Valentín Trujillo: It’s a pity that the screw in the Mexican Cine galley

If it has been passed more than 16 years since the bankruptcy Valentín Trujillo, the personal life of famoso galán del cine mexicano make sure there is a topic of interest for all the followers and one of the most recurring dudes that exist on the lathe and its image is saber what does the screw do to the screw, because at this time we are in a hurry and there are other dates that are practically out of date a talented storyteller who lived with the glory years between the 1970s and 1980s.

Rafael Valentín Trujillo Gazcón was the full name of the actor, born in Atotonilco el Alto, on the stage of Jalisco on March 28, 1951 and debuted because of his era as the famous producer Valentín Gazcón y su t elo el director Gilberto Gazcón, from which it is incorporated with the septimo art.

The first see that Valentín Trujillo Framing a frame on a Mexican Cine film thanks to Gilberto Gazcón who included it as part of his El Gran Pillo (1960) y en ese entonces, el histrión ten tana tan solo 9 años and party credits with joke figures Adalberto Martínez “Resorts” and Flor Silvestreademás, something to print the gates to participate in other productions like “El Extra” (1962) con Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and “Rage” (1963).

Valentín Trujillo started his carrera artistically without opening a window. Photo: Special

This is the first experience, Valentín Trujillo dedicates himself to his academic formation or to his historic abilitiesnot obstructing, an egg that clings to 18 years after taking the action protagonist in “Las Figuras de Arena” (1969)cinta that marks the beginning of your greatest moment or that además of being extremely talented, also consolidate rapidly as one of the maximum galaxies of the moment.

Carrera’s primers Valentín Trujillo I earn a lot of money because people need it in multiple productions, but only if they want time to study, embargo, adapt and graduate degree from Derecho’s license at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)no obstinate, nunca ejerció pues al finalizir decidió entregarse por completi a las artencens donde ya estaba m ques que consolidated.

Valentín Trujillo era considerable as all a gallon. Photo: Special

Pese a que Valentín Trujillo comenó su andar en el cine participating in dramas and productions by ranchero corte, an entry into the 1980s is of interest to social and thematic themes, when it comes to being a reference, not obstructively, it is now epoch where you decide to follow the passages of your ancestors and comment on the direction and production, including acting on the roots of your productions.

Algunas de las most recorded movies in the current one Valentín Trujillo fueron “Ya somos hombres” (1970), “Más allá de la violencia” (1970), “La otra virginidad” (1974) y “Perro Callejero” (1978), “Un hombre violento” (1984) y “Ratas de Ciudad ”(1985), tan solo por mencionar algunas, además, otras sintas donde tuvo’s participation as a guionist, producer or director fueron “Yo el ejecutor” (1985), “Violación) (1987), En peligro de muerte (1987) and” Rojo amanecer “(1989), entre muchas otras.

Vaqlentín Trujillo participates as an actor in more than one movie center. Photo: Special

An entry into the 1990s, Valentín Trujillo disminuyó dramatically your apparitions in subdivisions that before you start making them more interested in the product, when you think about actively activating the rest of them, not obstructing, making real paper papers and apparitions in different programs mantenerse vigente hasta entrado el siglo actual.

Qu De qué murió Valentín Trujillo?

In the last years of the actor’s life, it’s rumored that only Parkinson’s sin embargo was droppedhaving to reconcile that there is only a problem of attachment which is very nervous, not obstructive, fired an inverted cardio-respirator the one that ache with the actor’s screw in May 2006 houses dormía in your house built in the alcaldía of Coyoacán.

Valentín Trujillo falleció a los 55 a .os. Photo: Special

With your personal life, Valentín Trujillo this situation is on the list of promotions y en dichos matrimonios procreó un total de four eyessiendo Valentín Trujillo Jr. the most concomitant of which assumes its passions as producer and guionist.


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