place in Japan this year.

Synopsis of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

At the beginning of her first year of college, Hana Uzaki met Shinichi Sakurai, who had been to the same club as she was in high school. However, to his surprise, the once active captain eventually became a “lonely” student who prefers to spend his free time calmly and quietly. Uzaki does everything so that Sakura is not left “alone”, persuades him to go to the cinema to go to his part-time job.

Whether Sakura is irritated or tired, he continues to follow Uzaki’s jokes, even if he knows that his happy personality will only lead to the two of them in different comedic situations. However, over the days, their relationship only gets better, to the point that people around them misunderstand them as a couple. In any case, when Uzaki wants to communicate with a representative of his high class, there will definitely be some hilarious, adorable madness.

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