Vitamins and mascaras to make cracked rice

Rizados cabbages are extremely attractive, exotic and beautiful, without embargo, requiring specific cuisines for those who luzcan sanos.

But why? Por lo general, el pelo ondulado you need to use it more easily, but at the same time, you need special products for your hydration. Unfortunately, this type of melenas, nudes and frizz should not be avoided, or both problems may interfere with your creation.

Cabe raaltar que, además, the constant use of elements such as pins, the plank or the lender of the queman. Not obstructed, affected by chemicals or chemicals, but also exposure to water, sea buckthorn water, pool water or hot water. All of these factors can be contributed to by the fact that the cable is literally weak, debilitated, and in this way has definite risks, because the portal Mejor con Salud.

It is a form of helical impedance that the natural joints lie all over the cord. For this, one of the most common recommendations at the time of cooking the leaves is press the spheres with sulfates, which tend to cut through the cordsegún el magacín Abc de Seville, in their beauty section.

Mantener the shiny cable, sadoso and in general well cuidado is a complication.  It is specially designed to treat broken cables, which can be easily cut and trimmed with major facilitation.
It is a form of helical impedance that the natural joints lie all over the cord. – Photo: Getty Images

Vitamins for risotto

The following are some of the best vitamins recommended on the portal PanoramaWeb, in its section of beauty and salutation, to cut the crespo hair has the texture or more.

Vitamin B7

  • Sin duda, is one of the most popular and recommended vitamins for hair growth.
  • También llamada biotina, esta is an essential vitamin for the skin of the Chinese leaf, that which hydrates the profound and avoids accumulating fat or that, incl, casp apparatus.

Vitamin E

  • Dicho nutrient favors the circulation of blood in the skin, which is rapidly estimated to form naturally occurring leaf.

Vitamin K

  • This vitamin, which for many is not tan conocidia, also contains the profound rice and hare that are defined as mediated.
  • Vitamin K in suavidad, shape and texture, a vez que alarga de maner significativa el cabello rizado.

Mascarillas to warm the cut hair

Aceite de oliva y romero


  • One quart of olive oil (50 ml).
  • Cinco drops of essential aceite of romero.


  • Calendar a quart of fresh olive oil as it is.
  • Turn into a glass bottle and add a few drops of essential iron.
  • Mezclar bien y con algunas gotas masajear el cabello quemado.
  • Roll a plastic hole for 20 minutes.
  • Wash air with champ and air conditioner, as well as costume.
  • This mascara can repetition an egg per semana.
  • The recommended reservoir lasts as long as possible (in a position where it does not leave the sole) and calendars a small number of eggs that can be used.

Aceite de almendra, cerveza y mostaza

See a study done by the National University of Sur, in Argentina, the alchemy plant contains a lot of vitamin E, which is moisturizing and repairs the abnormal points.

On the other hand, there is no evidence that the sea urchin benefits from the pelvis, so that the sample can be counted with a large number of omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit from the processes associated with the hair follicle. lelevada a cabo por la Universidad Justus Liebig en Giessen, Germany.


  • Dos cucharadas aceite de almendra, 32 grams.
  • Medium vase, 100 ml.
  • Dos cucharadas de mostaza, o en su lugar, mayonnaise, 30 grams.


  • Scrape the acetate and sample in the vase with the beaker.
  • One egg is prepared in advance, so that a homogeneous paste is formed.
  • Spread the product on the cord, hincapién in the points.
  • Open the loose actuator for 30 minutes, then return to a good position of the tibia.

Mayonnaise, aceite de oliva y huevo


  • A huevo.
  • One cup of olive acetate (15 ml).
  • Doses of mayonnaise (30 ml).


  • In a recipient colocar a huevo and batir bien.
  • Add a layer of olive oil and mayonnaise.
  • Mezclar has that all three ingredients are homogeneous.
  • Apply on the cable, roll out a plastic hole and cook for 20 minutes.
  • Load enjuagar with abundant water and wash with champ and air conditioner for misted cabs.

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