¿Valen la pena las grandes transferencias? We calibrated the 10 most carpenters by position

The location of the summer closets is at the point of opening their doors. By the way, haremos repaso to the 10 most expensive paths per position (porters, defenders, flywheels and dealers) until 2021. A value (subjective altitude) of 1 to 5 is allowed, based on what we now know. In other words, with the benefit of retrospective and wondering what to expect, does the club want to record the start-up scam of a juggernaut?

I do not sing at the time of individual actuations, but I do not know what to do at the moment, the value of the pass, the length (the recovered diner as it goes south) and the lectures (in particular, not in the cup of hope) . Ratings vary between 1/5 (not one millionth of a year) by 3/5 (more than we get the inversion value) up to 5/5 (absolutely higher than expected with cracks)

Algunos detail details previos. Utilized Transfermarkt as the point of the transverse points: it is an imperfect point, because some transactions take place in the form of concise “different” or “different” bonds. Apart from the fact that only the details of the files are not divulged, it means that you are entitled to periodic information. Asymmetry, the “more than one other juggernaut” canine operation is used in those where the pairing ratios are distorted (the case of Jasper Cillessen but net is obvio, even if the transaction between Danilo y Joao Cancelocoupled with the celestial exchange rate of Arthur but Miralem Pjanic). Al menos, us sirven de reference.

Alternatively, we must assume that the balances and commissions are commensurate, affecting the cost of a transaction and not reflecting this: except that, the mantle is the prime for all digits that are not evenly distributed. Considering the disparity of resources: € 60 million is a dinosaur denomination for one Fiorentina o un Evertoncase contrari del Real Madrid o Manchester United. And it’s important to note that this does not mean that there is no such thing as a momentum: complement the evaluations with the retrospective power supply. This is an instant of the current moment: in the case of the southerners who mingle in their clubs, the evaluation is based on the pace, and the change in yield and condition.

Finally, we have the most costly southbound history. If you analyze it evenly, it should be good if you use a spinner but one digit between 10 and more quantities of the position, we will see a transducer or spinner that is in a convertible box. We have to record at a time that we have included only those until 2021, because it is only a matter of time before we analyze the results obtained from a minimum of the temporals.

The cases of Kepa y Leono they are destined for this position, which as they permits the titularity of those who are desperate to change teams. More than 20 years old, the value of the pass Buffon sigue pareciendo desconcertante; without embargo, there is no point in discussing, but new and expected expectation with cracks. One more year for Alisson, Ederson and Courtois y también podrían quedar en esa tltima categoría.

Here we have other great phalluses. The value of Maguire’s pass and its weight fortunately against all levels, even though it is yielding, much less in the time frame of Manchester United in comparison with other recipients. Do not go too far, including arrest and suspension Manchester City. The cycle of Wan-Bissaka en Old Trafford to parece haber concluido, mentras that lasions lenionon a Hernández en el Bayern, aunque podría reverse trend.

Superaron Pocos las expectativas (Ruben Dias, Van Dijk). Algunos of the jugadores present in this list can help with the rating of 3/5 to 4/5 or more.

We agree with the positive. I hope you do not argue against these points Zidane o De Bruyne. Rodri y De Jong power supply (or, in De Jong case, power recovery inversion). The Fernandes jackpot costs a fortune and has little return value; without embargo, it is clustered with cracks on part of the seam.

Including saving up to mega commissions and the news of a partial transaction mediating a free transaction is due to the operation of Pogba no funcionó. Kaka se vio desmejorado por las lesiones, pero fue un pase costoso considerando su edad. After four years, Lemar securely inserts and seals the planter of the Athletes, mientras that James cayó in a descending spiral. Celta has contributed this time, but has more Hebrew than a single value.


The most obvious conclusion is that the more the merrier, the more the achievement. In the world of football, these facilities are often patented because of the fact that it is most often remedied to make a costly error, or that large passages are usually accompanied by quantum salads. However, due to the number (subjectively subjective) 19 of the 41 transactions received without repetition by the clubs during the retrospective hacking venture (and quoting their goalkeepers, 31 of 31 more than the metal), suggests that the plug of the south drill is extremely rigid.

Other factors, such as the ego, create an impression of the world with a world class figure, enlightening a juggernaut, among others, influencing the other country that the clubs are available to pay. Gastar much to start a consolidated controller from its carriage (for example, up to 25 years old) does not work properly, although it is used by atypical users as well Cristiano o Zidane.

The exit percentage of the defenders y, about all, of the porters parece ser mayor. ¿For whom? Possibly these ultimatums are one of the most volatile of the jujgar (¿do they score goals or not?) And possibly because some of the fire-fighting primers run smoothly, with sufficient time to cut and low pressure to inject. (Quizzes should be given as many of them as there are in Manchester City, a team that has shown good results in the most recent years).

Ensure that the correct accuracy is due but one procedure is totally different. An example of this Joao Felix. Up to 19 years old, the Portuguese pareíima ser la próxima gran estrella, case very similar to Mbappé. Mbappé to play serlo, mentras que seguimos esperando por Joao Felix. É What time does it take to consider the passage of Joao Felix all over the exit? Create a combination of a paper key for that el Atletico de Madrid gane titulos significativos, que se convierta unone of the 10 best footballers of the world and, tal vez, that el club recupere m dins dinero del que pagaron por ficharle. Metas ambitiously driven by the ambiguity of a value of € 126 million.

Including when it is heated (or it is almost hot), there are other factors that come out of your control. We have the lectures (optionally, a € 100 million player’s lender to have a major impact, with funding, such as a € 10 million player) and the impracticability of the players.

Value of Mbappé operation in 4/5. I have an exceptional degree with el PSG, aporta brillo al club y apenas tiene 23 años. Why does the hubiera pass free, in order to renovate, hubiera salido of the club as free agent is summer? Hebrew inverted € 180 million for some national trophies (probably Hebrew won by all fashionistas), with medical mediation and a final Champions, que habrían perdido. ¿Estarían dispuestos a repeat semejante operatóón? In addition to this, Mbappé’s decision to sell as a free Hebrew agent is in a large medium under the control of the club.

¿The definitive conclusion? Operating at the highest level of the firing range is much more risk-free than the one we approach, especially in cases of flywheels and delays. It’s very easy to make decisions about what we hope to achieve.


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