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From el estadounidense senator Marco Rubio hasta los university professors of political science, following the sensationalist princess of Reino Unido, may have been part of the fundraiser and salute of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

An important factor is the failure of all the articles and discourses that speculate about Putin, who is the leader of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Parkinson’s or thyroid cancer: the medical experts.

In a 12-minute video of a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, he and Putin agarrando with a mass fire. The ball is kicked out of play and the ball is kicked out of play. It ostro estaba notable hinchado.

The video was leaked to other online commentators, including British Conservative Party member Louise Mensch. conclusion on Twitter that the Russian president gave Parkinson’s office.

Today, a viral video showing the timbre of Putin’s handwriting before a reunion with his Belarusian counterpart has raised concerns about the Russian leader’s salutation. Alexander Lukashenko y abrazarlo.

The affirmations about Putin’s health have been published on various tabloids. Articles include, among others, comments from a professor of strategic communications, political analysts and a professor of corporate language. Pero ningún medico.

There are no diagnostic tests

Probably no coincidence. “It is likely that neurodegenerative neurons have been commented on because the encyclopedia does not comment on people who do not have patients,” said DW John Hardy, a neurologist at the Research Institute on Dementia in the United Kingdom.

Haciendo hincapié in the sense that he is a neurogenetic, not a neurologist, Hardy shared his opinion on Putin’s condition as alguien that studied brain implants.

“In my opinion, there are no signs of parkinsonism,” he said. “No tenya buen aspecto … pero is not Parkinson’s nurse”.

Ray Chadhuri, neurologist at the University of London, this acoustics. “Mirando el corto clip, puedo ponto ontuar ninguna evidenci que pueja decir de parkinsonismo en Putin”, dijo Chadhuri a DW.

Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are increasingly differentially diagnosed and can only be determined by mediating an exhaustive neurological examination in person, explicitly Chadhuri.

“La hinchazón de [la] cara o los temblores pueden ser causados ​​por muchas razones y yo tampoco vi ningún temblor “, dijo Chadhuri.

Caroline Rassell, executive director of Parkinson’s UK, said Hardy’s echo was trying to get an expert opinion on the clips. Affirm that Parkinson’s is a complete nurse, with more than 40 syllables that range from physical to mental, and that, by all means, it is impossible to diagnose a 12-minute video clip.

“Afecta a todo el mundo de forma diferente”, said Rassell. “There is no definitive diagnostic test, which can only be confirmed by an examiner by a neurologist or specialist. Specifications in all communication and Internet media are not available.”

A hermetic Russia hails that speculations are inevitable

It is not uncommon for people to speculate about the health status of their most powerful leaders in the world. Communication media has been echoing the COVID-19 analysis of outstanding former President Donald Trump in 2020, the episodes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2019 and the operation of Pope Francis’s colon on the summer pass.

However, the Kremlin has a hermeticism about Putin’s salute, which has led periodicists and political analysts to analyze all of the president’s movements in order to detect any sign of fragility or embezzlement. Rumors that Putin has thyroid cancer, escalation problems, and severe psychosis have been converted into part of the habitual discourse that roams the president.

It is aggravating the pandemic of COVID-19, which Putin says has been completely eradicated, neglected and harassed by world leaders in clubs and world conferences and has been held accountable for those who are reluctant to push or push against each other. .

Speculation about the state of narcissistic psychosis

The Russian-led invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s fiery fears that media outlets and analysts speculating on Putin’s legitimacy and chief intelligence are part of a process by which a number of select individuals have been targeted. verdad o no, the president hacked haberdashe sum in a state of narcissistic psychosis.

The periodicals approach this idea as a way of explaining the invasion without provocation from Russia to Ukraine, which has led to more than 1,800 Ukrainian deaths and miles of herds.

If Putin is a mortal and is using this war as a form of cement as a brand in history, or as it really is, but a speculation of psychosis, like the information of the Kremlin, it is all speculation.

And last but not least, the Twitter commentator, not the neurologists who watched the videos posted by the Kremlin, not the experts in Russia – because he’s an’s friend in Putin’s brain.



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