Violence against women in Guatemala and Mexico expels refugee camp for LGBT + migrants

Refugees's refusal by Estuardo Cifuentes (excluded), along with LGBT + people from Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela and other parts of the continent.
Refugees’s refusal by Estuardo Cifuentes (excluded), along with LGBT + people from Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela and other parts of the continent.

Cuando Estuardo Cifuentes buscaba refugio para huir de Guatemala no sabia que todas las persons in su situa tenéan derecho a recibir protecijn en cualquier lugar. Decided to join the United States because the wind blows in the news, except for the slightest inconsistencies that establish the inclination of the solicitors of the safe haven, including those who establish themselves escaping death, as the wind blows.

In the city of Guatemala llevaba varios are sought in a marketing negotiation and advertising junta with their money, with what is currently new years of relation. On June 16, 2019, you will leave with a public trust, in a separate routine revision of the national civil police terminalon golpeándolo. “Eso te pasó por hueco”, le dijeron en la stationa Police donde quiso interponer la denuncia, la pablara utilisade en Guatemala para referenserespectively a las persons.

Los ataques no terminaron ahí. At the same time, Stuarto insisted and directed the Police to denounce the case with an enclosed organism for harassing officials. It receives, identifies, identifies and retrieves the clock in order to continue the denunciation process.

Returning to your home, in the middle of a residential area vio that a particular vehicle bears three civilian vestments, between which the log reconciles with an agent of the station, tambien civil. Pudo ver que uno iba armado. In all places había gente, abiert commercials and a complete basket basket by the games at the end of the week. Entonces se oyeron varios disparos. Stuarto pudo identif si sieron lanzados contra él or al aire, pero when the gente empezó and corre approved to escape.

Steward (34 years old) decided to leave Guatemala for the cause of homophobic violence.
Steward (34 years old) decided to leave Guatemala for the cause of homophobic violence.

From the moment the essay empathizes and suffers more hostigamientos. “The police set up my home within 24 hours of the day,” he told Infobae. Then a dingo and myrrhs attached to your house with a bomb in the United States. All intentional asylum and repatriation to Mexico is a recourse to former President Donald Trump to take over Quedate in Mexico, concomitantly known as the Migrant Protection Protocol. Liege in Matamoros, a Mexican city of Tamaulipas, one of the stages with the highest numbers of country violence. Local migration authorities steer the habitual process: extending a tranche of permits and allowing other eggs to hatch.

“Afortunadamente”, cuenta, pude to find a place where the night’s mismo d quea that fui devuelto. The only thing I can do is adapt a piece and screw to a screw in Matamoros menteras esperaba my legal process ”. I work like a lamp driver in a house, I drive a taxi and I measure in a disco. By 2020, the pandemic comedy will be complete and straightforward in order to find out where the situation is in the area. On the banks of the Bravo River, a campground is lined with a group of people in a refuge bush that cocinaban in body and dormían in carp.

Empezó a acercarse a person LGBT + del campamento. You contact organizations in the area that are assured of ‘gay friendly’, advising that there is structural discrimination. “Before solitaire a carp and poder vivir ahí, le daban priority to las familias, niños y mujeres solteras. The trans women establish themselves in the ultimate place of their priorities. Debido is not to recycle a body and find a living group by debugging a plastic bag attached to a canopy ”relata Cifuentes.

A group of migrants stranded in a refuge in Tamaulipas.
A group of migrants stranded in a refuge in Tamaulipas.

See the proposed design situation with organizations in the area seeking education and training, as well as accessories that have been used in Guatemala to create creations. Pero pronto se dio cuenta that “nadie quería poner a negotiation because the main preoccupation era iban a comer i si iban a tener donde dormir esa night”.

Nationality of July 2020 Rainbow Bridge media. This name is a reference to all LGBT + people like the International Point Brownsville Matamoro, which is divided into Mexico and the United States and is now occupied by asylum seekers. From the outset, the ONG objective is to facilitate access to LGBT + migrants, as well as carcasses, medicines, food, shelter and a safe place to live. How to solve frequent problems such as access to a phone for family members, or the need for solvers who do not try because they do not have children, or the discriminatory treatment of the doctors of their organizations habia LGBlaci. That is, miyodras ayudan to resolve legal processes.

In some recipients, medical attentions increase as a result of the legal process.
In some recipients, medical attentions increase as a result of the legal process.

“Cuando llegas, por ser migrante y LGBT + sufres doble discrimination. “I do not discriminate because I do not know the idiom or I do not have documents to be legally obtained”, said Cifuentes. In the organization that leaders recruit people from Central American countries like Guatemala and Honduras, including Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela or Costa de Marfil. While reconnecting with different migratory contexts, people who in most cases are exposed to violence such as vivid, pandemic problems, sexual exploitation and discrimination in family relationships.

Currently Rainbow Bridge is equipped with two seats, one in Reynosa and the other in Matamoros, near Tamaulipas. Its capacity is approximately 25 to 20 people, and among the refugees you can stay permanently, semantically or medically, depending on the situation. “Your passers-by and their intentions are to find a place with a few simple steps to resolve individual processes,” explains Stuarto.

David Orduña, who has passed through the hotel, says that he decides to leave Mexico because of the discrimination and in the mouth of a great salute. Oriundo de San Fernando, Tamaulipas,’s shoulder of the ONG to trace migrant friends and retrieve accommodation and several other advances in legal process. “I listened to a lot of testimonials from LGBT + migrants who were persecuted. “Discrimination on the part of us is the most vulnerable or the only thing left to leave our families,” said Infobae from the United States, who is seeking political asylum. Count in the refrain that more than the gustaba hacer era cooks and makes their comedy of the last few parts with the company of the migrant demos.

Of the 84 million displaced that are currently in the world, LGBT + groups are concentrated among the most violent. According to a UN report, “Refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, internally displaced persons, transgender people and diverse genders are found among those who suffer from severe suffocation , golpizas, violaciones, torturas y asesinatos ”.

These are the reasons why Rainbow Bridge is changing the way the hospitality and protection of LGBT + migrants’s children are treated.

Currently your team conforms to people and financially with donations and personal resources grace to a Steward’s work with the other United States organization. Stuart said that Joe Biden’s bulletproof vest “does not make the situation 100% better”, because among the people in the position of energy holders by 2021, the people in the refuge bus will cruise the front. In March, March 3, 19 months ago, exactly. Even if the discrimination does not expire, I hope you will get rid of the LGBT + population that will not need the urgent form.


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