VIDEO. Ladders mounted on conductor and roller with BMW; “Fue legítima defensa”, says

Brayan Gómez Tiria y Edward Macías Grajalesthe men who habían attracted the abogados in the north of Bogotáthe capital of Colombia, is empty and that fueron arrollados by the main victims with one BMW convertiblefueron enviados a la c Larcel La Modelo, montras continina the process in which the deberán responds to the delite of the qualified aggravated aggression not atenuado.

Conversation with EL TIEMPOAngelo Schiavenato, the conductor of the BMW and one of the victims of the assured assurance that the advance of justice and that the defense of its victims will not be blocked before it can be used as a tentative attempt and not as a consumable one.

Además, assured that his reaction to embarking on the attractions “does not justify itself but only because of its legitimate defense and that the Judges of the Republic who are incarcerated to impose justice on the criminals”.

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Ambos detenidos tienen antecedentes. Gómez Tiria’s report is based on the delisted, aggravated and delinquent delivery of the first instance maneuver in a district of Itagui (Antioquia); but on the other hand, Macías Grajales has in his registers the details of the most qualified and the most qualified and aggravated, both in Medellín. They are also used for traffickers and are part of a criminal gang that operates in all cities of Medellín and Bogotá.

Así fue el atraco

See Schiavenato’s relationship, esa tarde, minutes before the attraction, había recogido al abogado José Antonio Araújo to direct a reunion with other computers.

“We fly from Circunvalar to the city in 72, I have to go to all the restaurants in the area G. Iba tranquilo, dio calorie, quito the techo of the four squares with abordaron estos personajes (que iban a bordo de una moto) por el lado izquierdo, me pusieron un revolver en la cabeza y me dijeron que me iban a matar, que les entregara todas las cosas ”, cuenta Schiavenato, quies les entregó todo: un lujoso relay Cartiervalued at 40 million pesos, as well as cell phones and a suitcase that is currently in use.

If there is no resistance, one of the delinquents will break the weapon.

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“When I lay down my weapon and spread it out, I hurried, I saw a little one, I saw no one hugging other people for lecturing Nadie and the star,” Schiavenato said. The BMW impacted against other vehicles and, just in the middle, caused the culprits. In this maneuver, the manner inexplicable, ambos resultaron i salieson salieron corriendo.

“The airbag stalls me in the car … because it was thrown out of the air. “The fact that the star is scattered all over the car … you know me”, Schiavenato relates and agrees that, in the middle of the chaos, he shouts as if he were alive: sirens from the Police. “Entonces salté del carro y salí a perseguirlos”.

A rapid reaction rate Metropolitan Police de Bogotá allowed to capture the attractions and recover the robust elements.

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Rapidly, the young man abrogated regression from the scene and, junta to his computers, which arribaron point, comenzaron to record evidence and testimonials that serve the test before interrupting the denunciation.

“Son tan de mallas que justo van y atracan a abogado penalista. I present the denunciation, recollected all the probable video material elements, more than 10 testimonials … A great reaction from the Police and in Paloquemao makes me fall. The correspondence of the case to a fiscal is very juicy that solitaire means of assurance ”, affirmation.

Now Schiavenato is waiting for no books, as he’s curled up in the passage.

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